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Welcome to the new school year 2019-2020!

On this website you can read what pupils did in English lessons, what homework they were assigned, what they should study for the tests, as well as other important teaching information. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, We would like to inform you that the curriculum of the Super Minds textbook consists of two parts - the first part is the foundation (mandatory) and the second part is an extension (additional). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English per week children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the core part (the first six pages of each lesson), but we have very little or no time for the second part (the other six pages in each lesson). For this reason, you often find missing pages in Student's Book and Workbook. Your child's teacher will always publish the homework assignment on the website so you can check if your child is going through the subject matter. Regarding the remaining pages and exercises, of course, we will encourage pupils to develop them at home if they wish. Teachers check these pages and exercises and give pupils extra stars as a reward for their efforts. The Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated textbook stories, interactive games and activities, including karaoke songs for home exercise.

Here are instructions  for signing up for the  Cambridge Learning Management System . The activation code can be found inside the Workbook. These are complementary activities to the textbook, which are intended for home exercise. We don't work with them in class. 




Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios. They wrote five sentences about a mystery wild animal (It is… It’s got… It lives...It eats...It likes...). Then they presented their clues to the class, and the other students tried to guess what the animal was :) 

We talked a bit about camoflauge in nature. The students thought of animals that use camoflauge to hide from predators or to catch prey. Then we looked at some images online and decided "how good" each animal's camoflauge was.

The teacher wrote some words related to animals, and the students figured out what they meant (name, where, size, eats, lives for...) Then the students looked at SB pg 28 and guessed the information for the three “killer” animal. They completed a listening activity and filled in the missing information.

In class, the students completed a project! Because the theme today was Wild Animals, the students had to make a profile for a wild animal. including a name, three facts about it, and also some tips for the new owner (It needs...It doesn't have to...It can't...).  Everyone did some really great writing and had lots of good ideas! Then, after the profile was finished, each student presented their wild animal to the class and the other students decided which animal they wanted "to buy" :)

Homework: WB pgs 34, 35, 41; SB pg 41

Password: Jarov


Today in class the students corrected the homework due today, WB pgs 26, 28, 32, 33. As we went over the answers, the students reviewed the story we read in class last week, and the  grammar and vocabulary points for Unit 2.

Together, the students practiced listening to and writing big numbers. They completed the exercise on SB pg 120. Then, we played a quick game at the board. The teacher said a big number and the two teams had to write the number as fast as they could.

The students completed the Unit Two Listening section.

To revise “have to” and “don’t have to”, the students worked in pairs to put together the sentences on SB pg 120. Then they had the other team check their answers.

The students completed the Unit Two Reading and Writing section.

After they finished both sections of the Unit Two test, the students had time to look at the library and check out a book.

At the end of class, since everyone worked so hard, we played a speaking game called “Werewolf” :)

Homework: WB pgs 34, 35, 41 and SB pg 41, practicing the new music vocabulary, the grammar structure “be going to ____”, and reading skills.

Password: wolf


Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios. They wrote down three things they had to do this week, and three things they didn’t have to do this week. Then the students shared some of their answers and compared with the other students.

As a class, we looked at SB pg 25 and guessed what the group was doing using the pictures for clues. Then, they listened to a conversation between two people about what they had to bring and didn’t have to bring on a hiking trip. The students had to listen for what was necessary and unnecessary, and ticked or crossed the boxes.

On the board, we looked at two situations and the students used the structure “You (don’t) have to bring _____.”  to say if the objects on the list were necessary (i.e. In English class, you have to bring a pencil. At the gym, you don’t have to bring a mirror.)

In pairs, the students completed an activity. First, they picked a general place (cinema, playground, fun park, school). Then, the partners had to think of 5 things you have to do, 3 things you don’t have to do, and 2 things you mustn’t do at this place.

With these lists, we played a guessing game as a class. The pairs listed the objects, and the other groups tried to guess what place they were at first.

On SB pg 25, the students looked at the list of common household chores. Everyone answered whether they had to do each chore often, sometimes, or never.

Everyone looked at the funny pictures of aliens doing strange household activities. The pairs had two minutes to try to figure out what the aliens had to do, and then everyone took turns explaining what was happening (i.e. “Yesterday, the alien had to cut the grass with scissors.”)

