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Welcome to the new school year 2020-2021!

On this website you can read what pupils did in English lessons, what homework they were assigned, what they should study for the tests, as well as other important teaching information. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the curriculum of the Super Minds textbook consists of two parts - the first part is the foundation (mandatory) and the second part is an extension (additional). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt them to how many hours of English per week children have. In our case, when we have four hours and a week, we are able to discuss the core part (the first six pages of each lesson), but we have very little or no time for the second part (the other six pages in each lesson ). For this reason, you often find missing pages in Student's Book and Workbook.Your child's teacher will always publish the homework assignment on the website so you can check if your child is going through the subject matter. Regarding the remaining pages and exercises, of course, we will encourage pupils to develop them at home if they wish. Teachers check these pages and exercise and give pupils extra stars as a reward for their efforts. The Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated textbook stories, interactive games and activities, including karaoke songs for home exercise.

Here are the instructions  for signing up for the  Cambridge Learning Management System . The activation code can be found inside the Workbook. These are complementary activities to the textbook, which are intended for home exercise. We don't work with them in class. 



Today in LEAP:
-We started class going through the flags of nations page 107.3 SB
-We reviewed the present perfect:
-We discussed pirate life and whether it was good or bad
-We used a pirate name generator
-We did a listening activity 107.1 WB
-We reviewed rhyming and do an activity in the chat
-We listened to a song and filled in the rhyming words 108 SB
-We watched a clip about pirate life and answered questions:



Today in LEAP:
-We started with a portfolio using future “will”
-Next, we played we reviewed the vocabulary: Cleaner, businessman, businesswoman, engineer, dentist, artist, mechanic, computer programmer  
-We did the unit exam for unit 8
-We did a review game for the unit: 
-We did further review of the past simple tense

Homework due 10/05/2021
106 exercises 1 and 2
107 exercises 2, 3 and 4



Today in LEAP:
-We reviewed irregular past simple verbs and past participles
-We reviewed parts of speech and made mad libs
-We did several “odds and ends” activities in the book
We produced “if then” and “will” statements
We had conversations about museums and exhibits.


Today in LEAP:
-We started class with questions about phrasal verbs we had recently learned.
-We played a game that reviewed the present perfect tense: “have you ever…”
-We continued to review the pronunciation of fractions 103 SB
-We continued to review the use of “if” and “will” page 104 WB
-We reviewed the homework
-We watched a clip and discussed questions for comprehension, this was about the use of robots.


Homework due 3/5/2021
102 exercise 1 and 2
103 exercise 1 and 2






Today in LEAP:
-We started class with several brain teasers/ word puzzles
-We had conversational prompts about cell phones and how we use them, how covid has affected how we use them, and our personal preferences.
-We learned some phrasal verbs and vocabulary related to cells phones
-We reviewed past simple irregular verbs
-We took a quiz to see what job we are best suited for
-We learned how to properly pronounce fractions in English

Homework will be assigned Monday.


Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a review and some new irregular past simple verbs.
-We did a listening activity on page 100 in the workbook.
-We watched a clip and answered the questions posed about the past simple tense
-We learned emergency specific vocabulary and watched a clip on these types of workers 
-We made a “wrong answers only” museum exhibit. We used an everyday object (no cellphones) and pretended it was in a ‘museum of the future’. We could only give wrong answers and predictions about what the object was used for.



Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio about “will”
- We learned the word strange. We read and listened about strange jobs pg 98, we watched clips on the world's strangest jobs and we shared something strange from our houses.
- We reviewed past simple irregular verbs with a Kahoot quiz and a video activity.

Homework due 23/04/2021
Workbook page 98 exercises 1 and 3
Workbook page 101 exercise 2
Student’s book page 126 exercise 1


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a review of past simple irregular verbs.
- We listened to dialogue on page 97, we learned all about “what if” and contractions.
- We looked at many more contractions using “will” “are” and “have”
- We did some independent research on a job and shared our findings.
- We read the unit’s story.
- We did more activities in the workbook practicing contractions.
- We practed the past simple with a game.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about past simple irregular verbs.
- Next, we did a review on months, and seasons. We learned a colloquial phrase “time of the year.”
- We learned contractions using “will” WB page 95 and SB page 95
- We learned how to politely make suggestions SB 96 and we played a game doing so.
- We reviewed the homework.
- This unit is about the future, we discussed the current environmental problems and then some solutions.
- We reviewed some European countries' names in English.

