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Welcome to the new school year 2021-2022!

On this website you can read what pupils did in English lessons, what homework they were assigned, what they should study for the tests, as well as other important teaching information. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. Please note that the listening exercises from the textbook can be done only at school, they are not available for home practice. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.


* Super Minds * Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the curriculum of the Super Minds textbook consists of two parts - the first part is the foundation (mandatory) and the second part is an extension (additional). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt them to how many hours of English per week children have. In our case, when we have four hours and a week, we are able to discuss the core part (the first six pages of each lesson), but we have very little or no time for the second part (the other six pages in each lesson ). For this reason, you often find missing pages in Student's Book and Workbook.Your child's teacher will always publish the homework assignment on the website so you can check if your child is going through the subject matter. Regarding the remaining pages and exercises, of course, we will encourage pupils to develop them at home if they wish. The Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated textbook stories, interactive games and activities, including karaoke songs for home exercise.

Here are the instructions  for signing up for the  Cambridge Learning Management System . The activation code can be found inside the Workbook. These are complementary activities to the textbook, which are intended for home exercise. We don't work with them in class. 




Today we celebrated how hard we've worked this year. We had some snacks with the other fifth grade class and watched some videos about Colossal Mysteries. Then we played a big game of Werewolf with the whole class. We had to discuss as a whole class to figure out who the werewolves were. It was a lot of fun and showed how much our speaking has improved this year! We finished with a game of headbands and guessing what animal we had on our card by asking yes or no questions.


No Homework :)


Today we played review games including pictionary with our previous Unit vocabulary and did speaking practice with Would you Rather where students had to explain why they made their choice. We also played Never Have I Ever. We also played guess the country’s food and watched a colossal mystery and answered comprehension questions.


No Homework :)


Today we solved English riddles, and played baamboozle. We also wrote creative stories to prove our knowledge of old vocabulary words. Then we finished by playing “ball can’t touch lava” outside, with speaking and grammar practice whenever the ball was dropped.


No Homework :)


Today we played Stop the Bus and Taboo. We completed a practice worksheet on the present continuous. Then we answered comprehension questions on a colossal mystery video. Next we guessed country names in English.

No Homework :)


Today we finished up the End of the Year test. We also played Name 3 Things in teams of two as a race. We played a few rounds of this game. We played monkey in the middle outside, and if you got out in either game, you had to answer a review question. We finished with a game of "ball can't touch the lava" and if you drop the ball in the lava, you had to answer a review question




Today we took our End of Units Test after a brief review. We have worked so hard this year and learned so much! We will spend the rest of the year  reviewing since we have finished our textbooks.


No Homework :)


Today we reviewed and took our Unit 9 Test. Our review began with assembling sentences in the present perfect using  keywords. Next we played Rock Paper Scissors. Then we wrote definitions to our vocabulary words and had speaking practice while playing Angels Bombs and Guns. We also shared some of our mystery reports. Finally we took our Unit 9 Test.


Homework: Please study old vocabulary for the End of Units test on 30/5


Today we started our lesson with a fill in the blank grammar revision. Then we studied the differences between present perfect and past simple tenses, followed by a board race. Afterwards, we learned the names of the world’s oceans and Europe’s seas by completing SB p. 114. We discussed the disappearing Aral Sea. Next, we played a Kahoot reviewing our Unit 9 story. Following that, we did a listening activity about UFOs on SB p. 116. Finally we each were assigned a mystery to research at home. Students were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the mystery called and what happened?

  2. When did the mystery happen?

  3. Where did the mystery happen?

  4. Why is the mystery weird?

  5. What do you think the truth is?


We will give our final reports on the day of our Unit 9 test


Homework: Due to school in Nature,

Mystery Report and Unit 9 Test on 27/5. Please return all library books.



Today's lesson began with making our own charts of present perfect irregular verbs by memory. Then we did charades with our Unit 9 vocabulary. We read about the Bermuda Triangle and answered comprehension questions on SB p. 112. Next we watched a short video explaining the mystery of time travel and discussed what times we would like to travel to. Then we completed SB p. 113 and designed our own sea monsters. We finished with a game of freeze tag where the frozen student had to practice English to rejoin the game.


Homework: Please return all library books. Due to School in Nature, the Unit 9 test is on 27/5


Today we started our lesson with a review of irregular present perfect verbs. Next we discussed what a mystery was and brainstormed mysteries we knew about. Then we read the story in our textbook and completed comprehension questions on SB p. 110-111. Afterwards, we watched a short video with possible explanations of what happened to the Mary Celeste. We also wrote a dialogue about how our story characters would explain their time travel. We finished with a speaking practice ball game outside called Monkey in the Middle.


