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On this website you will read what the children did in English lessons, what they could practice at home, what they should study for the tests they will write during the lessons, and you will also learn other important information about teaching. Therefore, we ask you to view this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

Here are instructions  for registering for the Cambridge Learning Management System, which children also have embedded in the textbook. The activation code can be found inside the Student's Book.  These are materials supplementing the textbook for the purpose of home practice and are voluntary. 



Today we started class with a writing portfolio. We answered the questions “What are your favourite things?” and “Who is your favourite person?”. This gave us the chance to revise ‘who vs. what’ and ‘is vs. are’.

Next, we started work in our books. On page six we drew lines from the words to the pictures. Next, students found the difference between the two pictures and verbally pointed these differences out using negatives and comparatives. On page seven of the book we did an activity that had students fill in the blank spaces.

We then played a game of mum-ball for the last few minutes of class. This game requires students plant their feet in one spot and remain completely quiet. If they move, miss the ball, or make any sound they are out.

For the second half of class we did a listening portion of an exam. This if the final exam from last year’s curriculum. We will complete the second half of this exam next class. This exam is only for the teachers to know what the students have retained from last year, students will not be graded.

Page eight exercise A



Today in LEAP:

-We started class with introductions. We played a game that required we memorize each other’s favorite meal and we recited each other’s answers.

-We reviewed the rules for the classroom of LEAP.

-We played ‘telephone’ At first with tongue twisters, and the students made their own message to pass along.

-We played ‘repeat the beat’ we collectively added noises and sounds until as a class we made a song.

-We learned what a bully was and signed an agreement that we would not be a bully

-We played a 'word association game' with a beach ball.

-We had discussion and got to know each other, we talked about expectations for the year and the students’ preferences.

There was no homework assigned.

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