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On this website you will read what the children did in English lessons, what they could practice at home, what they should study for the tests they will write during the lessons, and you will also learn other important information about teaching. Therefore, we ask you to view this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.





Today in LEAP:


-We started class with a portfolio about “will” 

-We reviewed the homework 

-We introduced the new unit

-We discussed our own use of technology

-We played scattergories https://swellgarfo.com/scattergories/#yIS3zUw 


87 exercises 2,3 and 4 




Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio reviewing the irregular past simple and past participles.
-We reviewed the homework which was due today.
-We read an article about films in different countries.
-We reviewed the present perfect tense with “have you ever….” questions.
Page 84 exercises 4, 5,6 and 8


Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio about film/ TV vocabulary.
-We did listening exercises on page 83.
-We did speaking prompts/ exercises on page 83.
-We reviewed the functions and the forms of the present perfect and past simple verb tenses
-We then took an online quiz on the topic

Homework due 27/04/2021
Homework: 81 exercises 3 and 4



Today in LEAP:
- We learned about the grammar of relative clauses, page 82.
- We learned fim vocab and saw examples of plot, character, clip, review, series, sound track and trailer.
- We practiced using will in the future  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyzaLMHxVw
- We discussed elements of film.

Homework due 20/04/2021
Page 82, vocabulary, exercises 1 and 2
Page 82, grammar, exercises 3 and 4.



Today in LEAP:

- We started class with an Easter word association game.
- Next, we reviewed past simple irregular verbs with a film clip
- We took a trivia quiz about popular films
- We reviewed several professions
- We played a “Guess Who” game with professions
- We learned and saw examples of different types of genres
- We played  https://skribbl.io  with easter themed words.

No homework was assigned.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about our emotions
- We took a verb tense quiz:
- We reviewed the grammar point of already, just and yet; page 78.
- We did some review of the animal unit and talked about the difference between amphibians, mammals and reptiles.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We did a trivia quiz about Disney characters.
- We started to discuss the next unit, we learned genre and had time use our conversational English with corrections from the teacher. 

1. Using the study list provided, please study some irregular past participles.

2. Using the verbs from the list please write four sentences in the past simple tense and four sentences in the present perfect tense.

Verb list:



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio reviewing the past simple and the present perfect tenses.
- Next, we were introduced to the next unit ‘Mixed Feelings’
- We watched a short video and discussed questions.
- We did several activities on page 76 to learn the new vocabulary.
- We played games with the vocabulary to practice.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We practiced pronunciation with tongue twisters
- We did some writing activities with the vocabulary.

Homework: Read page 77 and complete exercises 2 and 3.



Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about might, can’t and must.
- We reviewed the structure and use of the past simple tense and present perfect tense.
- We played a game and took an online quiz to review further present perfect and past simple.
- We reviewed will vs. be going to
- We watched clips from popular TV shows and decided which verb tense they were using.
- We reviewed several small grammar points and reviewed vocabulary from the last four units.
- We played a game of Jeopardy to review the previous four units. https://jeopardylabs.com/edit2/27677428 

Homework due 15/02/2021
Page 74:
Grammar exercises 1 and 2
Vocabulary exercise 3


Today in LEAP:
- We started a unit on animals, we watched a clip and had conversation about unique animals.
- We matched photos of common animals to their names
- We looked at a quiz about animals then listened to audio for the answers, we learned a lot about animal trivia!
- We learned some extra vocabulary for the specialized body parts of an animal like: beak, feather, scales, claw, hoof, etc.
- We make our own silly animal mash-ups. We combined animals of our choice to make a new animal, we presented them and used our new vocabulary.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We learned all about modals of possibility and did several exercises on page 70 as well as verbally to each other.

Read page 72 complete exercises 3, 4 and 7



Today in LEAP:
- We started today talking about psychics and then watched a video about how cats potentially have psychic powers.
- Next, we learned about “be going to” and “will” with a PowerPoint, exercises from page 66, and making our own examples.
- Next, we tied together psychics and “be going to” and “will” by making a paper fortune teller.
- We then told each other’s futures.
- We reviewed the homework
- We reviewed the vocabulary from the unit verbally, and then with several exercises from page 66.
- Last, we did a creative project and made an advertisement for a healthy food. We had to list and present the benefits to our bodies.

Homework due 1/03/2021

Please write a sentence for each of these verbs in the past simple tense, be careful, they’re irregular.




Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about popular dishes in the Czech Republic. We used comparative language to compare the food to other countries.
- We then read a piece about British culture, specifically their traditional dishes. Page 62.
- We then were introduced to the new unit about health and body. Page 64.
- We then did some listening, we labeled the parts of the body. Page 64.
- We discussed the injuries and sicknesses that we have been effected by. Page 64.
- After the break, we took a quiz on irregular simple past tense verbs, the whole class did very well!
- We reviewed the homework due today.
- We played a body parts game in teams.
- We did a listening activity about sickness. Page 64.
- To finish, we played a game. Everyone had to draw a body part, one person held their drawing up, everyone else had to race to spell it correctly in the chat.

Homework due 15/02/2021
Page 65 exercises 1, 2 and 3. Pick only five questions for exercise 3.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class by talking about our personal use of English and doing self-assessment on what we need help with.
- We reviewed the homework, page 59.
- Students had 5 minutes of self-study looking at the vocabulary section of each unit.
- We played skribl.io with an assortment of vocabulary words from all the past units.
- We had a Kahoot quiz that reviewed the grammar, mostly verb tenses, from the year so far. (https://play.kahoot.it/v2/?quizId=1f243b45-395e-4664-b40d-bb2c288dab02)
- We discussed some of the topics we felt weak on from the quiz.
- We reviewed unit 10 by making a creative/ silly/ gross menu using the vocabulary of the unit.

Homework Due 8/02/2021
Please choose any 10 vocabulary words (the words in blue on the first page of the unit) from units 1-10 and write a sentence for each.




Today in LEAP:
- We started class with pictures and a youtube video
about pop culture food trends.
- Next, we had a discussion about food and diet, page 58.
- We then did exercise 2-4 on page 58, listening, answering and discussing.
- We played hangman with the new adjectives we learned.
- We reviewed the homework (page 57).
- We watched a video about present perfect vs. past simple and did grammar exercises on page 60.
- We played a food describer game.

Homework: Page 59


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about shopping.
- Next, we learned about shopping addiction and read an article about it.
- We then did an online shopping activity, shared our screens and used our new vocabulary.
- We had a small show and tell with our favorite object.
- We learned the present perfect tense and did several activities to use the new verb tense.
- We reviewed the homework.

Homework due 25/01/2021: Page 57


Today in LEAP:

- We started class with a portfolio about the past weekend and travel.
- We read an article about interpersonal skills.
- We discussed the article informally, we answered some questions about it, we discussed the special vocabulary, and we did some listening as well.
- In the second half of class we reviewed the unit vocabulary and grammar.
- We reviewed and revised the homework

Homework due 19/01/2021
Page 52 exercise 1 (grammar)
Page 53 exercises 2 and 3


Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about Christmas
- We reviewed the homework
- We used travel vocabulary
- We did several listening activities about making plans and traveling
- We did several grammar activities
- We read an article about Tokyo and discussed anime 

Homework: Page 48, Vocabulary section



Today in LEAP:
- We played some Christmas games
- We learned some Christmas vocabulary
- We made some Christmas crafts
- We had informal discussions
- We listened to some classic American Christmas carols

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Today in LEAP:
- We did a writing portfolio about being annoyed.
- We read about family problems and tried to give solutions to quarrels.
- We introduced a travel unit, discussing the concepts and the vocabulary.
- We played a blind drawing game.
- We started some work with the new unit’s grammar.
- No one completed the homework, the assignment remains the same.

Homework: page 44, grammar section 1-5

Today in LEAP:
- We started class with a portfolio about arguments.
- Next, we reviewed a little bit with an activity about New York City.
- We introduced a unit about “getting on.”
- We learned some phrasal verbs and discussed “getting on.”

- We did several listening activities.

Homework: page 44, grammar section 1-5.



Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a writing an entry in our portfolio.
-We then did a listening and activity about all the problems in a cities.
-We worked through several activities about the positives and negatives of living in a city. 
-We played a few rounds of hangman, trying to guess the name of the country in English.
- We did several grammar activities that included work with the past continuous tense.
-We had a short practice of chair yoga for a brain break.
-Lastly, we reviewed the homework.