Homework: WB 110-111, due 16/5


Today began with a revision of the present perfect tense in writing. Next we drew and labeled our own models of a ship with our new vocabulary. Then we listened to a sea shanty and found the rhyming words on SB p. 108. We completed a listening activity about pronunciation on WB p. 108.

After break we played a game listing how many countries we’ve already been to. Then we discussed what we needed to do on a typical school day and formed present perfect questions. We finished the reading exercises on SB p. 109. Finally we went outside and played ball games while asking present perfect questions.


Homework: WB 106-107, 109 due 13/5


Today we started Unit 9 in our books by discussing what items we could find on a ship. Then we learned some vocabulary to help us talk about ships. We played a game of flashcard flipover and Taboo. Next we completed SB p. 106. 


After the break, we unscrambled our new vocabulary words and introduced some new grammar: the present perfect using "already" and "yet." We used these words to discuss countries we had visited in the past. After completing SB p. 107, we went outside and played a game of volleyball. Each time someone dropped the ball they had to practice speaking the present perfect tense.


Homework: WB 106-107 due 11/5



Today we reviewed for our Unit 8 Test, starting with a fill in the blank exercise. Then we played a chain speaking game. Next we remembered our vocabulary and played pictionary. We completed a spelling race and practiced our “if” clauses with a game of Baamboozle.


After the break it was time to take our Unit 8 test. When we finished we learned about the world’s most dangerous jobs.

No Homework. :)


Today we began with a review of how to conjugate the word "be" and a board race. Next we named as many jobs as we could without repeating any. Then we played Kahoot to review Unit 8 grammar. 

After the break we did a wordsearch. Then we learned how to say fractions in English and completed SB p. 102-103

No Homework. Unit 8 test on 29/4.


Today we began with a grammar review by throwing a ball to the board and finishing an "if" sentence using "will". Then we watched a video about some unusual jobs that people can have. We talked about which jobs we would like to do and which jobs we would not like to do. We completed the listening activity on page 100 about unusual jobs. Then we made up our own unusual job in groups and presented it to the class.


After the break we talked about what firefighters do. Then we read an interview on page 101 about a woman firefighter and why she enjoys her job. We had to match the interview answers with a list of interview questions. We finished by watching a video about when women entered the workforce more regularly and discussed why this started to happen.


No Homwork. Unit 8 Test 29/4



Today we learned all about Easter. First we tried to remember as many Easter words as we could from a wordcloud. Next we played charades and did a wordsearch with Easter vocabulary. Afterwards, we reviewed prepositions and used them to do an Easter Egg hunt. Then we studied Easter traditions around the world and played a quiz game with our new knowledge.


No Homework:  Happy Easter! Please return your library books


Today we practiced using the phrase "But what if" to discuss future plans. Then we exchanged problems and offers for help in a speaking exercise. After, we continued the textbook story on SB 98-99. We answered some comprehension questions. Next we solved riddles in English.


After the break we reviewed how and when to use the word "won't" with a speaking chain game. Then we played a Kahoot based on the story in our books. Finally we wrote a short creative piece with the inner dialogue of a story character.

Homework: WB 98-99. Please return your library books


Today began with a sentence writing activity to offer help for common problems. Then we reviewed our job vocabulary and played Charades. Next we completed a listening activity on SB 96 and wrote our own dialogues on what we wanted to be when we were older. After that we practiced voiced and unvoiced "th" sounds on WB 96


After the break we had a speaking exercise where we offered to help each other while going around the room. Then we learned how to say "But what if…?" on SB 97. We guessed job titles of historical figures, and then created a chain of "But what if?" clauses to tell a story. At the end of class we played four corners.


Homework: WB 96-97 due 11/4. Please return your library books


Today we started with a short grammar revision and then introduced our Unit 8 vocabulary. We discussed the jobs of our parents and then completed SB p. 94. Next we played flashcard flip over and Taboo. Then we answered some questions about the Museum of the Future.

After break, we unscrambled our new vocabulary words. Then we learned how to combine "if" clauses with offers to help. We finished SB p. 95 and SB p. 126. Finally we designed our own helper robots and described what happens if you push their buttons.