Homework: WB pgs 26, 28, 32, 33. DUE MONDAY, 18th NOVEMBER

Password: muffin


Since the Cheetahs had worked so hard in the month of October, the class got 2nd Place in the Gold Star competition! The class has their picture on the 2nd Place Gold Star next to the LEAP classroom, and we are all hoping to earn 1st place next month! 

Today in class the students corrected the homework due today, WB pgs 24, 25, 27 and SB pg 29. We talked about the text they completed, and about different cultures and being polite in different countries. We also reviewed the grammar structure “have to” to talk about things that are necessary or important.

As a group, we looked at the story on SB pg 26-27 called “The Present”. The students took turns reading the text, and we paused at different parts to talk about what was happening.

To try to remember the important events of the story, the students worked in small groups for a quick “quiz”. It was interesting to see how much everyone remembered from the story they had just read :)

As a quick close reading exercise, the students worked with a partner to figure out how long the childrens’ adventure took, in minutes, using the text from SB pg 26-27.

As a mini-project, the students each created a 6-box comic based on the story we read in class. First, they had to write at least one sentence in each box, describing what the children or other characters "had to do" in that part of the story. Once they finished writing, they had time to start illustrating their comics :) If you bring your completed comic next class (sentences with "had to ___", drawn and coloured with care), you will earn an extra star :)

Homework: WB pgs 26, 28, 32, 33. DUE MONDAY, 18th NOVEMBER

Password: monkey


Today in class the students practiced the Unit Two vocabulary in their portfolios. The students had to answer 9 clues with one of the words, and they had a picture of all the new vocabulary to help them ;) It was challenging, but fun.

The students looked at the picture on SB pg 24, and predicted what the character had to do in the computer game. Then, they listened to a conversation about the game and checked their answers.

We talked about the grammar structure “have to _____”, which we use to talk about some action that is important or necessary. The students looked back at the text on SB pg 24, and underlined every action the character has to do in the game. The students talked about why all of these actions are important or necessary.

At the board, the students listed all of the things the character has to do in the game. Then, we talked about the grammar structure “don’t have to _____”, which we use to talk about some action that is not important or not necessary. The students then wrote some creative things that the character doesn’t have to do in the game :)

In class the students worked in pairs to complete a project! The project today was to design a computer game using an animal or object from the rainforest. First, the pairs had to pick a title for the game, and they drew a quick picture of what the game looks like.

Then, the pairs had to develop the rules of the game. They wrote the main idea for how to win the game, and also four things the player has to do to finish the game. The pairs also wrote four things the player doesn’t have to do to win the game.

Finally, the students used all of this information to write a dialogue about their game. They used the conversation on SB pg 24 as an example, and “explained to a friend” about how to play their new game.

The students presented their dialogues to the class, which were all very creative and interesting!

Homework: WB pg 24, 25, 27 and SB pg 29. DUE MONDAY, 11TH NOVEMBER

Password: fifty-two


Today in class the students corrected their homework, WB pgs 22, 23, and 30 and SB pg 30. We practiced some of the new vocabulary of unit 2, and talked about the article they read about rainforests and conservation.

The Student of the Month for October was Izabela, for all of her hard work in class, and for always having her homework finished on time : )

Today was our first Star Day, where the students got to pick out special prizes for all their hard work. The more stars they had earned in the past month, the more stickers and sweets they received.

In their portfolios, the students did a different kind of activity. The teacher read out a phrase, and the students had to spell it correctly in their portfolios. If they got all five correct, they got a special stamp in the back of their portfolios. The person with the most stamps in the back of their portfolios by winter holiday will get a special surprise ;)

On SB pg 22, the students read the short text and looked at the picture with the Unit 2 vocabulary. They completed a listening activity and had to answer four questions about the situation.

On WB pg 22, the students practiced with large numbers. They listened to a recording, and had to circle which number the speaker said. Some of them were very difficult, but everyone got it in the end :)

The students worked in pairs for the reading activity on SB pg 23. They had to read the text about the Amazon Rainforest. Then, the pairs had to match the numbers mentioned in the text to what they are referring to.

At the end of class, to keep practicing working with large numbers, the students played a game at the board in teams. The teacher or a student said a big number, and the two team members at the board raced to write the number correctly (i.e. “two hundred and fifty-three thousand, one hundred and two” -- 253,102).

