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Vážení rodiče,

pokud si má Vaše dítě vést v programu úspěšně, je důležité, abyste věděli, co se na hodinách dělá, a mohli jej tak ve studiu podpořit. Na této webové stránce najdete informace o práci v jednotlivých hodinách, zadání domácích úkolů a další důležité informace týkající se výuky. Je nezbytné, aby se žáci snažili vypracovávat domácí úkoly a v případě absence si vždy doplnili zameškanou látku. Snadněji se tak po návratu do školy zapojí do výuky. V případě dotazů nás můžete kdykoli kontaktovat.

Při výuce používáme nejnovější, čtvrté, vydání učebnice  Fun For FlyersJeho součástí je nová digitální platforma, Cambridge One, která obsahuje Digital Pack pro domácí studium a opakování. Všechna poslechová cvičení z učebnice jsou nyní na této nové platformě dostupná. Návod k jejímu užívání najdete na vnitřní straně obalu učebnice. V případě dotazů či problémů týkajících se používání této platformy, klikněte na stránce  https://www.cambridgeone.org/home  dole vpravo na ikonku "?HELP", kde najdete krátká videa, jak postupovat.



Homework: 53C (page 111)
Fun For Flyers: Units 53, 54 (pages 110-113)
Activities: 53A, B, E; 54A, B, C, D

Game: Where are we? Students chose a slip of paper with a place in a city written on it (i.e., bookshop, supermarket, sports shop, bank, train station, post office). They created a short dialogue and performed it for the class. The other students guessed the location!


Homework: 52D (page 109)
Fun For Flyers: Units 51, 52 (pages 106-109)
Activities: 51A, B, C, D; 52A, E

Game: Question Conversation. With a partner, students had a conversation but could only speak by using questions! For example,
A: What’s your favorite food?
B: Is it pizza?
A: Which fruit do you like best?
B: Are watermelons fruit?
A: …


Homework: 50D (page 105)
Fun For Flyers: Units 49, 50 (pages 102-105)
Activities: 49A, B, D; 50B, C, F

Today we practiced answering questions using adjectives and “too” or “not enough”.

Why isn’t it snowing today?
-Because the weather is too hot.
-Because the weather is not cold enough.

Why can’t you climb Mt. Everest this afternoon?
-Because it’s too far away.
-Because it’s not near enough.


We also practiced forming questions and interviewing each other like how a journalist would interview a person they're writing a story about. :)

Game: Actor meets Actor. Everyone started with one piece of paper and wrote the name of a famous actor. Then, they folded the paper so the next person couldn’t see what they had written. Everyone passed their papers to the right. We continued like this until a story was created on each paper!

-Write the name of an actor.
-Write the name of another actor.
-Where did they meet?
-What was actor #1 wearing?
-What was actor #2 wearing?
-What did actor #1 say to actor #2?
-What did actor #2 say to actor #1?



Homework: 47E (page 99), 48C (page 101)
Fun For Flyers: Units 47, 48 (pages 98-101) Jobs and predictions for the future
Activities: 47A, C; 48A, B, D

Past Simple & Past Participles “hot potato” game: We practiced vocabulary with the beach ball. If you were holding the beach ball when the music stopped, you had to say the past simple and past participle of the given verb. (We practiced with these: choose, do, take, swim, write, draw, drink, drive, hide, forget, be, eat, break, buy, go, sleep, win, fly, meet, begin, fall, give, grow, know)

Brain Break: Pick One: Careers



Homework: 46C (page 97)
Fun For Flyers: Units 45, 46 (pages 94-97)
Activities: 45B, C; 46A, B, D

We practiced talking about time, the months of the year, and things at home. We also did some activities with homophones (words that sound exactly the same but are spelled differently, for example, too, to, and two; sea and see; here and hear, flower and flour).

Brain Break: Would You Rather? Spring 
Homophones active video


Homework: 43C (page 91), 44B (page 92)
Fun For Flyers: Units 43, 44 (pages 90-93)
Activities: 43A, B; 44A, D, F

Today was all about the Present Perfect Tense! We practiced with “Have you ever…?” questions and by talking about what has just happened.

Past Participles we learned: go (gone), sleep (slept), win (won), fly (flown), meet (met)

Brain Break: Never Have I Ever


Homework: 42E (page 89)
Fun For Flyers: Units 41, 42 (pages 86-89)
Activities: 41A, B; 42A, B, D

Beach Ball Toss: We practiced the Present Perfect tense with the past participles of choose (chosen), do (done), take (taken), swim (swum), write (written), ride (ridden), and the past participles we have learned before.


No homework!

