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Welcome to the new school year 2018-2019!

On this website, you will learn what the pupils did at the English lessons, what homework they were assigned to, what they had to do for the tests, and also learn about other important information about the lessons. Therefore, we ask that you review this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can always call or email us.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, we would like to note that the Super Minds curriculum consists of two parts - the first part forms the basis (mandatory) and the second part is superstructure (complementary). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English each week the children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the basic part (the first six pages of each lesson), but the second part (the other six pages in each lesson) have very little or no time at all. For this reason, you often find the omitted pages in the Student's Book and Workbook textbooks. Teachers of your children will always publish a home assignment on their website so that you can check if your child is discussing a substance that is required. As far as the remaining pages and exercises are concerned, of course we will encourage the pupils to develop them at home if they so wish. Teachers inspect these pages and exercises, and pupils receive extra stars for them as a reward for their efforts. Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated storybook stories, interactive games and activities including karaoke songs designed for homework.

Here are the instructions  for registering with the  Cambridge Learning Management System . You can find the code to activate within the Workbook textbook. These are complementary activities to a textbook that are designed for homework. We do not work with them in the lessons. 





Today, students did an AWESOME job working together to practice the difficult grammar from Unit 7 — the past perfect with just and using "will" to make offers and promises. The students complete some grammar activities (pg. 125) in the Students book, and also completed some extra grammar worksheets. Today was a big grammar day and the students did really good work. 

HOMEWORK: in the Workbook, pgs. 86, 87, 88, 89, due Monday, 18.3.



Students continued working with Unit 7 today! We practiced writing Acrostic poems using our names, and also learned some new (difficult) grammar — the past perfect, using "just". Students also learned some more about William Shakespeare (featured in this Unit), and listened to the Unit 7 song — a romantic duet

HOMEWORK: in the Workbook, pgs. 86, 87, 88, 89, due Monday, 18.3.



Today students started exploring Unit 7, The Story Teller, and we learned a bit about Shakespearre and his plays. Students practiced writing poetry, and we watched an animated version of Shakespearre's Romeo and Juliet. Students had to summarize the videos after watching. Lastly, students started practicing the new Unit 7 vocabulary! 

HOMEWORK: in the Workbook, pgs. 82, 83, 84, and 85 - due Monday, 11.3.


Today, students finished Unit 6! We played some review games and corrected homework in the first half of class. In the second half of class, students took the Unit 6 Test, and they did a good job! Well done! :) After the test, students began an introduction to Unit 7, which is all about story-telling, theatre, and Shakespeare! 

HOMEWORK: in the Workbook, pgs. 82, 83, 84, and 85 - due Monday, 11.3.



Today students practiced sentence structure using should/shouldn't, including question formation (What should we do today?). Students also made more dialogues to practice shopping phrases and customer/shopkeeper scenarios. In the second half of class, students completed some bookwork and wrote poems using the Unit 6 vocabulary. 

HOMEWORK: pgs. 73, 74, and 75 in the workbook, due next Monday, 4.3




Students attended the Star Store today, and we had a lot of fun in class, as well! We corrected homework first, and then practiced the Unit 6 grammar using should/shouldn't. Students also made dialogues to practice shopping phrases and customer/shopkeeper scenarios. They then presented to the class in partners. Students also played a blindfold directions game and practiced using phrases such as: turn left/right, gop straight, back-up, turn around, etc. 

HOMEWORK: pgs. 73, 74, and 75 in the workbook, due next Monday, 4.3




Today, students continued with Unit 6 and completed some bookwork activities and played some games such as Taboo and Hot Seat to practice the new vocabulary. Additionally, students started practicing question formation using question strucutres like "Do you mind if I... " and "Could I...". Lastly, students also read the Unit 6 story, "Lost in Istanbul."

HOMEWORK: pg. 70, 71, and 72 (the first three pages of Unit 6 in the workbook — no listening activities) due Monday, 25.2.



Students came back to English class today, after holiday, with a lot of energy and eagerness! We had a fun class with students beginning Unit 6 — In Istanbul. Students completed some activties and bookwork to start practicing new vocabulary and grammar

HOMEWORK: pg. 70, 71, and 72 (the first three pages of Unit 6 in the workbook — no listening activities)



Today, students got their Unit 5 tests back. We spent a lot of time reviewing Units 1-5, and the students had a small competition to see what they remembered. The students did a very good job, and I was impressed! We also played some review games and did Student of the Month.