95 exercise 1 and 2
97 exercises 1,2, and 3





Today in LEAP:

- We started class with an Easter word association game.
- Next, we reviewed past simple irregular verbs with a film clip
- We took a trivia quiz about popular films 
- We reviewed several professions
- We played a “Guess Who” game with professions
- We learned and saw examples of different types of genres
- We played  with easter themed words.

no homework was assigned


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a activity about the future using “will”
- We did a pre-learning activity on household chores
- We did an activity to use our new vocabulary 
- We learned about homophones and played a game 
- The unit’s vocabulary was presented to us as a puzzle we had to figure out.
- We did a listening activity about robots page 95
- We reviewed the homework that was due today.

Homework due 9/04/2021
Page 94 exercises 1 and 2
Page 96 exercise 1 and 2


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio reviewing the present perfect tense.
- Next, we took a verb quiz:
- We then read a biography about Shakespeare and filled in the blank spaces, page 93.
- We each drew a vocabulary word on a Google Jam Board and presented it to each other as a Pictionary game. 
- We played a trivia game
- We played Jeopardy to review unit 7

Homework is due 26/03/2021



Today in LEAP:
- We started class by talking about films and countries in the present perfect tense.
- We did a reading activity on page 89 and then several reading comprehension activities as well.
- We reviewed the 7 continents in English and completed a quiz.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We revised the present perfect tense and did an interesting activity that had us see the grammar being used in popular television shows. 
- We did a present perfect activity on page 85 of our workbooks.

Homework due 26/03/2021

Student’s book page 125, exercises 1 and 2
Workbook page 90, exercises 1 and 2
Workbook page 91, exercise 1


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with an opinion portfolio about books.
- We learned about poetry from page 90 and watched a performance on YouTube.
- We had a class discussion about poetry and then wrote poems of our own.
- We played a game that required students to think of rhymes quickly.
- We reviewed the present perfect tense and did a workbook activity on page 85.
- The student’s chose a tongue twister, practiced and recited it for the class.
- We read the story on pages 86 and 87, we did comprehension activities on the same pages.


Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio about the present perfect tense.
- We answered some questions using present perfect
- At different points in the lesson we played two games to further review the verb tense.
- We did the listening activities on page 88 of the SB
- We played with the unit’s vocabulary words.
- We learned about poetry and read several poems.
- We reviewed the homework

Homework due 19/03/2021
88 exercises 1
89 exercises 1,2,
Page 88 student’s book exercise 4: write a 50 word story.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about the new unit’s vocabulary.
- We reviewed the difference between the simple past and the present perfect verb tense, we looked at images, took notes and watched a clip.
- We applied the verb tenses on page 85 of the student’s book and the work book.
- We played a pantomime game, students acted something else, their team must express what it was in the present perfect tense.
- We took an online quiz about the verb tenses.
- We listened to the song and corrected the lyrics on page 84.
- We worked on spelling with exercises on page 84 of the workbook.


Today in LEAP:
- We reviewed should and shouldn’t in the portfolio
- We learned about William Shakespeare’s life and discussed what we know.
- We were introduced to the new unit’s vocab and played a description game.
- We listened and read about a story about the time period Shakespeare lived, page 82 SB.
- We reviewed parts of speech; nouns and verbs. We then did an exercise on page 82 of the workbook.
- We read a dialogue on page 83 of the student’s book and did reading comprehension.
-  We learned a new grammar point on page 83 and used it in writing and verbally.
- We did some pronunciation practice with tongue twisters:

Homework due 12/03/2021
82 exercises 1 and 3
83 exercises 1,2 and 3


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a challenge to write as many countries in English as we could think of.
- Next, we played an anagram racing game in the chat with unit 6 vocabulary
- We revised page 76, we memorized which countries had which flag and the name of the country in English, we then took a self-graded quiz.
- We reviewed some of the phrasal vocabulary from the unit on page 124 of the student’s book.
- Next we played a game of Taboo with the unit vocabulary, students had to describe the word to their team without saying the word.
- We reviewed should and shouldn’t by writing our own observations of pictures.
- We reviewed directions.
- We completed an online quiz for the unit.


