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On this website you will read what the children did in English lessons, what they could practice at home, what they should study for the tests they will write during the lessons, and you will also learn other important information about teaching. Therefore, we ask you to view this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

Here are instructions  for registering for the Cambridge Learning Management System, which children also have embedded in the textbook. The activation code can be found inside the Student's Book.  These are materials supplementing the textbook for the purpose of home practice and are voluntary. 




Today in LEAP:
We started with our new part of the lesson where we ask each other at least two verbal questions and pass the beach ball while doing so. These questions were “How are you?” And “What does your hair look like?”

Next, we wrote in our portfolios about holiday preferences.

We reviewed the homework

We completed 56.A we discussed the word circles and how they related to the pictures. We then completed 56.B, the holiday diary.

Next, we did a vocabulary review. Students were asked to find four words we have learned in a previous class and write them on a slip of paper. Students presented and explained these words to their peers. Next, students put them into balls and we played a throwing game.

We completed the listening in exercise 57.E.

When we started class, students went over five new irregular past simple verbs and added it to our verb packet. Next, each of the students were asked to write different verbs on the white board. We then played a fly swatter game with these verbs.

We completed exercise 58.B as a group. Next, we used all the vocabulary words to play a game of charades/ pictionary.






Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio that was a big review of all the irregular past simple verbs we learned.
-On page 52 we went through all of this vocabulary and filled it in the correct space.
-We did a listening activity 53.D
-We used the vocabulary
-We played a game with the vocabulary and past simple verbs based on musical chairs.
- On page 54.A we read the passage on our own, then we drew how we pictured the characters and settings.
-We discussed the differences in what we imagined.
55.E and F


Today in LEAP:
-We started class with a portfolio about our christmas holiday using the past simple tense.
-Next, we practiced saying 6 digit numbers.
-We then worked on page 48.A we guessed the correlating numbers
-48.B We split the work and shared our answers
-49.C we listened and wrote numbers
-We played a flyswatter race game with past simple irregular verbs
-After the break we reviewed all of the green vocabulary on page 50 and talked about its meaning, we then completed the activity as a group.
-Next, we played a musical chairs type of game that included dice and the past simple tense.
-We ended class with the mumball game.



Today in LEAP:

We started class by playing hangman. Next, we learned 13 Christmas words. We then made Christmas cards for our loved ones in English. Students were given popcorn and candies from all their good work this year so far. We then watched some American Christmas cartoons and discussed them.
No homework was assigned.


Happy Holidays!



Today in LEAP:

We started class by making a list of what we would like for Christmas.
Next, we learned some new vocabulary and used it in a reading(44). We played a past simple game that involved speed. On page 45, we completed exercise C and practiced how to say years in English.

After the break, we started a big review of the past simple irregular verbs. The students filled out a worksheet of 15 verbs, we will focus on these verbs for two lessons and then add 15 more. We played a ball game and “around the world” with these verbs.

On page 46 we talked about all of the time words and put them in order. We talked about the seasons.







Today in LEAP:

We started class with a portfolio about dining utensils. We then reviewed the homework.

Next, we revised vocabulary about telling the time and completed an exercise (40.A). Next we played an online game that revised telling time. We reviewed some professions we learned last week, then we did a listening activity that included time and work, 41.D.

In the second half of class students were asked to read and fill in the missing vocabulary, 42.A. Students then completed the questions in exercise 43.C. They then got to interview each other with these questions.

We played a big game of Pictionary / charades with a big revision of vocabulary words from the year so far.

Homework due 14/12/2021



We started class with a portfolio in which we had to figure out which verbs are irregular in the past simple form.

Next, we checked the homework.

For exercise 36.A we wrote the words and reviewed plate, bowl, chopsticks, bottle, cup, glass, spoon, fork, and knife.

We played a verbal game of continuing story in exercise 36.B.

Since there were so few students we took some time to go over common mistakes and clear up some common minor grammatical errors.

Next, we started a unit on jobs. 38.A we filled out the crossword, and in 38.B we played a sort of taboo game with the questions and practiced spelling the words again.

We played charades with the professions. We then did a listening activity 39.E.

37.C and please continue to review the past simple irregular verbs in the back of your book.




Today in LEAP:

We started class by sharing what we did at the weekend. On page 32 we started to talk about food and drink. We did a word wheel sort, then we did activities A and B. Next, we played a taboo game- each student took a turn with their back to the board and their friends had to describe the food I had written without saying the word itself. We then did the listening exercise C.

After the break we talked about Thanksgiving! Students made a little hand turkey and we watched a short clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvzMp5WUjls)about the American holiday. We then had a spelling race for past simple irregular verbs. We did more listening on page 35.D. We reviewed the homework, assigned new homework.

