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Polar bears


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Welcome to the new school year 2018-2019!

On this website, you will learn what the pupils did at the English lessons, what homework they were assigned to, what they had to do for the tests, and also learn about other important information about the lessons. Therefore, we ask that you review this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can always call  or  email us.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, we would like to note that the Super Minds curriculum consists of two parts - the first part forms the basis (mandatory) and the second part is superstructure (complementary). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English each week the children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the basic part (the first six pages of each lesson), but the second part (the other six pages in each lesson) have very little or no time at all. For this reason, you often find the omitted pages in the Student's Book and Workbook textbooks. Teachers of your children will always publish a home assignment on their website so that you can check if your child is discussing a substance that is required. As far as the remaining pages and exercises are concerned, of course we will encourage the pupils to develop them at home if they so wish. Teachers inspect these pages and exercises, and pupils receive extra stars for them as a reward for their efforts. Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated storybook stories, interactive games and activities including karaoke songs designed for homework.

Here are the instructions  for registering with the  Cambridge Learning Management System . You can find the code to activate within the Workbook textbook. These are complementary activities to a textbook that are designed for homework. We do not work with them in the lessons. 






We had a great second day of class! We began the class with entries in the student notebooks about exciting events from the summer. Students shared things they did and places where they went on vacation. Then, we spent time doing team-building activities and playing some games focused on getting to know each other. Students finished decorating their notebooks and we began working on our class poster. 

The students who completed the homework assignment shared facts about polar bears. All the students helped design and produce the "polar bearsclass poster. It looks wonderful! 

HOMEWORK: NO HOMEWORK! Please come to class next week well-rested and eager to learn!

NEXT WEEK: Make sure to bring your Super Minds 5 books to class next week as we jump into our first week of book lessons!


PASSWORD: turtle :-)


Today was the first day of English class! All of the children were very energetic and excited. After we spent some time learning about each other, we reviewed the classroom rules and procedures. We talked about teamwork and respect as two of the most important rules. We also reviewed information about the Star Store and the school library.

In the second half of class all of the students and the teacher signed a "No Bullying!" certificate after we shared ideas about how to prevent and point out mean or disrespectful behavior. Finally, we looked through the new Super Minds 5 books to see what phrases, grammar, and topics we will learn this year. 

HOMEWORK: Students must bring to class on Wednesday one interesting fact about polar bears to include on our class poster!


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