6-7 Grades Drtinova



As we had another new student join the class, we all introduced ourselves again and asked questions.

Students described the goals we have for the class and how we will work together to achieve them.

Students described their favourite TV show - what it's about, the main characters, and why they like it.

We played a vocabulary game where students were given the infinitive, past simple or past participle of an irregular verb, and they had to throw a sticky ball at the whiteboard to indicate which one it was.

Homework was to prepare to play their favourite (English language) song for the class and describe why they like it.


We welcomed a new student to the class, and used the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves and ask questions about eachother. 

We discussed the goals for the class and how we will achieve them.

We played a speaking game where students opened random boxes with irregular verbs and made present perfect sentences - positive/negative and questions.

We had a team game to reinforce key vocabulary - competing to see which team knew the most past simple/past participle forms of common irregular verbs.

Homework was to prepare to talk about a favourite TV show and convince the class to watch it.


We started the class with the students briefly introducing themselves, then asking me questions to get to know me. We then discussed pets we had in the past, have now, and/or want for the future. Students made goals for the class including: improving speaking confidence and fluency, improving accuracy, reinforcing grammar and vocabulary from earlier courses, encouraging a relaxed atmosphere of free speaking, and having fun! Then we played the speaking game “Two Truths and a Lie” where students gave 3 “facts” about themselves with one of them being false, and the group guessed which one wasn’t true (getting a point for each correct guess).








In this conversation class, we discussed team sports that students participate in and learned some new vocabulary to talk about competitions.

We completed a conversation game using present perfect to find out more information about each other - asking questions about unusual experiences which we used to practice telling anecdones (stories) about past experiences, eg. Have you ever travelled in Asia?

Students were given the homework of preparing an English song to share with the class and discuss.



In this conversation class, we discussed injuries and broken bones students have suffered in the class and how they happened. 

We began sharing favourite songs with "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles, but unfortunately an internet connection problem prevented us from listening to and discussing any other songs. We noted down the student's choices for future classes.

We used the information gained in last week's conversation game to find shared experiences and compare them, eg two students who have both tried windsurfing or looked after small babies.

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