Homework: WB 94-95 due 8/4





Today was all about reviewing and taking our Unit 7 test. We started off with a drill of past tense verbs and present perfect tense verbs. Then we played Rock Paper Scissors. After we had a spelling board race. Then we played Angels Bombs and Guns while doing speaking practice. We also presented our biographies.


Finally we were ready to take our Unit 7 test.


Next class we will start Unit 8.


No Homework :)


Today started off with a review activity to help us review Units 1,2, and 3. Next we completed SB 92 and made our own bar charts. Then we played a quiz game in teams to practice the present perfect.


After break we read a poem by Shel Silverstein called "The Giving Tree" and discussed what we thought the meaning was. Then we learned about biographies and completed SB 93. We chose famous people to write our own biography about for homework.


Homework: Write a biography about a celebrity you like. It should be 10 sentences and is due 28/3. The Unit 7 test is also on 28/3.


Today we began with a writing review of Units 4,5, and 6. Then we played a game of charades to practice our vocabulary. Next we read a short story on SB 89 and answered comprehension questions in groups. Afterwards we watched some short videos about other famous Shakespeare works: Macbeth and Hamlet.


Then we did a past tense grammar revision using a guessing game video. We also talked about poems and their rich history and read some funny poems for kids by Shel Silverstein. We discussed which poems were our favorite. Then we did a brainstorm of rhyming words and used them to write our own poems.


No Homework. Unit 7 Test will be on 28/3



Today's class began with an unscrambled sentences revision for Unit 6 grammar. Then we reviewed the story of Romeo and Juliet, and wrote new endings to the play in groups, which we shared with the class. Next we played a game of Kahoot! to practice  Unit 6 vocabulary. 


Afterwards, we played a game where we offered ideas of how to help plan a party using " I'll." Students were not allowed to repeat examples. Then we completed SB p. 88 with a listening activity about unique books.


Homework: WB 82-87 due Monday, 21/3


Today we started by fixing the mistakes in  example sentences from Unit 6. Next we refreshed our vocabulary for Unit 6 with a game of Pictionary. Afterwards, we read the Unit 6 story and acted out our favorite parts. Then we answered comprehension questions. Finally we continued our review of previous units, this time practicing our writing about materials and uses of objects.


HW: WB 86-87 due 21/3


Today began with a revision of Unit 5 grammar and writing dates. Then we drew a theatre and labeled it to practice our new vocabulary. Afterwards we finished the lyrics to a song on SB p. 84 and matched rhyming words on WB p.84. We also discussed the letter “e” and how it sometimes changes the sound of a word when placed at the end. 


Later, we learned how to use the word just, when talking about a recently finished action. We thought of funny examples of good news and bad news that “just” happened. We played charades for speaking practice and completed SB p. 85. We finished class with a game of Stop the Bus.


Homework: WB p. 85 due 18/3. Enjoy your holiday!



Today in LEAP we started Unit 7. After a short revision of old vocabulary from previous units we began to explore new vocabulary about the theatre. We learned about William Shakespeare and brainstormed all of the words that we could think of related to plays. We completed SB p. 82 and played flashcard flip over and Taboo


Next we watched a short video summary of Romeo and Juliet over break time. Then we unscrambled our new vocabulary words before learning how to offer help using the conjunction "I'll". After completing the reading and speaking activities on SB 83 in pairs, we rented new library books. They should be returned on 14/3.

Homework: WB p. 82-83 due 14/3


Today we reviewed Unit 6 and took our Unit 6 Test. Our review started with writing questions and answers to finish an imaginary conversation. Next we played Rock Paper Scissors. Afterwards, we played a spelling race game. Then we played Kahoot to finish our review. After the break we presented our extra credit travel reports. Finally, we successfully completed our test.


No homework :) Unit 7 starts next week.


Today started off with a grammar revision and a game of guess the flag. Then we discussed which products we had that were made in different parts of the world. We completed the reading activity on SB 76 and made lists of products that came from the Czech Republic.


After, we used an interactive map to explore the historical origin of different fruits and vegetables. Then we did the listening activity on SB 77 and finished with a small group discussion of the good and bad parts of how far our food travels.


For Extra Credit, students were assigned a location they are interested in visiting. They will answer these questions.


Where do you want to go?

How will you get there?

What do you want to see there?

What will you eat there?


Homework: Unit 6 Test on 25/2. Please return library books and remember to bring travel questions on Friday.


