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Welcome to the new school year 2018-2019!

On this website, you will learn what the pupils did at the English lessons, what homework they were assigned to, what they had to do for the tests, and also learn about other important information about the lessons. Therefore, we ask that you review this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can always call  or  email us.

* Super Minds * Dear Parents, we would like to note that the Super Minds curriculum consists of two parts - the first part forms the basis (mandatory) and the second part is superstructure (complementary). The course was designed to suit different types of English programs and to adapt to them depending on how many hours of English each week the children have. In our case, when we have four hours a week, we are able to discuss the basic part (the first six pages of each lesson), but the second part (the other six pages in each lesson) have very little or no time at all. For this reason, you often find the omitted pages in the Student's Book and Workbook textbooks. Teachers of your children will always publish a home assignment on their website so that you can check if your child is discussing a substance that is required. As far as the remaining pages and exercises are concerned, of course we will encourage the pupils to develop them at home if they so wish. Teachers inspect these pages and exercises, and pupils receive extra stars for them as a reward for their efforts. Student's Book includes an interactive DVD-ROM containing animated storybook stories, interactive games and activities including karaoke songs designed for homework.

Here are the instructions  for registering with the  Cambridge Learning Management System . You can find the code to activate within the Workbook textbook. These are complementary activities to a textbook that are designed for homework. We do not work with them in the lessons.




Today in class there was only one student! During class, we focused on the theme of Easter

To introduce the topic, we did an Easter Egg Hunt in the classroom. They had to look for 8 eggs inthe class, but not move them. They read the vocabulary on the paper and then ran back to write where they found it (The "Easter basket" is on the wall behind the picture frame.) Then, once they found all the eggs, then they had to review their notes and bring back all of the eggs as fast as possible.

We talked about things we think of when we think of "Easter". We also talked about some traditions and some things our families typically do during the school holiday. 

They wrote down ten words or phrases they think of connected to Easter, and then they created a word search. They fillled in a grid with their ten words or phrases, and filled in the rest of the squares to make the word search challenging. Then we completed the other's word search to find all ten words.

During the word search project, we watched "Happy Easter, Charlie Brown". At some points in the short film, we paused to talk about what was happening, and what we think about the story and the characters.

At the end of class, we watched a short video "explaining" how easter eggs and chocolates are made. It was very silly, and very funny :)

HomeworkWB pg103; four jobs--write two positive things and two negative things for each. DUE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24TH


Today in class the students corrected the homework that was due today, WB pgs 98, 99 and 102. We reviewed the story we read last week, and the students talked a bit more on the theme of museums and advancements in the future. We also talked about one of the new topics in the unit, fractions.

The students had some questions about fractions, so we practice that a lot more today. The group worked through the fractions activities on SB pg102 as quickly as they could, and the teacher and classmates all helped in working out the correct answers. We reviewed the spelling and pronunciation as well.

Today we visited the Star Store, and the students got to choose some rewards for participating and coming prepared to class.

In pairs, the students worked through the fractions maths word problems on SB pg103, and compared answers with the other pair.

The students all played a Fractions Board Game at the end of class. To play, each student took turns rolling the virtual dice, and moved around the board, completing various activities practicing saying, using, and making fractions in English.

Homework: WB pg103; with four jobs you were given in class today, write two positive things and two negative things for each. For those of you that were not in class today. DUE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24TH.

Password: three eighths


Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios. They answered the question: “What do you think is the most interesting job, and why?” They picked a job and wrote 4-5 reasons why they think it’s interesting, and also a reason the job may be difficult. Then they read their responses to the class and the other students made comments or suggestions for other ideas.

In pairs, the students talked about the crazy jobs on SB pg 100 for a few minutes, and decided which job was fake. Then, we completed a listening activity and the students checked their answers.

The students reviewed the worksheet they completed on Monday, about skills they are good and bad at. We talked about the different skills and then the students interviewed each other about what they like and don’t like.

With their interview information, each student had to decide what the perfect job for their partner would be. They looked at all the good and bad skills, and wrote a short description about why this job is perfect for their partner. Then they presented their ideas in a 45 second presentation.