Past Participles: draw (drawn), drink (drunk), drive (driven), hide (hidden), forget (forgotten)

Easter Activities:
-What Am I? Quiz | Spring🌺 & Easter🐇 Brain Break
-Easter vocabulary and memory game
-MadLibs (create a funny story!) Try it again at home.

We talked about the LEAP English Day Camp which will be in August. Click the link to learn more!



Homework: 39E (page 83)

Fun For Flyers: Units 39, 40 (pages 82-85)

Activities: 39A, B, C, D; 40A

Brain Break: Spring, Would You Rather...?

We also practiced the Present Perfect tense with the past participles of be (been), eat (eaten), break (broken), and buy (bought).



Class cancelled



Homework: 38C (page 80), 38F (page 81)

Fun For Flyers: Units 37, 38 (pages 78-81)
Today we talked about police officers, firefighters, and famous people!

Activities: 37A, B, D, E; 38A, B

Game: Memory with Irregular Past Simple verbs: Teams were given stacks of cards. Each card had one verb on it, either in present tense form or past simple. All cards were placed face down on a table in a random order. When it was your turn, you flipped over two cards. If it was a match (the present tense verb and its matching past simple verb) you said one or two sentences using the verbs to win the points!



Homework: 36C* (page 77) & finish “Have you…yet?” worksheet (pictures of the worksheet are below)
*use Present Perfect tense! Each answer must include “has+past participle”. If it’s an irregular verb, the past participles are in the back of your book on pages 142-143. If it’s a regular verb, the past participle is the same as the past simple. For example, open (present), opened (past simple), opened (past participle).

Fun For Flyers: Unit 36 (pages 76-77)

Activities: 36A, B, D

Present Perfect Tense: We practiced the Present Perfect Tense by watching a Shrek video, asking and answering questions from conversation cards, and doing a grammar worksheet (“Have you… yet?”)


page 1



Homework: 35F (page 75)

Fun For Flyers: Unit 35 (pages 74-75)
Today’s topic was “What’s it made of?” We reviewed materials: wood, wool, paper, gold, glass, plastic

Activities: 35A, B, C, E, G

We also learned about the Present Perfect tense (using the past participles on page 142-143 in your book).
Have you ever been to Japan?
Have you walked to Prague Castle?
Have you eaten today?
Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.


Have you ever….? Spinning Wheel Game

Past Participle Matching Game


Homework: 33D (page 71), 34C (page 73)

Fun For Flyers: Units 33,34  (pages 70-73)
Today’s topic was “at the hospital”. We practiced vocabulary & grammar relating to being ill: medicine, doctor, nurse, bed, sick, temperature, stomach-ache, headache, ambulance, broken, hurt, etc.

Activities: 33A, B, C; 34A, D

Tongue twister: Alice’s sister’s shoulder was sore. Try to say it 5 times fast!

Telephone Game: Ms. Anna whispered a sentence to a student. The same sentence had to be whispered correctly all the way around the circle. Here’s an example: Harry hurt his hand when he was hurrying home.


Homework: 31D (page 67), 32C (page 69)

Fun For Flyers: Units 31, 32 (pages 66-69)
Today’s topic was places! We reviewed places in a city (stadium, funfair, music festival, skatepark, restaurant, university, museum, bank, hotel, library, station, factory), wrote a story about the Banks family on a holiday, and listened to where Jack the postman took deliveries in the city.

Activities: 31A, B; 32A, B

Irregular Past Tense Review: forget-forgot, get-got, grow-grew,hit-hit, hold-held, keep-kept
We played “hot potato” with all of the irregular past tense verbs that we have reviewed in class. If the music stopped while you were holding the ball, you had to say a sentence in the past simple tense of the verb given to you.


Homework: 29D (page 63)

Fun For Flyers: Units 29, 30 (pages 62-65)
Today’s topic was sports!

Brain Break: THIS OR THAT SPORTS EDITION! Kids Fitness!

Activities: 29A, B, C, E; 30A, B, C, D



Homework: 27D (page 59)

Fun For Flyers: Units 27,28 (pages 58-61)
Today we talked about holidays and competitions. Remember, to talk about future plans, use “going to + verb”. For example, “This weekend, I’m going to do my homework.”
Try this Future Tense Practice!

Game: We had our own class competition by playing “Finger Math”. First, you find a partner. Then, each partner chooses a number 1-5 and shows it on their fingers behind their backs. On the count of three, both partners show their fingers to each other. The first to say the total number wins!