No homework was given



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about our favorite places in a city and our least favorite.
- Next, we listened to an article about what it is like to be a city planner, Page 78.
- We then wrote and discussed what parts of the city are most important to different types of people, Page 79.
- We learned how to draw a city with a video clip
- We planned our own unique cities with all the different parts, we discussed the cities.
- After break we did a listening activity and learned about how far food travels to get to our plates. We practiced reciting large numbers, page 77.
- We played a racing game, we had to put verbs into the past simple tense as fast as we can after doing an exercise.
- We practiced tongue twisters
- We practiced should and shouldn’t with a writing activity and in discussion, page 81.

Have a nice break!



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about the simple past tense
- Next, we reviewed prepositions of place by moving around our chairs.
- We read the story of the unit on page 74.
- We did an activity on a map that includes prepositions of place.
- We listened to a song that lists all the countries of the world from an American cartoon.
- We matched flags to their countries, made our own flags, and played a game on teams trying to guess which country is being presented.
- We looked up our favorite foods and figured out which country they are from.
- We reviewed the homework.

Homework due 1/03/2021
Exercise 1 and 2 page 124 (student’s book)
Exercise 1, 2 and 3 (78 workbook)



Today in LEAP:

- Today we started class with a portfolio about the past simple tense, irregular and regular verbs. For example: go, want, buy, take, do, give, and be.

- Next, we learned a little about Turkish culture with a clip about traditional foods. We had free discussion about what we might like to try, or have had in the past.

- We played a race to spell the verbs in past simple tense game.
- We read and listened to a dialogue, page 72, and learned about “agreeing” and “disagreeing.” 
- We did drawing dictation with some words from the book.
- We did a listening activities that reviewed this unit’s vocabulary on pages 70 (student’s book) and 76 (workbook).
- On page 73 of the student’s book, we learned some new phrases and about souvenirs. We did a creative activity that used the new phrases and we created our own souvenirs.
- We played an online game to review the simple past tense.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with an informational clip about the country of Turkey.
- We were introduced to the new vocabulary words. Page 70.
- We then looked at a power point with more visuals of the vocabulary and answered questions.
- Students pick one vocabulary word to draw, everyone hold their hands on their head until I say go. One student will hold the picture up so we can see it. You must type the answer in the chat the fastest and most accurately.
- We did a listening activity on page 70.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We read a small article about travel and answered questions, page 71.
- We learned the words “should” and “shouldn’t” We did a tongue twister using these words.
- We looked at funny pictures and said what they “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

Homework due 15/02/2021
Page 71 exercises 1 and 2 (work book)
Page 122 exercises 1 and 2 (student’s book)



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a puzzle about items we wear or carry.
- Next, we did a Kahoot quiz on past simple irregular verbs. We discussed some of the most missed questions.
- Next, we did an activity about how chocolates are made. We had conversation and worked on spoken fluency. We watched a short video and answered questions.
- We reviewed people and animal body parts with drawing dictation
- We played a review game on teams about food and the food groups.
- We played a possessive adjective game on teams

- On page 123 in the student’s book we reviewed possessive and plural “s”
- We reviewed auxiliary vocabulary words from the book so far, words we have come across but not focused on.
Homework is due Monday!


Today in LEAP:
- We watched a clip of a rodeo and listened to a sample of authentic country western music.
- We revised “made of vs used for” using an online spinning wheel and an assortment of pictures. Students had to either say what the object was made of or what it is used for.
- Next, we played a memory game. Students have to get an unusual object in their house. They explain what it is “made of” or what it is “used for.” Students then hid the object and we had to try to remember what their classmates had said, they stated each other’s objects using possessive “s.”
- We listened again to the song from the unit and read a piece about gold.
- Next, we played a Kahoot made for revision the unit.