Enjoy your holiday and see you in two weeks! :) 



Today students corrected their homework, completed some review activities, and took the Unit 5 test! Everyone did a great job! :) 

After the text we learned a bit about American Indians (Native Americans) from the Super Minds book. We also discussed Wednesday's class (before Spring holiday), which will include review of Units 1-5 and some games! 




Students spent a lot of time today reviewing the Unit 5 vocabulary and practicing sentence formation using plural possessives and 's and 're conjunctions in preparation for the UNIT 5 TEST PARTY scheduled for NEXT MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4.  Students completed some bookwork, listened to the Unit 5 song (country music, yay!) and we played a "10 Questions" game to practice question formation. 

HOMEWORK: pg. 62, pg. 63, activity 2 on pg. 64, and pg. 65 due NEXT MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4


Today students completed several grammar activties using the 's grammar point. Though there are some confusing differences with plurals, the students did a very good job! Several students presented book reports — great job! :) The students completed some board exercises and worksheets in the second half of class.

New homework will be assigned next week! Enjoy your weekend! 


Today, students continued practicing win the new Unit 5 vocabulary with activities such as Pictionary and Taboo. We practiced forming and asking questions using the Unit 5 question frame, “What is it/are they made of?” with the response “It’s/they’re made of cotton.” Students also practiced the difference between ‘s meaning “is” and ‘s showing possession. 

This is a difficult grammar point, but the students did a great job, and we will continue to practice! 

HOMEWORK: due Friday, 25.1., pg. 58, activities 1 and 2 on pg. 59, activity 3 on pg. 50, and pg. 61. 



Today we began Unit 5: The Wild West. Students began learning and practicing new vocabulary, and we completed some bookwork. Students also began learning the Unit 5 grammar: words that end with 's (It's vs. They're), and 's for possesion (The student's book). It is a tricky to know the difference, but they did a good job so far! 

HOMEWORK: In the workbook, all of pg. 58, activities 1 and 2 on pg. 59, activity 3 on pg. 60, and all of pg. 61 — Due: Friday, 25.1.



During the first half of class today, students played review games such as Charades and a Numbers Board Race to review (one last time!) for the Unit 4 test. Students also completed several bookwork activities to warm up for the test. 

Students took the Unit 4 test during the second half of class, and they did great! Good Job! :) For the remainder of class, students were able to preview Unit 5. We will begin Unit 5 (The Wild West) on Wednesday! 

HOMEWORK: The next homework assignment will be given on Friday, 18.1. 



Today students prepared and played some review games to get ready for the Unit 4 test party :) which wil be on MONDAY, 14.1. Students completed several pages of their workbooks to review the Unit 4 vocabulary, Conditional sentences, and supplementary "restaurant" related vocabulary, such as: recipe, ingredients, protein, grain, dairy, chop, spread, and slice.




Students continued to prepare for the Unit 4 test which will be NEXT MONDAY, 14.1. Students also practiced forming conditional sentences. After completing some bookwork activities, students practiced making recipes for their favourite (or newly invented) foods, by listing ingredients and writing the steps to make their dish. 

HOMEWORK: None! Be ready for the Unit 4 test NEXT MONDAY, 14.1.



Today we played some review games and activities — such as Pictionary, Charades, and an Alphabet Board Race — to review and re-introduce the Unit 4 vocabulary and grammar after a LONG holiday vacation. The students did a very good job, and although we had a small class, we had a lot of fun! Students practiced forming "Conditional" sentences using the "IF..., then..." framework. Students completed a numbers worksheet, as well, to practice using numbers as descriptors: "first place," "third course," "twenty-second place in the race," etc.


HOMEWORK: None! Enjoy the snow and see you on Monday!  



Today Miss Deanna and Miss Jitka joined the 2 5th grade classes for some Christmas fun! We played several games and activities that practiced and revised vocabulary. Here are some of the new words the students learned:-)

ornaments, magi, reindeer, carolers, mass, elves, cards, presents, holidays

We also watched a short video about Christmas tradtions in the UK

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Today Ms. Deanna and Ms. Jitka joined with Ms. Hannah's class, so we had lots of fun seeing each other and working with new people :)

The students checked their homework, workbook pgs.46, 47, 48, and 49. We compared answers as a class, and the students took turns offering ideas and input.