Today we began by writing advice about traveling using "should" and "shouldn't" in our portfolios. Then we reviewed this unit's vocabulary words with a listening activity on workbook page 70. We listened to the time traveling story on page 74 and 75 where the kids went to Istanbul. We reviewed what happened in previous stories and made predictions about this story. We corrected the sentences about the story and reviewed the prepositions on page 75.


After the break we acted out the story in groups and played different roles. Then we completed the listening exercise about souvenirs on workbook page 76. Then we played a large game of Stop the Bus.


Homework: 74-75 due 25/2


Today was all about Valentine’s Day! We started off by trying to remember and write as many Valentine’s themed words as we could. Then we practiced some new vocabulary and played charades with them. Next we read an article about modern Valentine’s Day practices and filled in the blanks. We also learned about which countries celebrate Valentine’s Day the most.  Afterwards, we learned about the history of Valentine’s Day through an animated video. Then we played Angels Bombs and Guns to check our comprehension. We finished class with a Valentine’s Day trivia Kahoot!

No Homework :)


Today started with an unscramble activity using our new Unit 6 vocabulary. Next we played a game, where we made up rules using “should” or “shouldn’t.” and tried not to repeat or freeze when making a rule. After, we listened to a dialogue about present shopping on SB p. 72. Then we wrote and performed our own dialogues. We also did some pronunciation practice of “sh” and “ch” sounds in English using WB p. 72.


When the break was finished, we re-arranged sentences in the correct order as grammar revision. Then we learned how to use the phrases “Could I..?” and “Do you mind?” to ask questions. Once we completed the exercises on SB p. 73, we roleplayed as shoppers and shop assistants to practice our new phrases.


Homework: Finish WB p. 72-73


Today we began Unit 6 by discussing the fascinating city of Istanbul. We started by learning some new vocabulary, and playing flashcard flip over and Taboo. Next we completed a listening activity on SB p. 70 and checked our work in groups. Afterwards, we learned how to use “should” and “shouldn’t.” We spoke about our own examples and finished SB p.71. We practiced our new grammar by creating funny classroom rules.


We also took out new Library Books today. They will be due 21/2.

Homework: WB 70-71




Today we reviewed Unit 5 and had our Unit 5 test. We started with possessive grammar practice in writing. Then we played Rock Paper Scissors. Afterwards we played a quiz game. Next there was a spelling race. Finally we had our test and at the end of class we made Wanted Posters of robbers.


No homework :) Please remember to return your library books if you haven't.


Today in LEAP we learned all about the Native Americans and their history in the United States. We discussed Native American vocabulary and read a short article describing their lifestyle on SB p. 64. We also watched a short documentary about different houses they lived in and the clothes they wore. Then we discovered the meanings behind a few Native American place names on SB p.65. We made our own names for countries and guessed what each students’ names meant in a game.


We also had time for a writing race to practice our Unit 5 grammar.


Our Unit 5 Test is on Monday, 31/1.


No Homework :)



Today in LEAP we continued the story portion of our textbook. First we reviewed the use of apostrophes in the possessive form. Next, we had a spelling race using our Unit 5 vocabulary. Afterwards, we did a quiet speed read of the story to answer quick questions. Then we read the story together slowly and checked our comprehension


For fun, we got to act out the story and write a speech from the perspective of the Sheriff in the story. At the end of class we had time to check homework and play Stop the Bus.


Homework: WB: 62-63. Unit 5 Test will be on 31/1


Today in LEAP we practiced using “made of” and “used for” to describe common objects. Then we played a game of pictionary with our Unit 5 vocabulary. Afterwards, we completed the lyrics to a song from SB p. 60, and reviewed short vowel sounds followed by double consonants, by fixing spelling mistakes.


Later we learned how to use the possessive apostrophe “s” to talk about objects. We completed SB p. 61 and talked about objects in our rooms that belonged to students. We finished with a game of Kahoot!


Homework: WB 60-61 due 26/1



Today's class we started Unit 5 with a discussion of the Wild West and some new vocabulary. We played a flashcard flipping game and Taboo to help us memorize the meaning of the words. We also completed SB p. 58.

Next we learned about different materials and practiced the language "made of" and "used for" to describe objects. Then we finished SB p.59 and played a guessing game in teams, asking questions about what an object was made of or used for.


Homework: WB 58-59 due 24/1


Today we have a short review and completed the Unit 4 test and celebrated with a Winter word search. After the break we completed page 56 by acting out an exchange at a restaurant and performing for the class.


Today we began by thinking of the longest words that start with the letters in "WINTER" in our portfolios. Then we checked our homework. We started our review for the test by dividing into teams and playing pictionary with our vocabulary words. Then we answered questions about a calendar and dates in our teams.


