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Welcome to the new school year 2021-2022!

On this website you can read what the pupils did in English lessons, what homework they were assigned, what they should study for the tests, and you will also learn other important information about teaching. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the curriculum of the Super Minds textbook consists of two parts - the first part is the foundation (mandatory) and the second part is an extension (additional). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English per week children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the core part (the first six pages of each lesson), but we have very little or no time for the second part (the other six pages in each lesson). For this reason, you often find missing pages in Student's Book and Workbook. Your child's teacher will always publish the homework assignment on the website so you can check if your child is going through the subject matter. Regarding the remaining pages and exercises, of course, we will encourage pupils to develop them at home if they wish. The Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated textbook stories, interactive games and activities, including karaoke songs for home exercise.

Here are instructions  for signing up for the  Cambridge Learning Management System . The activation code can be found inside the Workbook. These are complementary activities to the textbook, which are intended for home exercise. We don't work with them in class. 




Today we began class by completing some more Super Minds 4 review activities. We then looked at the new unit’s story and read it together as a class. We then answered some questions about it on page 9 in our students books.

After the break we went through the answers to these activities and then did some vocabulary revision. We then played games of hangman together before finishing class.

WB, pg. 4
WB, pg. 5, Exercise 1 and 2
WB, pg. 6, Exercise 1 and 3


Today we began by looking at Page 4 in our students books and going through the vocabulary in the new unit. We checked for definitions and comprehension by answering questions about every single word. We then completed the short listening exercise on Page 4 and went through the answers.

After, we looked at Page 5 in our students books and completed the reading exercise by filling out a table based on the Super Minds characters school schedule. We collected answers from the class and discussed our own school schedules.

We then looked at Page 6 in our students books and listened to the unit song. The song was about introducing us to the characters and their new adventure.

After the break we then completed Page 6 by answering questions about the song. We were then given our homework for the week. We then finished our class posters before cleaning and packing up the classroom.

WB, pg. 4
WB, pg. 5, Exercise 1 and 2
WB, pg. 6, Exercise 1 and 3


Today we began class by trying to remember as many units as we could from the new Super Minds textbooks.

We then worked on some listening and writing exercises from the previous level of Super Minds.

After the break we watched a short video on Blue Whales and answered some questions. We then began work on our class posters and came up with a colour scheme and theme.

We then decorated our own blue whales and worked on the poster till the end of class.

We will begin homework next week :-)


Today was our first day at school for the next year! We started by introducing ourselves to each other and playing two truths one lie.

We then were introduced to the new SuperMinds 5 Student and Work books. We were given the chance to quickly look through the new units and were asked which unit was our favourite and which unit was our least favourite, and why.

We then created a mind map on the board of different rules that should be in place when in and out of the classroom. This then tied into our anti-bullying pledge, where we discussed what bullying is and what to do when we see it.

After the break we had some time to review last years supermind’s content with a listening activity and a writing activity.

We then discussed what should be on our class poster and what shouldn’t and created a design as a class.

At the end of class we were given time to work on decorating our new portfolios.

We will begin homework next week :-)

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