We visited the Star Store today! The students had a very fun time looking at all their options, and shopping for themselves and their friends and family :)

For a speaking activity, each student had a card with a different idea (i.e. “___ people in the class wake up after 10am on Sundays”), and they had to ask each student in the class their question so they could count how many people said yes and no. Then, each student shared their results with the class.

To review telling time in English, the students found partners to play the game "Battleship". Each student had a grid with times at the top and days of the week on the side, and they filled in boxes. Then, the partners took turns asking the question "Are you doing anything at quarter to nine on Friday?" The students raced to find all of their partner's filled in boxes first.

HOMEWORK: None! We will do Christmas games and activities on Friday!



Students continued practicing the Unit 4 grammar: the Zero Conditional. We completed some sentence structure activities, and students completed a worksheet that helped them get comfortable with sentences that start with "IF".  

As a class, we reviewed the concepts of skim" vs. "scan," when it comes to getting information from a text. We reviewed the Unit 4 story, learned the new word "course," and practiced the Unit 4 vocabulary. We also learned the new phrases: most expensive and least expensive.

HOMEWORK: in the workbook, pgs. 46, 47, 48, and 49, due Monday, 17.12.



Today, students practiced with number expressions such as first, second, third, fourth... eleventh, twenty-first, thirteenth, twenty-third, etc. We played a game in which students had to quickly tell the day or date, depending on a number given by the teacher.

We also spent a lot of time reviewing and practicing the Unit 4 grammar: the Zero Conditional. This is a tricky grammar point, and the students did a good job starting the topic today. We completed some board activities and Student's Book activities to practice this grammar. 

HOMEWORK: in the workbook, pgs. 46, 47, 48, and 49, due Monday, 17.10.



Students received their Unit 3 tests and we went over the tests. Then, we began Unit 4: "Space Restaurant." Students completed a few activities to get them thinking about restaurants and food service. We learned new Unit 4 vocabulary, such as: waiter, waitress, fork, spoon, napkin, chopsticks, biscuits, salt, and pepper. Students completed a couple of listening exercises as an introduction to the grammar for Unit 4.  

In the second half of class we explored the theme of space and students reviewed "space" vocabulary such as: galaxy, planets, universe, star, and Milky Way. 



Today students took the Unit 3 test after correcting homework and doing some vocabulary review. The Student of the Month certificate was awarded, as well. We will move forward into Unit 4 next class, talking about the themes of "space" and "restaurant". 



Today the students focused on perfecting the future tense with "going to". We also discussed the difference between rhythm and rhyme. We did a couple of listening activities to practice rhymes, as well as as a Unit 3 review.   

HOMEWORK: pg. 39, 40, 44, and 45, due Monday, 6 December. 

The UNIT 3 TEST will be MONDAY, 6 December! Study, study!



We reviewed the future tense with "going to," and practiced putting the verb tense in the negative and question forms. We practiced using the Unit 3 vocabulary. The second half of class we corrected homework and practiced telling time using the new time phrases and played some games related to this topic.

HOMEWORK: pages 39, 40, 44, and 45 due Monday, 6 December.

The UNIT 3 TEST will be MONDAY, 6 December! Study, study!



We reviewed the future tense with "going to," and practiced putting the verb tense in the negative and question forms. We practiced using the Unit 3 vocabulary. We also read the Unit 3 story about Elvis Presley and discussed the difference between "skimming" and "scanning" when looking for information in a text. 

The second half of class we discussed the United States holiday of Thanksgiving, including learning new vocabulary (such as harvest, gobble, feast, Pilgrim, and grateful) and learning about Thanksgiving traditions in the United States (such as watching American Football and giving thanks). 

HOMEWORK: pages 34, 35, 37, and 38, due Monday, 26 November



Today we worked through the Unit 3 grammar point — future tense with "going to." Students worked togehter on the white board to practice writing and speaking using this verb tense. They formed positive sentences, negative sentences, and questions. We then completed some bookwork exercises as further practice, and they did a great job!

In the second half of class, students learned expressions related to time. Students learned how to read a clock, and then say if the time is "ten to two" (1:50), "a quarter/half past five" (5:15/5:30), or "five after eight" (8:05). Students completed a book exercise as practice and we also played a board game to increase student's speed and comfort with using these expressions. 