Activities: 27A,B,C,E; 28A,B,C,D

Irregular Past Tense review: choose-chose, cut-cut, draw-drew, dream-dreamed/dreamt, drive-drove, find-found, fly-flew, hide-hid


Homework: 25E,F (page 55)

Fun For Flyers: Units 25,26 (Pages 54-57)
Today we talked about trips and holidays! After reading a story about a school trip, we imagined a picture in our minds and talked to our partners about the differences. How old were the students? Was the teacher a man or a woman? What were the children looking at in the museum? We also looked at pictures and told a story of a family going on a holiday.

Activities: 25A,B; 26A,C,D

Memory Game: In a circle, one person started saying “I’m going on a trip to the mountains/beach, and I’m taking….” The next person had to say the first item, then add their own. We continued all the way around the circle, where the last person had to remember all the items we were taking on the trip.

Charades: We played charades (acting and guessing) using the verb-noun chain worksheet from last week. For example, “run down the stairs”, “tidy your desk”, “invent a machine”.


Homework: 23B (page 50) & 24C (page 53)

Fun For Flyers: Units 23,24 (pages 50-53)

Today’s topics were “World, Weather, and Work” and “Leaving and Arriving”. We wrote short stories about what we saw in pictures (23C), and described differences between pictures of airports (24B). We also played a game called “verb-noun chain” (23E), where students had to link a verb with the correct noun in a nearby box.

Activities: 23 A, C, E; 24 A, B

We also reviewed more irregular verbs in the Past Simple Tense: fall-fell, feel-felt, give-gave, hear-heard, hurt-hurt


Homework: 21E (page 47) & 22E (page 49)

Fun For Flyers: Units 21 & 22 (pages 46-49)

Today’s topics were Time (calendar, months, seasons, etc.) and Numbers (how to say numbers correctly in English. Remember, to say years, you say the first two numbers as one number, and the last two numbers as one number. (For example "2023", you say “Twenty Twenty-three”)

Activities: 21 A, B, C, D; 22 A, B, C, D



Homework: 14C* (page 33)
*This is a listening activity. Use your Cambridge One login to access your digital textbook and listen to the exercise. Or, you can download all the recordings from the book here. There is a link to download the two CDs next to "Fun for Flyers", which you can find under the heading "Classroom audio".

When you download the CDs, you can find the correct track by looking for the exercise name. For example, the track for exercise 14C will be named “Cambridge University Press - Fun For Flyers Fourth Edition CD1 - 18 - 14C.mp3”

Fun For Flyers: Unit 20 (page 44-45)
Today we talked about phones!
Activities: A, B, C, D

Game: Reviewing past simple irregular words (the previous 15 + be- was/were, begin-began, break-broke, burn-burned/burnt, can- could)

Brain Break:  Elf on the Shelf | Christmas Brain Break | Just Dance


Homework: 19D (page 43) pick a situation (on the beach, in a museum, in class, at a party) and write 4 questions you could ask if you were in that situation. For example, in class, “Can you help me, please? Can I borrow a pencil?” …

Fun For Flyers: Unit 19 (page 42-43)
Today’s topic was questions. We read a story about Hugo, a little boy with a lot of questions. We followed coloring instructions, reviewed question words, and asked each other a lot of questions! We also listened and ordered a Honey Cake recipe (page 35).

Past Simple Verbs Game: We played a team game where the first person to grab the popsicle stick from the table said the past simple form of the verb on the card. If they were correct, they earned 2 points for their team. If they were incorrect, the other team had a chance to answer for 1 point.

Brain Break: Would You Rather? Workout! (Holiday Edition)



Homework: 18C (page 40), 18D (page 41)

Fun For Flyers: Units 17 and 18 (Pages 38-41)
Today’s topics were jobs and telling the time. We reviewed different jobs that people can have, ranked jobs from best to worst, told a story about a journalist named Sarah by looking at pictures, and listened to where Sarah took different objects. We also practiced different ways to say the same time. 

Past Simple Verbs: We reviewed more irregular past simple verbs: Say-said, take-took, do-did, know-knew, read-read (the past simple is pronounced like the color “red”)

Game: We played Pictionary, where one student drew  whatever job was on their card on the board and the class had to guess correctly.


Homework: 15B (page 34); Register your book with your code and check that you can listen to the listening activities! To register, follow the instructions on this webpage (not the instructions on the cover of your book).

Fun For Flyers: Units 15 and 16 (Pages 34-37)
Today’s topic was food! We listened and identified the names of animals having a barbecue, and read a story about two women who had a mini holiday while at work.

Past Simple Verbs: We reviewed more irregular past simple verbs with a team game: eat-ate, drink-drank, go-went, come-came, have-had. There is a list of past simple irregular verbs on pages 142-143 in your book!

Game: We played Hot Seat, where you had to describe vocabulary words so that the person in the “hot seat” could guess it. (We used vocabulary from Unit 16- plate, glass, bowl, salt, pepper, knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks, bottle.)