Homework: complete the reading and questions on SB pg 29 about different cultures, and WB pgs 24, 25, and 27 practicing the grammar structure in Unit 2 and about traditions in different places.

Password: toucan



Today in class was HALLOWEEN DAY! To start, the students worked in pairs to unmix halloween vocabulary at different tables in the classroom. Once they finished, they drew pictures next to the words to explain what they meant.

With the vocabulary list, the students watched a clip and ticked the word when they saw the character in the video. Some of them were a bit difficult, so we watched the video a second time and the students called out the char

acter when they saw it : )

With a partner, the students played a game. On their paper they wrote four groups: costume, character/monster, candy, and decoration. The teacher wrote a letter on the board, and the pairs had to think of a creative Halloween word for each group that started with the same letter. It was a good challenge ; )

The students did an art project in class--making a spooky scary surprise card. Each student picked a character to draw, and created a Halloween card like the example here.

HomeworkSB pg 30, WB pgs 22, 23, and 30. DUE MONDAY, 4TH NOV

Password: Halloween


Today in class the students corrected the homework due, WB pgs 14, 20 and 21. We focused on the unit 1 skills, the vocabulary and the past continuous verb tense, that would be helpful for the test party later ; )

The students played a memory game at the board to practice the vocabulary from unit 1. They also played a game called “Taboo”, where they had a word they had to describe WITHOUT using the word itself (i.e. it’s something you can put flowers in, and it’s made of clay --> a vase).

The students completed the three sections of the Unit 1 Test in parts, between revision and practice activities.

The students looked at six sentences on the board, and had to find the mistake in each. Then they suggested how to correct each sentence, and why.

In pairs, the students did an activity called “Alibi”. They were a pair of detectives, and they had to look at the information the teacher gave them. They had to read what each suspect was doing, and in the end, they had to decide who did it!

At the end of the class, the students played a game. One student had to act out a situation, and the other students had to guess what the situation was.

Homework: complete SB pg 30 and WB pgs 22, 23, and 30, practicing the new rainforest vocabulary of Unit 2 and the topic of rainforest conservation. DUE MONDAY, 4TH NOVEMBER (in two weeks!)

Password: Sweden


Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios about a natural disaster. The teacher put pictures of 10 kinds of natural disasters. Each student had to pick one and describe a) what it is, and b) why they think it is so dangerous or frightening. Then they shared their ideas with the class.

As a class, we looked at WB pg 16 and completed the exercises about natural disasters together. First, they read the clues and decided which disaster it was. Then we talked about the reading they had completed and answered the questions. Finally, we had a discussion about the features of some disasters (where they happen, what time of year, some of the dangers).

In pairs, the students completed a quiz. The topic was “What should you do in a natural disaster?”. The students had to discuss each situation with their partner in English, and then decide on the best option. Once they completed the quiz, they explained their answers to the other pairs.

Altogether, we discussed the information we learned and practiced about natural disasters, and started to make a “natural disaster plan”. Some of the students’ ideas were very clever, but some of them were very silly : )

Homework: WB pgs 14, 20, 21

Password: elephant


Today in class the students corrected the homework due today. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with the pages, so we looked at WB pg 18 in addition to the assigned pages, WB pg 12, 16 and SB pg 16, 18. The students also talked more about volcanoes, since that was one of the themes of the homework pages.

As a class, we looked at the story on SB pg 14-15. First, the students had to find when and where the story took place. Then, the class read the story in a circle. We paused at different parts to talk about what was happening, and the students explained what they thought would happen.

The teacher wrote important numbers from the text about the Mt Vesuvius eruption, and the students had to remember/guess what the numbers meant (79---79AD, the year it erupted).

The students looked at the pictures on WB pg 15, and talked about what they saw in the pictures. Then the students organized the pictures from oldest to most recent (or in the future). We also talked about the approximate year for each picture.

Each student picked a picture from WB pg 15 and wrote a short story idea for the next adventure. Then they each presented their story to the class.

At the end of class, the students watched a short documentary video about the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens. We used some of the vocabulary from the homework and class today to talk about what we saw in the video.

Homework: complete WB pgs 14, 20, and 21, practicing reading and writing skills, and reviewing the vocabulary and past continuous topics from Unit 1.