Homework due 8/02/2021
Pick 15 vocab words from units 0-5. Write a sentence for each of them.




Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a puzzle about the vocabulary words.
- Page 66, student’s book: we did a true and false activity about gold and then a small reading project about the value of gold.
- Page 68.1, we looked at wanted posters, did a listening activity, and then made our own wanted poster.
- We did a spelling dictation game
- We played an online spelling game
- Page 69, on our own we read the article and sorted where the extra sentences go.
Homework: is due Friday


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with some fun tongue twisters
- Next, we did a word scramble and an anagram activity with the vocabulary from the whole year.
- We did an activity about forming questions
- We played hangman and with all of the vocabulary
- We reviewed the homework that was due.
Homework due 29/01/2021

68 exercise 1,2, and 3
69 exercise 1,2, and 3


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about quarantine activities.
- Next, we did reading comprehension exercises
- We learned about Native Americans, we read articles and watched clips about their culture.
- We had a small show and tell
- We played a description game
- We wrote a pretend journal entry 

Homework is due Friday! 


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with some whole year review of the vocabulary
- Next, we worked on a spelling rule.
- We did several writing activities that focused on the possessive ‘s’
- We read the unit’s story
- We reviewed the homework.

Homework due 22/1/2021
65 exercises 1,2, and 3
66 exercises 1,2 and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about what things are made of.
- We then played a guessing game about what things are made of.
- We learned about country western music and did several activities that included a country western song.
- We practiced pronunciation 
- We learned about possessive vs. plural “s” and apostrophes

Homework is due on Friday!


Today in LEAP:
- We started class by introducing the new unit “Wild West”
- We learned new vocabulary words, we played guessing games, drawing games and spelling games to memorize the new words.
- We reviewed the grammatical uses of “made of” and “used for”

Homework due 14/1/2021
Page 58 exercise 2
Page 59 exercise 1,2 and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about Christmas
- We reviewed the homework
- We re-read the unit story
- We reviewed the food groups
- We reviewed how to properly state dates
- The students were given time to review the unit on their own in preparation for the game.
- We played jeopardy to review the whole unit, winners were allowed to pick from preselected silly animal videos

No homework was assigned. 



Today in LEAP:
- We played some Christmas games
- We learned some Christmas vocabulary
- We made some Christmas crafts
- We had informal discussions
- We listened to some classic American Christmas carols

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about future plans for Christmas holiday.
-  Next, we did several reading and discussion exercises about healthy food and food groups.
- We made a food log of our eating habits.
- We wrote a silly dialogue between a customer and a waiter.
- We reviewed the vocabulary from the unit.

Homework is due 21/12/2020!


Today in LEAP:

- We started class with a reading comprehension activity
- We then worked on some discussion questions.
- We did a grammar correction exercise
- We did several reading and discussion based activates about a healthy balanced diet.
- We played a word association game
- We reviewed the homework.

Homework due 21/12/2020

Page 54 exercises 2 and 3
Page 55 exercises 1, 2 and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio topic of the best and worst birthday gifts possible.
- Next, we read the unit story, we took turns reading aloud.
- We did several comprehension and summary activities about the story.
- We did creative exercises, we came up with inventions we will have in the future and shared them.
- We played a drawing game with components from the story.
- We had a class discussion about the hypothetical future with question prompts.


Today in LEAP:

- We started class with a review on stating the date.
- Next, we did several activities in the student’s book that helped us to talk about the future.
- We planned a hypothetical party.
- We played a word association game
- We predicted each other’s future.
- Lastly, we reviewed the homework that was due today.

Homework due 14/12/2020
Page 49 exercise 1,2, and 3
Page 50 exercise 1,2, and 3
Page 51 exercise 1,2, and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started class by reviewing the structure of an email.
- Next, we took the chance to make our own creatively themed, hypothetical restaurant.
- We did several activities from the student’s book to introduce ourselves to the topic of food/ dining.
- We talked about all the flavors that the human tongue is able to taste, we then listened to a TedEd talk about spice.
- Next, we played charades and did a big review of all the vocabulary of the year so far.