Homework: 13E* (page 31) & 14B (page 32)
*This is a listening activity. You need to scratch off the code on the front cover of your book and follow the instructions for activation. Then you can see and listen to all of the activities in the book!

Fun For Flyers: Units 13 and 14 (Pages 30-33)

Today’s topics were weather and food/drink. We listened to people talking about the weather, described differences we saw in two pictures of a playground, and took a quiz that reminded us to take care of our bodies with healthy food, drinks, and activities.

Past Simple Verbs: We also reviewed irregular past simple verbs with a board race: bring-brought, buy-bought, catch-caught, teach-taught, think-thought. There is a list of irregular verbs on pages 142-143 in your book!


Homework: 11C (page 27) & 12D (page 29)

Fun For Flyers: Units 11 and 12 (Pages 26-29)

We followed instructions (with directional prepositions: at the bottom, on the right, under, above) while coloring a picnic scene, described differences we saw in two pictures of outer space, and asked and answered questions about Earth.

Brain Break: This or That: Treat Edition

Game: Simon Says


Homework: 9C (page 23) & 10D (page 25)

Fun For Flyers: Units 9 and 10 (pages 22-25)

We listened to conversations about school and school trips, practiced forming present tense questions, and invented imaginary school trips!

Brain Break: Back to School Would You Rather?

Remember to bring your library books and book reports to our next lesson!



Homework: 8F (page 21)

Fun For Flyers: Units 7 and 8 (Pages 18-21)

We practiced with present and past tense, read a story about a dog named Pirate, and talked about our favorite school subjects.

Brain Break: Would You Rather? Workout! (Halloween Edition) - At Home Family Fun Fitness Activity - Brain Break

Halloween “What Am I?” quiz: Halloween What Am I? Quiz | ESL Halloween Games | 4K

Game: We made a big circle with our chairs with one person standing in the middle. That person said, “I’m wearing…” If that was true for you, you had to stand up and find a new chair in the circle. The person stuck in the middle had to go next.

Remember to bring your library books and book reports to our next lesson!


Homework: 5B (page 14)

Fun For Flyers: Units 4, 5, and 6 (Pages 12-17)

We wrote and talked about our friends and reviewed animals and how they move (run, hop, swim, fly, jump).
“Would you rather…?” Game: In this game, you had to choose between 2 options, for example “Would you rather have one really good friend or ten average friends?” and then explain your choice.

Brain Break: Brain Break - THIS or THAT Energizer Game 2 Food Edition



Homework: 2B (pages 8&9), 3B (page 10)


Fun For Flyers: Units 1, 2, and 3 (Pages 6-11)


We practiced noticing and talking about differences between pictures, and listening to a description of Robert’s favourite game (about Zappy the alien!) We also practiced naming what people wear and what people carry by doing a drawing game.


Human Bingo Game: We practiced asking and answering present tense questions by playing the game “Human Bingo”. If our classmate could answer “yes” to our question relating to a bingo square, they signed their name in the square. When we got 5 signatures in a row, you could yell BINGO!



Portfolios: We decorated our portfolios and wrote 3 sentences about ourselves, 2 truths and 1 lie. Our classmates had to guess which was the lie.

CONNECT!: We played a game with a ball of string, making statements about ourselves and then connecting with our classmates who shared a similarity with us.

All About Me: We filled in worksheets with information about ourselves (favorite book, food, what we want to be when we grow up, etc.) and read aloud to the class.

Story Cubes: We made two stories as a class by rolling the story cube dice and adding sentences based on the pictures that were rolled.

Optional homework: Complete the crossword worksheet (and the secret message) and bring it back to show me!



Class rules: We talked about our class rules: Be Respectful, Listen, Raise your hand, Be Prepared (bring books, pencil cases, and homework), Speak English.

Name game: We played some “get to know you” and team-building games, saying “My name is ____ and I like  ______ (hobby/sport)." Plus, we acted out a motion from that hobby/sport. The class had to remember everyone’s name, hobby/sport, and motion.

Interview Miss Anna: Students asked Miss Anna questions to get to know her. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Cheerleader version): The person who lost became a cheerleader for their partner. Our cheerleading teams got bigger until the very end!

Human Knot: Starting as a tangled knot, students had to untangle themselves and get back into a circle using only English. (Example:  Human Knot)

Fun For Flyers: Students got their new Student Books!

Paying attention: We learned two ways Miss Anna will call for attention: The “Attention Clap” (Students must copy the clap rhythm, be quiet, and look at Miss Anna), and the phrase “Hocus Pocus” (students must respond with “Everybody Focus”, be quiet, and look at Miss Anna).

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