After the break we played Kahoot to review our "if" sentences. We finished with a game of four corners.

We will have our Unit 4 test on Wednesday 12th January.


Today’s class was all about weird foods! We started with an international food quiz, learning about foods and countries as we played. Next we read about some crazy foods and discussed whether we would try them. Afterwards, we learned what an inventor was and read about the fun sweets invented by Willie Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We discussed which we wanted to try and why.


Next we sequenced the steps in a sweets recipe and made our own unique food inventions which we presented to the class.


No Homework, Study for the Test on 14/1


Today we welcomed back everyone from winter vacation with a past tense discussion of what we did over the holidays. Next, we did an unscramble activity to review our Unit 4 vocabulary. Afterwards, we raced, filling out a calendar for the month of January to practice our dates. Then we thought of unique conditional sentences in groups starting with the word “If.”


After finishing our grammar revision we continued the story in our book and read about the experience of a space restaurant in the future. We also acted out the story. We talked about how much things will cost in the future and designed our own space foods.


Homework: WB 50-51 due 10/1. Please bring in your library books.




Today we watched the American Christmas film Elf to get us in the holiday spirit.

No homework, Merry Christmas.


Today's LEAP lesson was all about Christmas.

We reviewed Czech Christmas traditions and vocabulary. Then we played Christmas charades. We also compared and contrasted American and UK Christmas with an informative video. Then we learned about international Christmas traditions and played a quiz game.


No Homework :)


Today's class started with more dates practice, as we figured out the dates of special holidays. Then we took out new library books. After, we completed the dialogue on page SB 48 and wrote and performed our own dialogues.

Next we reviewed the different sounds the letter "C" can make in English using WB 48. Then we read a story about food from the future on SB 49 and we created our own future restaurant menus.

Homework: WB 48-49 due 20/12


Today in LEAP we started off Unit 4. We had a chance for some grammar revision from past units in our portfolios and then we discussed our favorite restaurants. After we learned our new vocabulary which is about restaurants. (SB 46) Next we played some vocabulary games such as flashcard flipping, Taboo, and odd one out.

Then we learned how to say dates in English with a reading activity and comprehension questions. (SB 47) We practiced by talking about our birthdays.


Homework: WB 46-47 due 17/12


Today’s class we prepared for and took our Unit 3 test.  We started our review by drawing clocks in our portfolios to match the written times. We also practiced filling in the blanks with “going to.” We played Kahoot and had a spelling race.


We also had a chance to give our Music Genre Reports,which were very impressive.


Then we were confident and ready to take the Unit 3 test. Next class we will start Unit 4.


No Homework :)


Today in LEAP we had the chance to confirm our understanding of telling time in English. We also played a memory game to practice using "going to." Then we read a story about a pop star and practiced narrative sequencing of the story events. (SB p. 41) 


Next we played a guess the pop star game.

After we learned about rhythm and practiced making our own rhythms (SB p. 42)


Finally we had an extra credit homework assignment due before our test on Monday 6/12. We each took a music genre and have to discover:

  1. What year did the music genre start?

  2. Who are some famous artists in the music genre?

  3. Listen to some songs. Do you like the music genre? Why or why not?


Homework: Music project and Unit 3 test on 6/12




Today's class we continued the story of time travel in our textbook and learned about the 1950s. We acted out our favorite scenes from the story, answered comprehension questions, and made predictions about what characters would do after the story finished.


Then we considered what cultural objects were symbols of the 1950s and what objects today would be remembered when people talk about the 2020s in the future.


We also had extra time for some grammar revision using "going to," as well as practice telling time with a board race.


Homework: WB 38-39 due 6/12. Unit 3 Test 6/12


Today in LEAP we learned more about different music genres. We unscrambled some of our vocabulary words. We also listened to clips of music and try to guess what genre they were.

In our books we finished the lyrics to a Rock song. We also practised telling time  and played a quiz game where telling time helped score points.


Homework: WB 36-37 due 3/12


Today in LEAP we began Unit 3 which is all about music. We discussed which instruments we play and which genres of music we enjoy. Then we learned new vocabulary words, which we reviewed with Taboo and Charades games, as well as hangman.


Next, we learned about using "going to" to talk about future plans. We read an interview and answered comprehension questions, and after that we designed our own pop stars and  interviewed each other with questions using "going to."


