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Welcome to the new school year 2019-2020!

On this website you can read what pupils did in English lessons, what homework they were assigned, what they should study for the tests, as well as other important teaching information. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the curriculum of the Super Minds textbook consists of two parts - the first part is the foundation (mandatory) and the second part is an extension (additional). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English per week children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the core part (the first six pages of each lesson), but we have very little or no time for the second part (the other six pages in each lesson). For this reason, you often find missing pages in Student's Book and Workbook. Your child's teacher will always publish the homework assignment on the website so you can check if your child is going through the subject matter. Regarding the remaining pages and exercises, of course, we will encourage pupils to develop them at home if they wish. Teachers check these pages and exercises and give pupils extra stars as a reward for their efforts. The Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated textbook stories, interactive games and activities, including karaoke songs for home exercise.

Here are instructions  for signing up for the  Cambridge Learning Management System . The activation code can be found inside the Workbook. These are complementary activities to the textbook, which are intended for home exercise. We don't work with them in class. 




Today we opened our portfolios and revised some grammar points and tried to make 5 new sentences. After, we marked our homework and then began to look at the story on page 14. We brainstormed what we thought it was about and then read the story together and figured out what happened. We then did a bit of roleplay where some students got to play a character from the story and we also answered questions to check that everyone knew what was happening.

After the break we did the exercises from studentbook page 15 and workbook page 14, answering individually and then in pairs and then as a class. By the end of the lesson we played a crossword game revolving around remembering the vocabularly and key words from the story.

WORKBOOK, Page 19, 20


Today we opened our portfolios and tried to remember as many of the new vocabulary words as possible, we then wrote them all on the board. After, we completed a worksheet to practice those new vocabulary words.

We then listened to the song from studentsbook page 12 and fixed the mistakes. After we fixed the mistakes we sang the song together as a class.

After the break, we then were introduced to the word while and simultaneous actions by practicing with examples given by the students. We then completed page 13 in the workbook and went through the answers in the class. Students presented their own unique sentences from exercise 3 in a skit.

After, we played a game where two students had to perform actions and using the proper language the other students had to say what they were doing e.g. While Oliver was sleeping, Sam was watching TV. Points were given for correct sentences.

WORKBOOK, Page 12, 18
STUDENTBOOK, Page 16, 18


Today in class we wrote in our portfolios about things we did at the weekend. We then looked at studentbook page 10 and brainstormed what we thought the unit was going to be about.

After we went through all the new vocabulary words and checked for understanding of each within the context of the unit. After we played a game where students had to draw/guess the new words with each other. We then played a team game of guessing the words only using english.

After the break we listened and answered some questions from studentbook page 10, exercise 2. We then introduced past continuous by answering in pairs/groups what we did at specific times based on the prompts from the board. We then did the exercise in studentbook page 11, exercise 1. After we played another game using the past continuous where each student had to act out a past action from the weekend and students had to answer what they were doing using full sentences.

WORKBOOK, Page 12, 18
STUDENTBOOK, Page 16, 18


First, we opened our portfolios and answered some questions about what we did yesterday, last week and last month.

Then we did some basic vocabulary revision from the unit by playing a team game and then answering a worksheet. After we looked at the vocabulary we did some revision on changing present simple to past simple. We did this by fixing a story and then playing another team game. Then we did another worksheet matching questions and answers.

After the break we had the unit test and then packed and cleaned the classroom.

Homework: MONDAY, 7th OCTOBER
WORKBOOK, Page. 9, all exercises




We opened out portfolios and wrote as many words as we could think that rhyme with Wait and Time. We then checked our homework together as a class.

We opened to page 8 in our studentsbook and brainstormed what we thought the story was going to be about. We then closed our books and listened to the story once. We then opened our studentbooks and workbooks to page 8 and listened and followed the story while completing exercises 1 and 2 in the workbook. We then read through the story as a class.

After the break we split into 2 groups and roleplayed as the characters from the story again. After, we completed exercises 3 and 4 from page 9 in the studentsbook. We completed the exercises individually, then as pairs, then as a class.