At the end of class, we watched a clip from an American movie related to one of the crazy jobs we talked about today :)

Homework: WB pgs 98, 99, 102

Password: gotcha


Today in class the students turned in their homework, SB pg 101, WB pg 101, and the worksheet about job skills. As a group, we read through and corrected the homework, and we talked about some of the themes--different jobs, interview questions and answers, etc.

In their portfolios, the students thought about the word “museum”. They wrote as many words as they could think of about museums, and then they added more ideas from the pictures on SB pgs 98-99. They also practiced some new vocabulary to talk about what they saw in the pictures, and about their own ideas.

Together in a circle, we read the story on SB pgs 98-99. The students practiced their pronunciation and speaking skills, and we also talked about the story and what they thought about it. After we finished the story, we did a bit of practice with completing sentences with our own ideas, using activity 3 on SB pg99.

On their own, the students thought of all the different kinds of museums, and they made a plan for their very own museum. Each student picked a type of museum, and then thought about the different activities and rooms the museum should have so that their visitors will learn and have fun. We will continue with this project next week ;)

Homework: WB pgs 98, 99, 102

Password: rider


Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios. They thought about three different jobs, and thought about three skills that are important for each job. They also considered which subjects in school were important for these jobs. Then they shared their ideas with the class.

As a group, we read through the dialogue on SB pg 96. Then, the students listened to the dialogue and followed along in their books. We talked about the subject (Maths) and which jobs need Maths (engineer and businesswoman).

In small groups, the students wrote their own dialogue. The situation was studying for a test--the students had to think of a school subject, two jobs that need this subject, and why the subject is important. Once they finished writing, the groups presented their dialogues to the class, and the other students gave them feedback.

To practice the structure “If you ____, I will ____”, we played a few rounds of “WHAT IF” as a class. One student started with “What if …?” and the next student in the circle had to answer with “Then I will...”. We went around in a circle this way and the stories became very crazy : )

At the end of class, we watched a few videos of storybooks to further practice this grammar structure. Then the students decided which story was the best, and which story was the craziest. :)

Homework: SB pg 101, WB pg 101, worksheet

Password: Skittle


Today in class the students turned in their homework from last week, WB pgs 94, 95, 96, 97. We corrected the pages together, and also talked about the vocabulary (jobs) and the new grammar structure (If you _____, I will ____). We also practiced making sentences and questions with this structure as a speaking exercise.

At the board, the students looked at pictures of different jobs. Each student secretly chose a job, and then described the job with three sentences. The other students tried to guess which job they were talking about.

We reviewed the structure “If I (verb), you will (verb)” some more, and then the students completed a listening activity on SB pg95. They listened to an advert for a new robot, and then had to match the coloured button with the function of the robot.

In their portfolios, the students designed “The Best Robot”. They had five different-coloured buttons, and then wrote the function of each button using the structure “If I _____, it’ll ______.

Homework: complete WB pg 101 and SB pg 101, practicing reading skills and thinking more about the topic of “jobs”. Also, finish the worksheet about things you enjoy or don’t enjoy doing. Write the number (1-7) with your feeling about the activity (I love… or I hate…). Only

Password: the best job ever



Today was the last class that the Blue Whales joined the Polar Bears for a combined class. We spent a lot of time talking about jobs/occupations and exploring Unit 8. Students began practicing the Unit 8 vocabulary during a vocabulary hunt. Then we brainstormed all sorts of jobs as the students raced to think of a different job/occupation for each letter of the alphabet. The students also completed some introductory listening exercises, Activities 1 & 2 on pg. 94.

After the break, the students were introduced to the Unit 8 grammar — IF clauses in conditional sentences. Students practiced the grammar by completing Activity 1 on pg. 126, in pairs.

HOMEWORK: in the Workbook, pg. 94, 95, 96, and 97 — due Monday, 1.4.



Students were once again in a combined class today, and class began with the students completing a Complete the Sentence exercise to review present perfect + just and making offers and promises using will (for the Unit 7 test). Then, all the students practiced the past participle (3rd form) of common regular and irregular verbs by writing past participles on mini-whiteboards with partners. Lastly we corrected the homework (due today) as a final review of the Unit 7 material. 