Password: volcano


Today in class the students practiced writing with connecting words in their portfolios. They read a text, and filled in the missing words. Then the students came to the board to check their answers.

To further practice reading and writing skills, the students looked at SB pg 13. They read an email, and used the pictures to fill in the missing information. Then the students had to check with their classmates and write their final answers on the board.

As a class, we talked about “punk rock” and some of the typical music and fashion. Then, we looked at SB pg 12 and compared our answers. Then the students listened to a punk rock song, and then corrected the mistakes in the lyrics on SB pg 12.

In pairs, the students rewrote a verse of the punk rock song. Then the class presented their “original song” to the teacher.

At the board, the two teams of students raced to write the -ing form of verbs correctly. We especially focused on when to a) drop the “e” at the end of the verb, and b) double the last letter of the word.

At the end of class, the students formed pairs to write a short skit. Each pair had to follow the form: “At 6.15, I was swimming at the pool while my friend was sleeping in the garden.” The pair presented their skit--the difficult thing was that they could only act, without words. The students in the audience had to guess exactly what the pair wrote on their paper : )

Homework: WB pg 12, 16 and SB pg 16, 18. DUE MONDAY 14TH OCTOBER

Password: shoe


Today in class we wrote in our portfolios about things we did at the weekend. We then looked at studentbook page 10 and brainstormed what we thought the unit was going to be about.

After we went through all the new vocabulary words and checked for understanding of each within the context of the unit. After we played a game where students had to draw/guess the new words with each other. We then played a team game of guessing the words only using english.

After the break we listened and answered some questions from studentbook page 10, exercise 2. We then introduced past continuous by answering in pairs/groups what we did at specific times based on the prompts from the board. We then did the exercise in studentbook page 11, exercise 1. After we played another game using the past continuous where each student had to act out a past action from the weekend and students had to answer what they were doing using full sentences.

Homework: WB pg 12, 18; SB pg 16, 18. DUE MONDAY 14th OCTOBER


Today in the classroom of students practicing science classroom vocabulary in their portfolios . There were words with mixed letters. They had to unmix the letters to write the word properly, and then they also drew a picture of the object.

To practice for the test today, the students played a game with questions and answers using the past simple . First, the two groups had six questions with the first word missing, and they had to choose the correct word . Then they got the answers, and had to match them to the questions . Finally, the two groups had to put together six questions about their last holiday, and everyone shared their answers with the class :)

The students completed the listening session of Unit 0 test .

After the break, students completed the vocabulary part of the Unit 0 test , and then the writing / reading part .

Once they finished the test, the students played a game because they all worked so hard today!

Homework : WB pgs 10, 11, 13 . DUE MONDAY OCT 7TH

Password: Hannah



Today in the class students corrected the homework , WB pgs 7 and 9 . We looked at the questions as a class and everyone shared their ideas and answers.

In their portfolios , students wrote down questions using the correct question word (where, when, why, what, did, etc). They read a question with words missing and had to figure out the missing word . Then we read it as a class and compared answers.

As a group, we talked about “science fiction” . The students shared some examples and common themes in science fiction, and then we predicted what would happen  in the science fiction story on SB pg 8-9 . The students looked at the pictures and described what they saw, and they also imagined what would happen next.

Together, we read the story on SB pg 8-9 . The students got to read their parts with different voices and sound effects, which was fun:)

After we finished reading the story, the students answered some questions about the text on the bottom of SB pg 9 .

On WB pg 8, we looked at the instructions for the experiments from the story and the students worked with a partner to fill in the missing information. Then we read the instructions together to see if they made sense.

As a fun creative activity, the students (individually, in pairs, or in teams) wrote their own instructions for a science experiment. They could use any materials and any ideas, but they had to a) write at least three steps, b) write the result, and c) write one warning or important note at the bottom of the instructions. Then they shared their experiments with the class : )

Homework: complete WB pgs 10, 11, 13, practicing the new vocabulary Unit 1 and the past continuous to talk about specific activities in the past. DUE MONDAY, OCT 7TH

Password: alphabet


Today in class the students practiced using feeling adjectives in their portfolios. They looked at nine pictures, and had to think of the best word. Then we compared ideas as a class.