Homework is due Monday 12/7/2020



Today in LEAP:
- First, we completed a portfolio about the future.
- Next, we were introduced to more vocabulary.
- We played to solidify our understanding of the new vocabulary.
- We took a brain break and attempted some origami.
- Next, we reviewed the homework that was due today.
- We played two truths and a lie.
- We did a reading comprehension activity.
- We ended with an activity about time and date.

Homework due 7/11/2020

Page 46 exercises 1 and 2

Page 47 exercises 1,2, and 3

Page 48 exercises 1 and 2


Today in LEAP:
- First, we worked on our Christmas themed portfolio.
- Next, we read a dairy entry and then added words to make the entry more detailed.
- We did several exercises that focused on sentence structure.
- For the second half of class we did a big review of the unit and the year so far in a Jeopardy game.


Today in LEAP:
- We wrote about our favorite seasonal activities.
- Next, we read about rhythm.
- We then put this new information into practice by composing our own piece (with clapping) and then performing rhythms to each other.
- Next, we did some reading and several activities that went along with the article.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We did several more activities about telling time and discussing time.

Page 40 exercise 1
Page 42 exercise 1
Page 44 exercise 2


Today in LEAP:
- First, we did a portfolio entry about our schedules in the past and future tenses.
- Next, we looked at a song and added the missing words to fit the rhyme scheme.
- We then reread a story about Elvis and extracted more fine detail.
- We did another exercise related to reading a clock.
- We watched a YouTube clip about youth culture in the 1950’s and answered questions about it.
- We then read a story about a girl trying out for bands we discussed it and then did a comprehension activity.


Today in LEAP:
- We wrote about our favourite singers/ band.
- Next, we reviewed superlatives with a fun quiz.
- We then practiced vocabulary for telling time.
- We then read an article and did activities for the main character’s schedule.
- We had an exercise brain break.
- We looked at clocks and verbally stated the time.
- We reviewed the homework and new homework was assigned.

Homework due 23/11/2020
Page 38 exercise 1,2, and 3
Page 39 exercise 1,2, and 3


Today in LEAP:
- We started class buy playing a fill in the blanks puzzle with our new vocabulary words.
- Next, we sorted the vocab words into different categories.
- We then read an interview.
- We then chose any person in the word to interview and came up with five questions specific to them.
- We then had an exercise brain break.
- We played a tongue twister game.
- We then read a story about Elvis, and completed several activities that include the story.
- We then wrote about our upcoming weekends and shared aloud.


Homework is due Monday, 16/11/2020!



Today in LEAP:
- We started class by revising the past tenses and writing what we did over the weekend.
- Next, we reviewed some of the main points of the unit, we reread some articles, we skim read others, and we looked at some helpful images.
- We revised the homework that was due today.
- Next, we played a review game of Jeopardy!
- Lastly, we started to learn the vocabulary for the next unit.

Homework Due 16/11/2020
Page 34 exercises 1,2 and 3
Page 35 exercises 1,2 and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started class by reviewing vocabulary from past units in our written portfolio’s.
- Next, we worked in the student’s book. We summarized an email, changed the language to change the tone, and used the new adjectives from the email to talk about Prague.
- Next, we took an exercise brain break.
- We played a memory game with the alphabet.
- Next, we played a cooperative, discussion based “stranded on an island” scenario.
- Last, we did a sentence structure activity in our workbooks.
Homework is due Monday 9/11/2020!  


Today in LEAP:
- We played some games and did some activities based on learning the continents and oceans in English.
- We did several activities that showed us location of rainforests on the globe.
- We did an activity to review the five senses.
- Next, we made scripts pretending to buy pets at a pet store, we used them in different pairings.
- We reviewed homework and new homework was assigned. 