After the break, students took the Unit 7 test. Then, we started getting introduced to Unit 8 — Museum from the Future — and played a pantomime game to start brainstorming different jobs/careers/occupations. 

HOMEWORKin the Workbook, pgs. 94, 95, 96, 97 - due MONDAY, 1.4.



Today the Polar Bears combined classes with the Blue Whales, and we had a lot of fun working as a big group! Class began with students practicing writing a summary of their favorite book/film. We also reviewed words that end with a silent "e", and we had a contest to see who could make the longest sentence using only words ending with a silent "e". Then, we reviewed the present perfect using just with a pantomime game — this allowed the students to practice the present perfect structure, and the 3rd form of verbs. (*HINT* — for the test on MONDAY, it would be good to know ther 3rd form of the verbs: buypassdecide, and get). 

After the break, students had a race to make sentences using the Unit 7 vocabulary, which the teacher had written on slips of paper and hidden around the room. Lastly, we watched a short cartoon of Romeo and Juliet and students shared short summaries of their favourite book/film. 

HOMEWORK: WB pgs86, 87 and SB pg93  DUE Monday, 25.3.




Today in class the students turned in their homework, WB pgs 84, 85, 88. We corrected the activities as a class, and students checked their answers and asked questions about the new grammar structure, “I’ve just ______”. We also reviewed how to use this structure (using the appropriate form of “have”, and the third form of the verb, i.e. heard, gone, seen, been, etc.)

On SB pg86, the students looked at the story quickly to find the answers to the questions How do the children think Shakespeare should change the end of the play? and What do the audience think of the new end of the play?

As a group, we read the story on SB pgs86-87 together. Each student had several turns to read aloud and practice their pronunciation, and they could read in a funny voice for the character’s lines : )

After we finished reading the story, the students put sentences in order on SB pg87. We talked about what happened in the story, and the students explained what they liked or didn’t like about it.

Homework: complete WB pgs86, 87 and SB pg93, practicing reading skills, vocabulary, and some writing skills. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 25TH

Password: X-Man


Today in class the students practiced responding to requests and problems using “I’ll_____”. They responded to ten situations, and then they compared answers with their classmates.

On SB pg84, the students looked at the pictures and named what they saw. Then we talked about what a “duet” is. As a group, we listened to the song, and the students had to listen for the mistakes in the lyrics. If they heard a mistake, they wrote down the correct word in their student’s book.

Then, the students used one of the verses from the song lyrics, and changed the words to write their own verse. Then they shared their poems/song verses with the rest of the class, which was very funny : )

At the board, the students took turns racing each other to correctly spell words that end with a silent “-e” (i.e. house, theatre, promise, please, blonde). They won a point if they correctly spelled the word first.

We talked about the structure “I’ve just _____” to talk about things that finished a very short time ago. The students practiced making sentences using “I’ve just _____” to talk about things they finished before coming to class.

The students looked at the pictures on SB pg85, showing mimes with different emotions. The students matched the sentences below (He’s/She’s just _____) to describe why the mime is showing the emotion (He looks hurt-- “He’s just cut his finger”).

At the end of class, the students played a pantomime game. They showed some reaction or emotion, and the other students had to guess why the person felt that way. They described the reason using the phrase “You’ve just _____.

Homework: WB pgs84, 85, 88. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 18TH

Password: coffee


Today in class the students turned in their homework, WB pgs82, 83, and SB pg89. They also returned their city map, completed at home with colour, detail, descriptions, and a compass for an extra star : ) We checked the homework together as a class, and the students explained and discussed their answers.

In their portfolios, they wrote as many words as they could using the letters from “Shakespeare”. It was very fun seeing how many words they could think of in three minutes!

On SB pg82, the students looked at the picture and then read the text about William Shakespeare. Then we completed a listening exercise which introduced some details and ideas about Unit Seven.