HOMEWORK: pages 34, 35, 37, and 38, due Monday, 26 November



Students started exploring Unit 3, Rock n' Roll, today. We practiced new vocabulary, dsicussed the upcoming grammar (future tense using going to), and expressions related to time. Students received their graded, Unit 2 exams to bring home. We reviewed the exams and students were given time to ask questions about wrong answers. Lastly, we brainstormed adjectives describing music (like rock n' roll) as a way to get students thinking about the new topics. 

New homework will be assigned on Monday, 19.11.



Students took the Unit 2 Test today after we corrected homework and played a review game. IN the second half of class we explored the theme for Unit 3 (Rock n' Roll), brainstormed vocabulary related to the new theme, and discussed upcoming tpics in the chapter. 

No homework was assigned. 



Today we played some games to review the Unit 2 vocabulary  and grammar in preparation for the Unit 2 test on Monday, 12.11. The students did a great job on some difficult worksheets. We also learned some extra words and concepts related to rainforests and current issues with rainforests. 

HOMEWORK: all of pg. 27, all of pg. 28, activity 1 on pg. 31, all of pg. 32 — The homework is due next Monday.

REMINDER: The Unit 2 Test is Monday, 12.11. — start studying!



The students did an excellent job in class today! We spent a lot of time practicing the Unit 2 grammar, completing some listening activities and some bookwork to practice using "have to" in sentence and question forms. We also corrected the last homework assignment, which all of the students completed. Good job!

HOMEWORK: all of pg. 27, all of pg. 28, activity 1 on pg. 31, all of pg. 32 — The homework is due next Monday.

REMINDER: The Unit 2 Test is next Monday, 12.11. — start studying!



We continued exploring Unit 2, Rainforest, today, learning new vocabulary and jumping into new grammar using the phrases "have to" and "had to". We also reviewed large numbers, including proper pronunciation. 

Lastly, as it is Halloween, we spent some time playing some Halloween activities and learning some holiday-related vocabulary. All the kids had a lot of fun at the party on Friday!

HOMEWORK: all of page 22; activities 2 on page 23; activities 2 and 3 on page 24; all of page 25; all of page 26. 

*** REMEMBER - The homework is due on Monday, 5.11. ***



Today was a really fun class and the class did very well with the new Unit 2 material. We practiced and reviewed Unit 2 vocabulary with a couples of games. We also reviewed different kinds of emotions

Bookwork: Students listened to and read the story for Unit 2, and completed several comprehensino activities. Specifically, we used information about emotions to understand the feelings about the characters in the story. 

Lastly, we spent some time doing a Halloween craft to prepare for the Halloween party next week!

HOMEWORK: all of page 22; activities 2 on page 23; activities 2 and 3 on page 24; all of page 25; all of page 26. 

*** REMEMBER - The homework is due on Monday, 5.11. ***



Today was the first Star Store of the year, and it was a lot of fun! The students were able to pick out small treats and knick-knacks using "stars" that accrued over the past six weeks resulting from attendance, good behavior, and homework/assignments completed. 

The Cheetahs class combined with the Brizzly Bears class for the day as we introduced Unit 2 vocabulary and started to look at other materials we will cover in Unit 2. We played some vocabulary review games and explored the new theme of "rainforests".

The two classes worked really well together and we had a lot of fun diving into the new Unit :)

HOMEWORK: New homework will be assigned on Wednesday!



Students took the Unit 1 test today after we corrected homework and completed some review activities. We took a look at what to expect in the next Unit, which we will begin next week! 

HOMEWORK: New homework will be assigned on Monday! Remember, the first Star Store is Monday! :)



We spent most of class today digging deeper into the grammar and vocabulary related to Unit 1, as we prepare to take the Unit 1 test next class. The students completed a couple of worksheets practicing the past continuous verb tense, and we also played some games to practice speaking and pronunciation

* The Unit 1 test will be given next class! Make sure to study and be prepared! 

HOMEWORK: all activities on page 10; activities 2 and 3 on page 11; activities 1 and 3 on page 12; all of page 13



We spent a lot of time today practicing sentence and question formation using the past continuous verb tense. We also reviewed the Unit story in preparation for next week's Unit test.

We played a vocabulary brainstorming game with two teams — the girls team won! Great job! :)

Finally, the students completed a difficult worksheet using the past continuous verb tense. The students worked in pairs and did a very good job. 

