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On this website you will read what the children did in English lessons, what they could practice at home, what they should study for the tests they will write during the lessons, and you will also learn other important information about teaching. Therefore, we ask you to view this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

Here are instructions  for registering for the Cambridge Learning Management System, which children also have embedded in the textbook. The activation code can be found inside the Student's Book.  These are materials supplementing the textbook for the purpose of home practice and are voluntary. 





For our first class, we:

  • Got to know eachother by introducing ourselves and asking the Question of the Day: Do you like dogs or cats more?
  • We sang the class song ("Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles)
  • We decorated the cover of writing portfolios
  • We discussed the rules of the class and the Star System for rewarding good behaviour
  • Two teams of students competed to see how many past tense verbs they could remember from the previous year’s vocabulary list
  • Students completed Reading & Writing Parts 1-4 (out of 6) of the Movers Revision Test
  • Students received their new Fun for Flyers books, and completed Unit 2 Listening exercise D on page 9.
  • Students played “Snowball Fight” where they randomly received 3 “rules” which were either real or fake. They read the rules and put them in the correct category.
  • Students received their homework - to complete an All About Me poster with information about themselves and their families.

Yellow Submarine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2uTFF_3MaA



In our second class, we:

  •  We had a new member join our class, so we re-introduced ourselves and asked the question of the day - What’s your favourite kind of ice-cream?

  • Students competed to write down as many clothing/accessories words as possible in three minutes, which were then collated in students’ portfolios.

  • Students matched outdoor vocabulary with a picture, then practiced the speaking format of identifying differences between two similar pictures. They reinforced the vocabulary with a gap-fill exercise, then completed a listening exercise to identify details within a conversation.

  • In Unit 2, students worked together to match clothing/accessories vocabulary with descriptions.

  • Students completed the listening portion of the ‘Fun for Movers’ end-of-level test.

    Homework: Unit 1 p.7 exercise E. Unit 2 p.8 exercise A. Unit 2 p.9 exercise C.


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