On SB pg83, the students looked at the objects and named them. Then, each student had two objects to listen for in an audio clip, and when they heard their objects mentioned, they raised their hands. Then we read the dialogue and the students figured out which person brought each object.

We played a game as a group using some flashcards. The students read the situation, and then one student had to find the correct response using “I’ll _____”. Then they read the next situation for someone to answer. We repeated this until all the cards were used.

At the end of class, pairs of students wrote responses using “I’ll _____” for five different situations. Then the other pairs had to guess which situation the offer was for.

Homework: complete WB pgs84, 85, 88, reviewing the details and rhyming from the song on SB pg84, and practicing using “I’ve/she’s/they’ve just _____” to talk about things that happened very recently. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 18TH

Password: iceman


Today in class the students practiced writing directions. In their portfolios, they wrote the steps for their journey from home to school in the morning. They practiced using phrases such as “turn left/right”, “go past/through/ ___”, “It’s past/before/next to/between ___” and “go straight until ___” to describe their way. Then the students shared their sets of directions, and the other students tried to follow along and draw a map on their paper using the directions.

As a group, the students practiced giving and using directions with a game. One student closed their eyes, and the others hid a ball somewhere in the class. Then the students gave the “blind” student directions to the ball, using some of the phrases they learned/practiced during the portfolio activity.

In teams, the students played a question-and-answer game with maps. Each group had different information on their maps, and had to ask for the missing information from the other group, and vice versa. They had fun following the directions and trying to guess which places were missing : )

At the end of class, the students designed their own city maps. They had a grid, and needed to plan out a town with everything its people needs. The town map must include some color code, some written labels on or next to the map, and a compass. The students used ideas from SB pgs 78-79 for their city planning. **You can bring your completed map to class on Monday for an extra star!**

Homework: WB pgs 82, 83; SB pg89. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 11TH

Password: angel


Today in class, the February Student of the Month was announced: Bara! She got the award because she comes to class with all her work completed, and she even puts in time to complete extra workbook pages and book reports.

The students turned in the homework due, WB pgs 74, 78, 79 and SB pg 78. We checked their answers as a class, and they shared some of their ideas for the open-ended questions.

To prepare for the test, we worked on SB pg123 together and reviewed the grammar topics: “Could I…”, “Do you mind if...”, and using should/shouldn’t correctly. The students also quickly quizzed themselves on the vocabulary from Unit Six.

The students completed the UNIT SIX EXAM. After they finished the exam, they looked at the box of library books and decided to check out a book if they wanted. Library books are due back in class on MARCH 25TH.

At the end of class, we looked at the new homework together, so the students knew what to do for each activity.

Homework: complete WB pgs 82, 83 practicing the new vocabulary of Unit Seven and using “will” to talk about promises and offers. Read the story on SB pg89, and match the sentence halves at the bottom of the page. DUE MONDAY, MARCH 11TH.

Password: big library



Today in class the students practiced using the polite phrasesCould I…?” and “Do you mind if…?”. They filled in the missing word in the boarded sentences and wrote them in their portfolios. Then they had to create a response for each question, practicing using “Not at all.” and “Yes, of course.” appropriately.

We completed a listening exercise on WB pg76. The students listened to a conversation, and had to figure out which souvenir each person got while on holiday in Istanbul.

Together, we wrote questions for the interview activity on WB pg77. In pairs, the students asked and answered questions to complete the interview information. Once they finished, they looked at a dialogue in part 2 and put the sentences in order.

Using the dialogue as a model, the students wrote an original dialogue with a partner about buying a present or souvenir. They had to create characters and a situation, and use some of the key phrases from Unit 6 in their writing. Once they finished writing and the teacher checked the English, the students presented their dialogues to the class.

HomeworkWB pgs 74, 78, 79SB pg 78

Password: test



Today in class the students reviewed the homework due today, WB pgs 72 and 75, and SB pg 76. We talked about the exercises, grammar and vocabulary in class, and the students corrected their work. The students also shared their ideas and gave each other feedback.