Homework: WB 34-35 due 29/11

19. 11

Today was all about our Unit 2 Test and Review. We had our regular review championships with  teams of Boys versus Girls. We played a spelling race game and Rock Paper Scissors with large numbers. We also had grammar revision through Kahoot! Finally we were confident in our knowledge and took our Unit 2 Test. Before class finished, we had time for a memory game based around rainforest words.

No Homework :)


Today's class we talked about the people living in the Amazon Rainforest. We discussed what we thought their lives were like and the technology they have access to.

We brainstormed the words we associated with Native Americans. Then we did a reading about their discovery by scientists. We tried to empathize with both the scientists and the natives and wrote dialogues of what we imagined they felt like. We even watched a short documentary over break about how deforestation affects them.

Then we thought about what technology we would share from our society with people in the rainforest and spoke about it as a class.

After, we read about the motivations for cutting down the rainforest and its environmental importance and answered comprehension questions.

We also had time for a vocabulary word search and some fill in the blank grammar revision.

Homework: Study for the Unit 2 Test on 19/11


Today we began class by completing some activities based on had to/didn’t have to. We made our own example stories and shared them with the class. We then looked at how to change numbers to their written form and practiced many examples. We then played a game where each student had to give another different numbers to write and practice.

We then completed page 120 in our students books and practiced the different grammar to prepare for the upcoming test. To finish we played a big Kahoot with different word puzzles that were very interesting to figure out.

Homework: WB 26-27 due 15/11


Today's class continued our rainforest theme. We began by unscrambling the vocab words from our unit. We also reviewed some new words by drawing pictures of what they meant. Then we read a story in our students book and played a running dictation game to confirm comprehension. We also answered questions from the text individually.


The story we read inspired an interesting class discussion on different cultures and how to show respect for them. During break time we even saw a video where kids tried foods from different cultures.


After, we learned about Killer Creatures through a listening activity. We used our new knowledge to play a trivia game that also helped us review large numbers.


Homework: WB 26-27 due 15/11


Today in LEAP we started off our class with a rainforest brainstorm and a board race to remember as many words as we could. After that, we looked at grammar for obligations and practiced saying "You have to, '' and  "you don't have to." The students enjoyed designing their own rainforest-themed video games using "you have to" to explain the rulesWe had the opportunity to do a running dictation game with large numbers. We also practiced the phonic differences between "ch" and "j" sounds.


Next we listened to a dialogue about traveling in the rainforest and noted the instructions for how to prepare. We then used "I have to" and "I don't have to" to discuss household chores. We completed our grammar work with a classroom survey of chores to practice asking "do you have to...?" Then we had some time for a short game of Rock Paper Scissors before class ended.


Homework: WB p.24-25 due 12/11


In Leap today we began Unit 2. To get us ready we had a final review of the grammar from our last unit by unscrambling sentences with the past continuous. Next we discussed what we knew about the rainforest, its climate and its animals. 


Then we practiced saying our new vocabulary, sharing what we knew about unique rainforest animals. We played a recognition game racing to flip over the correct flashcard. After we listened to the story in our student books and answered comprehension questions in pairs.

Then we played Taboo with our new vocabulary where students could only describe the word to a partner without saying it.


We then moved on to page 23 where we learned some interesting facts about the Amazon rainforest and reviewed how to say large numbers in English. For more practice, we sorted and glued various numbers under the categories of how to say them. Finally we took turns writing very large numbers on the board and saying them as a class.


Homework: WB p. 22-23 due 8/11



Today's lesson was all about Halloween! First we did a class poll on what scares us most and discussed why. We made sure to go over the differences between "scary" and "scared."


Next we tried to remember as much Halloween themed vocabulary as possible from a word cloud. Then we went over classic Halloween monsters and played monster charades. Afterwards we got into groups and wrote short scary stories.


On break we watched a short Halloween themed cartoon, and then returned to work with a crossword puzzle. Then we tried to brainstorm the 9 most popular human Halloween costumes and the number one costume for dogs. After, we read a little about the history of Halloween. We finished off the lesson with speaking practice using "would" to ask what students wanted as a Halloween costume. 


Enjoy fall break and I hope to see you for the beginning of Unit 2 next Monday!


No Homework :)


Today in LEAP we decided to take some time to celebrate all we have accomplished as our first full month comes to a close. We started off with some fil in the blanks sentences in our portfolios.

We also had time for vocabulary games! We had a board race, and a family feud style competition where students thought about the top 5 English words they knew in a category.