Homework: 34.B



Today in leap

We started online class with a portfolio about the past simple. Next, we did a reading comprehension activity 28.1. We shared our answers and discussed the new vocabulary introduced.
Next, students were asked to create an alien with a backstory. Students presented their work.
We then did a listening activity about the planets. Students filled in the names and colored the planets.

After the break, we started a unit about weather. On page 30.1 we did a puzzle to discover the weather vocabulary. We discussed which weather we liked and didn’t like.

We took a brain break and did an interactive exercise video. We did an exercise on page 30 to prove our understanding of the weather vocabulary. We then played some games of online hangman centered around knowing the countries in English.







Today in LEAP:
Today we met online for the first time. We started class with a portfolio about finding things in your home that start with letter P or end in letter S. We checked and reviewed the homework. We then looked at a picture in the book (p.24) and had to fill out what we could find that starts with every letter.

We then played human bop it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gofB5SyLJd4&t=199s

On page 25, we went through the vocabulary and then the teacher read the questions and students raced to spell the vocabulary in the chat.

Next, we continued to work on the past simple with a kahoot quiz: https://create.kahoot.it/details/dd87b895-7c8a-48b9-96f0-01b367e02288

On page 26, we worked through the S puzzle together. We finished class by reviewing the vocabulary from today with an online game called https://skribbl.io/.

Homework: 27.C







Today in LEAP:

We started class by reviewing some past simple verbs, and then we played a game including these words.

Next, on page 20 we did some spelling of school subjects. We played a fast paced word association game with the topic. We then reviewed the homework.

On page 22 we matched sentence halves about school items. We then did a listening activity.

Homework assigned: 21.F




Today in LEAP:

We started class with a seasonal activity, students were asked to color a maple leaf after writing their irregular past simple verbs on it. Next, we did an activity about articles.

We worked on page 16 and learned some vocabulary for common household objects. We then did a listening activity on page 16 that included some review of the animals and the household objects.

We continue to study past simple irregular verbs throughout the lesson with quick verb quizzes and small games.

Next on page 17 we looked at which activities we do with which of our senses. We sorted them out on the board and then discussed them. We also completed activity 18.B.

Students earned a fun episode of a cartoon from each of them bringing their homework to class every time we have met. This is a fall themed episode of Charlie Brown: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDlqkqgs_3Q

Homework: 19.D


Today we started class with an exercise on page 12, exercise A. This was to practice speaking freely to each other. Next, we did a listening exercise.

We took some time to review the past simple tense and then we played online past simple whack-a-mole: https://wordwall.net/resource/544649/past-simple 

After the break, we worked with partners to complete the sorting activity 14.A. We had some debate on how animals move. Next, we played a game of animal charades. We worked as a class to answer the animal riddles 14.B.

We finished the lesson with a game of mum and concentration.

Homework due 19/10/21
Page 15 exercise C


Today in LEAP:

We used the first half of class to complete the progress test. The progress will be used by the teacher to see what students have retained from last year, they will receive no grade.

When students completed the exam they were given puzzles to work on.

Next, we checked the homework. We then did exercise B page 10. Students were each assigned a sentence or two and then we all reported to each other our answers.

Next, we played a game of ‘quick draw’ . Students have to draw the vocabulary word that I call out in 20 seconds and possible with some other task, for example: one hand up, one eye closed or with your non-dominant hand. We reviewed clothing. 

We reviewed the past simple with a game. 

We did a listening activity on page 9 exercise D. We then split up the sentences for exercise B page 10.

Homework due 12/10/21
Page 11 exercise D - to answer the questions, look for clues in the picture or make your own answer.


Today we started class with a writing portfolio. We answered the questions “What are your favourite things?” and “Who is your favourite person?”. This gave us the chance to revise ‘who vs. what’ and ‘is vs. are’.

Next, we started work in our books. On page six we drew lines from the words to the pictures. Next, students found the difference between the two pictures and verbally pointed these differences out using negatives and comparatives. On page seven of the book we did an activity that had students fill in the blank spaces.

We then played a game of mum-ball for the last few minutes of class. This game requires students plant their feet in one spot and remain completely quiet. If they move, miss the ball, or make any sound they are out.

For the second half of class we did a listening portion of an exam. This if the final exam from last year’s curriculum. We will complete the second half of this exam next class. This exam is only for the teachers to know what the students have retained from last year, students will not be graded.

Page 8 exercise A


Today in LEAP:

-We started class with introductions. We played a game that required we memorize each other’s favorite meal and we recited each other’s answers.

-We reviewed the rules for the classroom of LEAP.

-We played ‘telephone’ At first with tongue twisters, and the students made their own message to pass along.

-We played ‘repeat the beat’ we collectively added noises and sounds until as a class we made a song.

-We learned what a bully was and signed an agreement that we would not be a bully

-We played a 'word association game' with a beach ball.

-We had discussion and got to know each other, we talked about expectations for the year and the students’ preferences.

There was no homework assigned.

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