Homework due 30/11/2020
Please complete page 37.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class by writing in our portfolios about fitness.
- Next, we started an introduction to a unit of crime.
- We had informal discussions about crime in Prague, crimes we’ve witnessed, and the different types of crimes.
- We did some reading about crime and some vocabulary exercises.
- Next, we pretended we were criminal masterminds and wrote our own creative stories about it and shared. 
- We reviewed the homework due and assigned new homework.
Homework: page 34, the grammar section.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class be writing a list of ten things that make us feel good and then shared it with our peers.
- Next, we read an article about staying healthy and exercising.
- We answered questions about the article and learned definitions of new vocabulary from the article. 
- We did a listening activity.
- We made a running story by everyone adding a line to the story.
- Next, we reviewed the unit’s grammar and vocabulary.
- We reviewed the homework and new homework was assigned.

Homework: due 10/11/2020

Complete page 31



Today in LEAP:
- We stared class by writing in our portfolio about technology
- Next, we played scibblio and reviewed vocabulary from the year so far.
- We played “20 questions” and practiced forming questions quickly.
- We reviewed the homework.
- We did vocabulary exercises from the text book.
- We took a quiz about comparatives.

Homework: due 3/11/2020 
Please write a creative story about any topic. Minimum four sentences.


Today in LEAP:
- We started class writing in our portfolio’s about our dream holiday.
- Next, we did serval exercises that helped us understand sports vernacular.
- We had a fun exercise brain break!
- We read a story about women BMX riders.
- After the break, we challenged ourselves with some origami.
- Next, we did listening exercises.
- Lastly, we reviewed the homework.


Today in LEAP:

- We had an online lesson.

- We wrote a portfolio about anxiety and how we manage ours.

- We then learned about life phases, watched a video clip, and listened to some audio on the subject.

- We then discussed some discussion prompts about life phases.

- We did show and tell with our favourite objects in the house.

- We then did several exercises on comparatives and superlatives.

- We reviewed the homework.  

Homework: Page 21 the whole page


Today in LEAP:
- We started with a creative writing exercise “unconventional things to do with a potato”
- Next, we read a cultural piece about tradition dress in the UK.
- We then answered reading comprehension questions about the piece and discussed it as a group.
- We then discussed Czech traditional dress and festivals and made posters.
- Next, we watched a video all about Canada.
- We discussed cultural differences and answered questions about the video clip.
- The students were asked to complete late homework if it wasn’t complete for today.

Homework was assigned and is due 13/10/2020
Page 16 Exercise 2 (grammar)
Page 16 exercise 1,2 and 3 (vocabulary




In LEAP today we:
- Started with a video clip of crazy looks from fashion week. We then wrote about fashion and style in our portfolios.
- We then had a group conversation about fashion and what it means to us and its place in the world.
- We did a listening activity that introduced us to more clothing/ fashion vernacular.
- We then played Pictionary with fashion items.
- During the break, students were allowed to pick an English book from the LEAP library.
- We then listened to a story about the history of fashion and answered questions.
- We revised the homework.
- We then played Czechia’s Next Top Model, students made their own runway look and had to present it to the class, the students were scored by their peers.

Homework: Page 16 (grammar) exercise 1,4, and 5.


Today in LEAP we:
- Started with writing a detailed description of ourselves in our portfolio.
- Next, we did a listening activity in our workbooks where we had to figure out who the speaker was describing.
- We had race to see who could organize the most words into the correct categories the fastest.
- We then did more listening and an antonym exercise.
- We finished the first half of class by playing “Guess Who.”
- We started our second half of class with a few rounds of beach ball word association
- We read a section of the book about an imaginary social media platform and then several example profiles.
-  We then took the same format and made our own social media profiles and shared them aloud in the class.

Page 12 has been assigned as homework


Today we had our first day of LEAP! We started by introducing ourselves with a game where we had to say a fact about ourselves and remember everyone else’s fact. We then had students come to the front of the class and present the rules as the “teacher.”  We then talked about bullying and looked at photos of good and bad behavior. We then played a game where everyone had to pick three numbers related to their life, we then paired off and guessed what each other’s numbers were. We then played taboo with pictures of food.

After the five minute break we played Simon Says. Next, we wrote about our summer in our portfolios. We then played a fast-paced word association game. We then played a game called “buckets” where the students had to quickly come up with a word starting with the letter written on the board. They can then take a shot with a piece of paper into a bucket. We then had a discussion about what our goals are in the class, and our reasons we would like to know English for ourselves.   

There was no homework assigned!



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