The students also had a chance to practice their past continuous grammar a final time as each student did a speaking survey of their classmates. We completed our lesson with a short discussion about the country of Iceland which is full of volcanoes and experiences many earthquakes and a debate about which natural disasters were the most devastating. The students voted that volcanoes were the scariest.


Next week we will talk about Halloween! I hope to see you all there.


No Homework :)


Our LEAP class today was all about review and taking our Unit 1 Test. For the purpose of review, we had our Review Championships, where two teams face-off in a variety of games to determine one winner. We began by going over the difference between past simple and past continuous. Next we played a game of timed pictionary to strengthen our vocabulary recognition. After that we played disappearing elephant, which focused on correct spelling. The last game was a relay race to use the past continuous while speaking.


After the break, we checked our homework and took our Unit 1 test. At the end of class we discussed how students can qualify for Student of the Month. Each completed homework that is on time will be worth 1 point. Any extra credit opportunities will be worth 3 points. Points will be

calculated and the results will be announced next Monday!


Extra Credit: Bring in information about a natural disaster to present to the class on 22/10 and you will get +3 points towards Student of the Month. :)


Today in LEAP we began our class with a a game of Stop the Bus. Then, after checking our homework, we learned a bit about the differences in using "while" and "when" in talking about events occurring at the same time in the past. We practiced this by correcting sentences in our portfolios.


We also discussed volcanoes and tornadoes in depth, using listening activities to learn more about their effects. Finally we used our knowledge to write make presentations about natural disasters in groups.

Since we finished our unit, next Monday we will have our review and our Unit 1 Test. I hope to see you all there.


Homework: No homework, Unit 1 Test 18/10.



Today at LEAP , we started off our lesson with a wordsearch, to help solidify our vocabulary spelling.  We continued by making predictions about the story from our textbooks. After reading and acting out the story, we played a running dictation game to sequence the narrative of events.


Afterwards, we discussed how we would help others if we had been present in the story, as well as the value of helping others. We also discussed what natural disasters we had witnessed. Then we collected all our knowledge about many types of disasters, and read an article on the topic with True or False questions. Finally, we played a game of Taboo, using natural disaster vocabulary.

Homework: WB p. 14-15 Due, 18/10


Today’s class began with a vocabulary review game for our new Unit. Then we used conditionals to discuss what we would do if faced with a natural disaster. We listened to a song about experiencing natural disasters and corrected the lyrics for the song in our Studentbooks.


Using the song lyrics, we introduced the topic of long and short vowel sounds, and had a race to sort  and glue English words with long and short vowel sounds in the appropriate categories.


Afterwards we used the past continuous form to play a memory game where each student had to come up with a new activity they were doing in the past. We discussed that you can use the word “while” to say that two things are happening at the same time. This helped us complete a reading activity. Then we wrote short creative stories using "while" and the past continuous. We shared them with the class and tried to remember story details. Finally, we played a game of charades, using the past continuous and the word “while” when guessing which activities we were acting out.


Homework: WB p. 12-13 Due 15/10

4. 10

Today in LEAP we finally finished reviewing the foundational knowledge from the previous year and started Unit 1! We introduced Unit 1 with a discussion about the meaning of the word “Disaster.” This led to a brainstorming session, before we revealed the topic of our Unit: Ancient  Pompeii. We learned a little about Ancient Pompeii and some new vocabulary words to help us imagine the city. Students played a flashcard slap game in teams to encourage recognition. Then they drew and labeled their own cities in groups with one student as an architect giving directions. 

Then we turned our attention to our textbooks where we followed the characters from our previous story as they traveled time in a listening activity.

After, we focused on  learning when to properly use the past continuous.  First we drilled when to use “was” and “were” with a writing challenge. Then we practiced using the past continuous by discussing our schedules the previous day with partners. Finally, we read an article and used it to match pictures to the correct past continuous sentence.

Homework: WB p. 10-11 Due 11/10



Today was the day of our first test this year! In order to ensure we were prepared, we played pictionary and hangman to review our Unit 0 vocabulary a final time. Afterwards, we raced to put present tense sentences in the simple past tense and discussed rules for simple past tense verbs. 


The second half of our lesson was dedicated to taking the Unit 0 test. Our test had a listening, vocabulary, and grammar section. I have a good feeling about how it went.


We also put the last touches on our classroom poster, and decorated our portfolios.

Next week we will start Unit 1 and finish our review of last year’s material. Hope to see all students there.