At the end of the lesson we split into 3 teams and roleplayed as scientists trying to give a presentation on a new invention.

- Liquid that makes you fly
- Goggles that let you see through walls
- Gloves that give you super strength

Each group presented their idea and we discussed as a class what we liked and disliked about each presentation.

Homework: MONDAY, 7th OCTOBER
WORKBOOK Page 9, all exercises



Today we started by seeing how many of the new vocabulary words we could remember from the beginning of the unit. Students came up to the board 1 by 1 and wrote them on the board.

We then listened to a song and answered questions about it from SB page 6. We then sang the song as a class and filled in the missing words from WB page 6.

We went through the song and found all the rhyming words and played a game where the class was split into two teams and had to connect words that rhymed on the board. We then played a similar game but students had to write a new rhyming word on the board.

After the break, the students looked at SB page 7 and discussed what each person was feeling. We then roleplayed in pairs/groups as the different characters, displaying each different emotion. We then played a game where we guessed in teams what emotion I was portraying.

We completed WB page 7 exercise 2 as individuals, then checked answers in pairs and as a class.

At the end of the class we brainstormed and planned our worst day ever, what we would be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what we would be doing all day.

Homework: SEPTEMBER 30th
WORKBOOK Page. 5, Exercise 1 and 3

WORKBOOK Page. 6, Exercise 3
WORKBOOK Page. 7, Exercise 1 and 2


At the beginning of the lesson students played a small unscrambling game in their portfolios, where I read out letters that formed words from first weeks class. We then looked at the new science vocabulary in the student’s book (SB pg. 4) and went through all of them to check meaning and spelling.

We then completed the workbook exercise on page 4 (WB pg. 4) of writing the correct vocabulary to the picture. Students completed work solo and then compared answers in pairs. We then checked for answers and spelling as a class.

We then looked at execise 2 in the studentbook (SB pg. 4) and pre-read the questions and thought about what we might be listening for. We listened to the recording twice and answered the questions individually, students checked with their partners and then we collected the correct answers as a class. We then played a small drawing game based on the vocabulary where students were put into pairs and took turns drawing the vocabularly and the other guessing what the drawing was.

After the break students read exercise 1 page 5 in the studentbook and then completed the exercise individually before comparing asnwers with their partners and then the class. We then listened to the recording of the sentences from studentbook page. 5, exercise 2 and repeated them as a class. We then switched to page 118 and completed the exercise individually before comparing asnwers with their partners and then the class.

We then looked at page 5, exercise 2 in the workbook and discussed and wrote what happened in the girl’s dream. After we brainstormed our ideas for a perfect day and created our own. Students then discussed in pairs their perfect days and then reported to the class their partners answer.

WORKBOOK Page. 5, Exercise 1 and 3

WORKBOOK Page. 6, Exercise 3
WORKBOOK Page. 7, Exercise 1 and 2


Today we looked through the new students book and saw all the different things we will be learning this year. We briefly discussed all the units and what we think they're going to include and be about.

We then learnt about the Grizzly Bear (our class mascot) and designed a poster based around what we learnt (forest, mountains, caves etc). We then made our poster as a class and decided where everyone’s pictures would go and what kinds of things we’d include if we were Grizzly Bear’s.

Bookwork: None

Homework: None


Students introduced themselves to the class and we briefly discussed the upcoming school year. We played a figure me out game where I had a series of numbers on the board and students had to guess what those numbers meant to me. Students then wrote their own numbers and did the exact same thing with each other.

We then talked about our summer, a few things we liked and a few things we disliked. Students had to ask each other pre-written questions on the board about summer and then answer in english. I then asked students about each others answers to check comprehension.

We then discussed and brainstormed the different rules of the classroom. We talked about the new star system, star day, student of the month and the various class jobs. Students then were handed their portfolios and wrote three things they want to happen this year. They then had time to decorate these portfolios.

We then discussed bullying and all the different ways it occurs and what you can do to stop it, who to contact etc. We signed the poster to take a stance against bullying. To wrap things up we played a small true/false game about Australian facts.

Bookwork: None

Homework: None


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