I also showed the students our library at school where they can take our books to read and complete book reports. Some students chose to take a book home today! It's a great way for the students to get some extra reading and writing practice outside of the classroom. 

Homework: all of page 10; activities 2 and 3 on page 11; activities 1 and 3 on page 12; all of page 13. The homework is due next Friday, 19.10 

Password: pumpkin french fries  



MDR: What would you do if a volcano erupted where you lived? - write 5 sentences (I would...)

Game: Hot chair - we played in two teams and practised vocabulary from the Friday lesson.

Grammar: past continuous tense - we practised in a circle

Bookwork: SB pg. 14 - 15: predicting the story based on the title first, then listening, reading aloud and answering the questions

Letter box: we tried to make as many words as possible from the letters in the box on the board.

Listening activity: SB pg. 17 - we listened to a news report about the Red Cross and a tsunami disaster and completed the exercise afterwards.



Today we revised the Intro Unit vocabulary and grammar and took the Progress Test. This part of the test (below) was quite difficult, so please review!

We finished our class poster and hung it up for everyone to see. It looks GREAT!

New vocabulary to further practice for Unit 1: volcano, smoke, temple, columns, fountain, vase, theatre, horse and cart, servant, statue, eruption. 

HOMEWORK: The homework is to practice the new vocabulary and also the difficult part of the Progress Test (above).

Password: elephant 100



Because we missed Friday's class due to the long weekend, we began class by correcting last week's homework and reviewing the story, vocabulary, and grammar from the Intro Unit. 

Then we jumped into Unit 1 of the Super Minds 5 book. The time travellers from the Intro Unit find themselves in Pompeii in the midst of a great Disaster! We practiced reading and predictions as we began exploring the new topics for the unit. We also learned the following NEW VOCABULARY: volcano, servant, fountain, statue, vase, horse and cart, columns, temple, and theatre. We also learned the *bonus* vocabulary word — eruption! We did some fun, active practice games to review these new words. 

New Grammar: The students did an excellent job learning the new grammar about the past continuous verb tense, which helps us explain how two things were happening at the same time in the past. The students completed some group bookwork and listend to the unit song to help learn this grammar. 

HOMEWORK: New homework will be assigned on Friday!

Password: Time Gate :)




Today we started the Intro Unit in the Super Minds 5 book! The unit story is about a science lesson and the students learned NEW VOCABULARY, such as: shelf, goggles, instruction, apron, explosion, bubbles, test tube, liquid, gloves, and powder.

BOOKWORK: Students completed one activity from the Student Book and one exercise (not in the book) with a partner to practice this new vocabulary.  We also reviewed some important GRAMMAR — the past simple verb tense.  Students completed two activities with a partner to review this grammar.

I was very impressed with how well the students remembered the rules of the past simple verb tense. Great job today!


HOMEWORK: Student's must complete, the following: activites 1 and 2 on page 4; activities 1 and 2 on page 5; activity 3 on page 6; and activities 1, 2, and 3 on page 7. Remember, homework is due one week from the day it is assigned.



The second day of class went great! We began the class with entries in the students' notebooks about the most exciting events from the summer holiday. Students shared things they did and places they visited. Then, we spent time doing team-building activities and playing some games focused on getting to know each other better. Students finished decorating their notebooks and we began working on the class poster.   

The students shared the facts they found about cheetahs for homework, and we chose which favorite facts would go on the poster. All the students helped design and produce the "cheetahsclass poster. It looks fantastic!

HOMEWORK: NO HOMEWORK! Please come to class next week well-rested and eager to learn! 

NEXT WEEK: Make sure to bring your Super Minds 5 books to class next week as we jump into the first week of book lessons!

PASSCODE: Do you like football?    :)


Today was the first day of English class! All of the children were very energetic and excited. After we spent some time learning about each other, we reviewed the classroom rules and procedures. We talked about teamwork and respect as two of the most important rules. We also reviewed information about the Star Store and the school library. 

In the second half of class all of the studnets and the teached signed a "No Bullying!" certificate after we shared ideas about how to prevent and point out mean or disrespectful behavior. Finally, we looked through the new Super Minds 5 books to see what phrases, grammar, and topics we will learn this year. 

HOMEWORK: Students must bring to class on Friday one interesting fact about cheetahs to include on our class poster!


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