Homework: No homework :)



Today’s class was all about reviewing for our Unit 0 Test next class. We started with a game of vocabulary charades, where the students had to signal vocabulary words silently with their hands and other students had to correctly guess the word.

Then we did a verb brainstorm and tried to name as many verbs as we could without repeating ourselves. Next, we practiced putting these verbs into the past tense, and then sorted the past tense forms into Regular and Irregular categories.

Most importantly, we focused on how to make questions in the past tense and when to use the word “Did” or “was” in making these questions. We made sure we knew when to use “was” and when to use “were,” as well. We also reviewed the meanings of "Who," "What," "When", "Where," "Why," and "How." Once we felt confident in making questions, we played a game called Angels, Bombs, and Guns, which mixed students’ ability to form past tense questions with luck in the number of points they received.

Finally we rewrote some example sentences so that they were changed from present to simple past tense and discussed them as a class.

No Homework: Please study for the Unit 0 Test on Friday 1/10


Today’s class started with the listening activity review of the previous year’s language skills. We are almost finished with these reviews and introductory lessons and by October we should be able to dedicate all of our time to new material.

Next we made predictions about the story in our textbooks. We remembered the song from the previous lesson and this also helped our predictions. Then, we listened to the story together once, and acted it out as the characters to make sure we understood the sequencing of events. Afterwards, we answered narrative sequencing questions in pairs.

We also had extra to finish our class poster, and we decorated it with our Grizzly Bear facts. We ended class with some simple past tense practice by talking about the best and worst parts of yesterday.

Next class we will reviewUnit 0 so that we are prepared for our Unit 0 Test on Friday 1/10.

Homework: WB p.8-9 DUE FRIDAY 1/10


In LEAP today, the students made further progress with their listening activity reviews of last year’s knowledge. Then, we briefly recalled the story we began in the previous class, and our newer vocabulary on science experiments.  We followed what happened next through a song. After listening we checked our comprehension of the song in pairs. 

The song also introduced us to the concept of “rhyming” which can connect words in English that sound the same, even if they have different spellings. Students further explored this concept by racing to glue cut out words that rhyme in groups.

Afterwards we had time to play pictionary with our Unit 0 vocabulary, and work together on our class posters, which are almost finished now.


Next we learned about how to ask questions in the past tense, and practiced by asking and answering our own past tense questions in pairs. We made sure to change question formats and partners to get the most out of our practice. We spent a little bit of extra time making sure we understood question words and when to use “was” and “were.” 

Finally we played a memory game, where students interviewed each other about yesterday, and then reported back to the teacher what they learned. The students had a blast making up silly stories that demonstrate proper use of simple past tense verbs, and past tense questions.

Homework: WB p. 6-7 DUE MONDAY 27/9


Today’s class started with practicing older vocabulary from the previous years with a listening activity. We will be doing this each class for every unit from last year, to make sure we have a solid foundation to build on.

Next we started with our Unit 0 vocabulary. We had a relay race to identify the new words with flashcards, and later there was a race to unscramble the new vocabulary in teams.


The vocabulary helped us make predictions about the story in our Studentbooks. After listening to the story the students played a running dictation game, in pairs.with one student speaking and another writing the answers to story comprehension questions.


Afterwards the students solved a logic puzzle in English using clues that helped them practice simple past tense verbs. Then we brainstormed regular and irregular past tense verbs and used them to play a beachball game, where the student who caught the ball had to make a new sentence about what they did yesterday.


Finally we continued to work together by drawing a forest on our Grizzly Bears class poster.

Homework: Workbook page 4-5 due Friday 24/9


Today was the first day together at Leap, so we started by talking about our summers. We handed out portfolios and school books for this year. Then we had a chance to review some of our knowledge from last year with a listening activity.


To help us settle into the new school year, we brainstormed good classroom rules as a game, Then we agreed to follow the rules we had in common. As a sign of our mutual agreement, we started work on our Grizzly Bears Class Poster.

We also discussed the behavior of good classmates and good friends. We thought up examples of how we should treat others with kindness.  The word “empathy” was introduced and students took a survey to see if they use empathy when talking to friends.

Next, we read some short stories and tried to show empathy towards the story characters. Students pretended to be the character in the story, and imagined how they would feel. They shared the stories in pairs, and tried to act  as a helpful friend by listening and giving advice.

After practicing empathy, we signed an anti-bullying pledge. We finished class by playing an English vocabulary review game called Stop The Bus.

Homework: Each student was asked to research a fact on Grizzly Bears. DUE FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17


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