Homework: due 9/11/2020
- Page 30 exercise 1 and 2
- Page 31 exercise 1,2, and 3
- Page 32 exercise 1




Today in LEAP:
- We started class by writing a portfolio about what kind of TV we like and why we like it.
- We took turns reading an article about an untouched tribe in the Amazon.
- We took a fun superlatives quiz
- We then played scibblio with the unit vocabulary.
- Next, we read facts about the depletion of the rain forest, we had a competition to see who could write the most things about the rainforest. 
- We then took a brain break and got some exercise.
- We did an exercise that had us create our own zoo, we then shared them.
- Last, we did some writing and reading exercises in the workbook.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class today by writing a portfolio about what annoys us.
- We then talked about and wrote the rules of our households.
- We then read aloud a story about the Rain forest.
- We then watched some clips about rainforest animals and answered trivia about them.
- We then had a story writing competition choosing one of the animals we watched the clips about.
- We played a few rounds of Scatagories
- We played a quiz game about superlatives.

Homework due: 2.11.2020
Page 26 exercises 1,2, and 3
Page 27 exercises 1 and 2
Page 28 exercise 1 



Today in LEAP:
- Today we started by writing in our portfolios.
- Next, we read all about the rainforest.
- We did two exercises that helped us pronounce and spell long numbers.
- Next, we took a exercise/ dance break.
- We created our own video games and shared them with each other.
- We then tried origami.
- We read several dialogues taking turns with the roles. 


Today in LEAP:
- We started with writing a portfolio about which kinds of superpowers we would like.
- Next, we played charades with our new vocabulary.
- We watched and answered questions about a rainforest YouTube clip.
- We reviewed the vowels
- We did a workbook writing and sequencing activity
- Next, we read aloud about rivers worldwide.
- We then took a brain break and got active!
- We played an online spelling game
- Go and find an object in your house starting with …..(A E I O U)
- We then reviewed old homework and new homework was assigned.
Due 23/10/2020
Page 22 exercise 1,2, and 3
Page 24 exercise 1 and 3


Today in LEAP:

-We had an online lesson today partially mixed with Mr. Jayke’s class!

-We wrote a portfolio about anxiety and what we can do to help ourselves feel better.

-We then filled out a form about ourselves in English.

-We then read an article and then matched the pictures to the names we heard in the story.

-We then had a fun show and tell with our favorite object in the house.

-We reviewed the material and played an online Jeopardy game.

Homework is due 16.10.2020 


Today in LEAP:
- We started with writing in our portfolios.
- We then learned all about the different parts of volcanoes and we then labeled the parts on a picture.
- We read an article on volcanoes.
- We then did a spelling exercise with dry erase markers.
-After the break, we did a listening project and answered questions and discussed the subjects of tornados.
- In partners, we did a workbook exercise writing our own sentences.
- We played a crossword puzzle for the unit’s vocabulary on the smartboard.
- We reviewed last week’s homework.

Homework due next Friday 16/10/2020:

Page 18 exercises 1,2 and 3 
Page 19 exercise 1
Page 20 exercise 1,2, and 3


Today in LEAP:
- Today we started by writing in our portfolios about ‘what we are grateful for.’
- We then listened to a story about Pompeii
- We did several reading/ story comprehension activities.
- We then acted out and planned in groups different natural disaster safety plans. 
- We revised the unit 0 exam.
- We read aloud, discussed the reading, and did a true and false activity to the story.
- We then did a listening activity.


Today in LEAP:

-We had our first exam.
-After the break, we started work on our new unit.
- We were introduced to the new vocabulary.
- We did several listening activities to learn about Pompeii.
-We then learned and discussed natural disasters as a class after watching several youtube videos.
- We reviewed the homework from last week.