We listened to a song in class to practice close listening skills. We listened for the missing words on WB pg 6, and sang/danced to the song :) Then we looked at SB pg 6 to check our answers and answer some questions about it.

In pairs, the students did a rhyming game. Each pair had to think of as many words as they can that rhyme with “grey”, “sun”, “two”, and “fly”. Then the students compared lists and we added more to the class list.

The students looked at the pictures on SB pg 7 and guessed what each person was feeling. Then, to practice writing questions and answers, the students “asked” the character a question (Why are you sad?) and then wrote an answer (I’m sad because I lost a table tennis tournament.) The students then completed the exercise on SB pg 7, and we checked the answers as a class.

At the end of class, to practice past simple questions and sentences, we made a “Food Quiz”. Two teams of students talked together to make five questions (Did..?, What..?, When..?, Where..?, How..?) and then we chose the best question for each. Then the students wrote down their answers on a piece of paper, using the correct form of the past simple.

Homework: WB pgs 7, 9

Password: crocodile


Today in class the students corrected their first homework of the year, WB pgs 4-5, practicing science classroom vocabulary and past simple verbs. We checked the answers together, and also did some practice with present and past verbs at the board.

In their portfolios, the students wrote a list of all the school subjects they could think of. Then, as a class, we compared lists and added other subjects that we forgot.

To remember the new vocabulary, the teacher gave each student an object. The student had to draw it on the board, and the rest of the class tried to guess what they were drawing.

As a class, we looked at the picture on SB pg 4. Then we did a listening activity together on SB pg 4 part 2.

After the break, the students made two teams for a spelling race. First, the teams had to correctly spell the new vocabulary from the unit. Then, the students practiced spelling the past simple of infinitive verbs (i.e. run--ran; walk--walked, etc.)

The students looked at SB pg 5 and read the sentences about the three children. Then they had to figure out which classes each child attended and write the information in the table. Then we checked the answers as a class.

As a group, we made our own student and school subject table. Each student picked the subjects they “studied” yesterday. Taking turns, the students asked questions to the class to figure out which subjects each student studied.

At the end of class, the class worked together to imagine “the perfect day”. The students took turns adding a sentence, continuing the story and making it more and wild : )

Homework: complete WB pgs 7 and 9, practicing past simple questions and answers, and giving instructions. DUE MONDAY, SEPT 30.

Password: ladybug


Today in class the students did their first portfolio assignment. The teacher wrote some information on the board about cheetahs. The students had to guess what it meant and write them into sentences (i.e. “3-4 days” -- Cheetahs can live 3-4 days without water.) After they finished, the teacher shared the true information. The students also shared their “facts,” which were very funny : )

The students did a scavenger hunt to be introduced to the new student’s book. The teacher wrote seven items on the board, and the students had to find the objects in the book as fast as they could.

As a class, we talked about how they like to work. Then we did a class quiz about how they like to learn: independently or in groups, quietly or with noise, etc.

The class planned out and created their team poster! They took turns colouring the poster, and each student made a piece of meat to put their picture on. Everyone worked really hard to make it look good and to represent their class well!

Homework: complete WB pgs 4-5, DUE MONDAY, SEPT 23.

Password: cactus


Today in class the students introduced themselves with a few simple pieces of information. After they introduced themselves, we talked about the new school year.

The students reviewed the classroom rules, and what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We talked about the Star Day rules: how to earn stars, how they can lose stars, and what they can use their stars for (individually and as a class).

We discussed bullying, and how bullying affects the person bullying, the person being bullied, and the people seeing it happen. The students also did a quiz as a group to decide in which situations you should tell an adult, and when it is not necessary. After we finished talking, the class signed a pact promising not to tolerate bullying.

To get to know each other better and to get everyone talking, we played a game. Pairs of students worked together to figure out what the numbers on the board meant. Then, after they figured all of them out, the students made their own examples for the others to guess.

At the end of class, we focused on portfolios. Since the students will use the same portfolio the entire year, each student wrote five things they want to happen this school year. Then, at the end of the year, they will be able to reflect on their year and see how it went. The students then had some time to decorate the cover and write their names, which was interesting :)

Homework : complete  WB pgs 4-5 , practicing science and classroom vocabulary and some grammar revision. DUE MONDAY, SEPT 23.

Password:  New York


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