Homework due 9/10/2020
Page 10 Exercise 1 and 2
Page 11 Exercise 2 and 3
Page 13 Exercise 2 and 3



Today in LEAP:
- We started with writing in our portfolios
- Next, we revised and reviewed the homework
- We then listened to a story and used the class ware to organize the plot
- We then completed some reading comprehension questions
After the break:
- We discussed the experiments from the story individually 
- We made our own experiments and shared them with the class
- We then played a spelling relay game and a taboo game to further revise the material

Homework: Due 2.10.2020
page 7 exercise 1 and 3
Page 8 exercise 1 and 3
Page 9 exercise 1,2, and 3


Today we started in our portfolios writing in the past simple tense. Next, we read dialogue in pairs and acted it out in front of the class, along with finishing a matching activity.Next, we listened to a recording and repeated after the reader. Next, we listened to a recording and repeated after the reader. We completed a related grammar exercise in the book where children got to share aloud and write on the smart board. To finish the first half of class, we played charades with emotion words.

After the five minute break we played a rhyming word association game. Next, we practiced making questions in the past simple tense. Then we had an activity were we had to imagine the worst day ever. We then shared our worst day ever with other students and had to ask them questions in the past simple tense.  Next, we looked at pictures from the book and had a competition to see who could write the most words.
On the way out of the door, children had to verbally create a question in the past simple tense and tell it to the teacher.

The students were reminded that their homework is due Friday!


Today we started class writing in our portfolio, we practiced the past tense. Next, we wrote about a hypothetical best day ever. We then shared with our partners and took turns writing some of the most common mistakes on the board and correcting them as a class. We then played a guessing game for the character's names in our text. We then listened to a song. After, we read questions related to the song and listened and read the lyrics at the same time. We then shared the answers we got. 

After the break, we played a game that practiced saying four digit numbers aloud. Next, we started to work on rhyming. We read a dialogue and pointed our all the rhyming words and discussed their spelling. Next, we did the same thing for the song lyrics we looked at. We then did a matching activity. 

 Home work is due 25.9.2020

Page 4, exercises 1 and 2.

Page 5, exercises 1,2, and 3. 


Today we started by working in our portfolio. We wrote about our favorite class and the reasons we like it. Next, we did a listening activity to learn our new science class specific vocabulary. We then took turns finding the new words in a picture. Next, we read reading-comprehension questions aloud. We listened to the story two times and answered the questions. Then we played Pictionary with our new vocabulary words.

We quickly revised words for emotion and then played a hot potato game with a balled-up piece of paper.  We then did an activity where the kids had to read clues and deduce the answer to answer the puzzle. We then read some sentences loud together for pronunciation practice. We did past simple tense practice and then completed an activity with it, in the workbook. We practiced spelling our new vocab words with hangman-like game.

Homework will be assigned Friday.


Today we started class by searching for hidden flash cards with story scenes on them. Once each student found their card, they wrote 2-3 sentences about it in their portfolio. Next, we challenged ourselves with a number game, students had to guess at numbers and then read them correctly aloud as a class.  

We then played a few rounds of charades where students had to silently perform or act out something and the rest of the class had guess in English what the actor was trying to convey. We then had several students come to the front and act as teacher to review classroom rules.

We then reviewed the days of the week and months of the year in order by playing a volley game with a beach ball. Next, the students looked at an assortment of useless inventions and then with a partner and had to make their own useless or silly item. The students then had to present them to the class answering: What does the invention do? What does it look like? What is it called? Where will you sell it? 

Next, we played an adjective game with the class split in two. A student will show a food flash card they cannot see and their classmates will use describing words to get them to guess what they are holding up.

There was no homework assigned. 


Today we had our first day of LEAP! The students introduced themselves to each other and their teacher. We started with an ice breaker that expressed our most and least favorite foods.

Next, we reviewed the rules of LEAP. We talked about what it means to be respectful to the program, the teacher, and most importantly to each other. We discussed bullying and how it is to be avoided along with signing a pact agreeing to a bullying free zone.

We talked about classroom expectations including; sitting in our places nicely, speaking only in English, asking to move, asking to use the bathroom, what to bring to class and what not to bring to class.

The students received their portfolios back from last year and were given new ones to decorate for this year. We then reviewed who owes books from the previous year. We decorated and discussed the class poster for the Grizzly Bears along with learning some facts about grizzly bears.

We discussed why each child individually would like to improve their English. We played a fast paced word association game, a rock paper scissors tournament, and a guessing game with numbers.

There was no homework assigned.

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