We visited the Star Store today. Everyone was extremely excited to find out how many stars they earned in the past two months, and see what cool fun things they could buy from all their hard work : )

As a class, we talked about times we were “lost”. The students gave examples and explained situations, and then we talked about the best things to do when you get lost.

On SB pg74, we began reading the story “Lost in the City”, about the children exploring the city of Istanbul. We talked about what the characters did in the story, and if we would do things differently. To show what they understood about the story, the students fixed the statements on SB pg75 about the story.

At the end of class, we talked about the new homework that is due on Monday, March 4th.

Homework: WB pgs 74, 78, 79; SB pg 78

Password: split



Today in class the students presented their wanted posters, since we didn’t have time last class.

In their portfolios, the students made a list of five countries and four people they know. Then, they had to think of a souvenir from each country for each person (so, 20 souvenirs total). Then, we played a game where the student shared their list for a friend, and the class had to guess what country it was from. They could ask for a clue (What continent is it from?), or they could make a guess (Is the key chain from Germany?).

On SB pg 72, the students looked at the picture and guessed what the situation was. Then, we did a listening activity and they tried to remember the important information from the dialogue.

Independently, the students “created” three items for their own shop. They drew a picture of each, and then did a role play of buyer and seller with a partner. They practiced using the phrases and polite language from the dialogue they listened to earlier, and also from their homework.

Homework: WB pg 72, 75. SB pg 76- complete the matching, reading, and then think of two souvenirs from each country listed in part 1. Due Monday, Feb. 25th



Today in class the students brought the homework due, WB pgs 70, 71, 73. We corrected the pages together as a class, and talked about some of the new vocabulary and grammar in Unit Six.

In their portfolios, the students talked about their spring holidays. They wrote a short story about their holiday in general or something special that happened to them. Then they shared their stories with the rest of the class.

The students looked at SB pg70 and named everything they saw in the picture. The students listened to an audio about the picture, and had to answer questions describing the situation.

At the board, the students played a drawing game. One student drew a souvenir on the board, and the other students had to correctly name the object as fast as possible.

On SB pg 71, the students worked together to complete some recommendations for visiting Istanbul on holiday. They practiced using the structureYou should / You shouldn’t _______” to talk about good and bad ideas for things to do when travelling.

As a class, the students thought of some recommendations using the structure “You should / You shouldn’t _______” for some original situation. Each student shared their recommendations, and the other students had to guess what the situation was.

At the end of class, we talked about the new homework due next Monday, February 25th.

Homework: complete WB pgs 72 and 75; complete the activities on SB pg 76: match the country names to their flags, read the text and match the paragraph titles, and then think of two good souvenirs from each country listed at the top of the page on your own paper.

Password: nightcrawler


Today in class the students practiced describing and talking about people. The teacher looked up pictures of celebrities, and in their portfolios, the students wrote six clues about a person they saw. Then they shared the clues with the other students. The students got more “points” if they guessed the correct person with fewer, more difficult clues.

The students looked at the pictures on WB pg69, part 3. Using the pictures and their own imaginations, the students wrote their own stories about what happened.

Using their ideas, we did an activity where the students took turns reading parts of their stories, and combined the parts in a funny way to make crazy new stories : )

Together, we talked about the wanted posters and rewards in the Wild West, and used SB pg68 to get some ideas. We read the description together, and talked about what a “reward” is.

The students used the example as a model for their own wanted posters. They picked someone all of us know, and wrote a description about them. They also included a reward for their capture, and a picture for the poster ; )

Homework: WB pg 70, 71, 73. DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH.

Password: wanted



Today in class the students corrected the homework due. We talked about SB pg67, and corrected the homework on WB pgs62 and 67. We also worked through SB pg123 as a class to review the grammar topics of the unit and prepare for the test today.

In teams, the students played a game to practice the “Wild West” vocabulary. The students looked at a picture and had to write the word on the board as quickly as possible, and correctly!

The students completed the Unit Five test in class. After they finished the test, the students had time to look at the library books and check out a book **if they didn’t already have a late library book at home**.

To introduce the new homework, we worked through WB pg70, part one. There was a listening activity the students completed, which practiced some of the new vocabulary in Unit Six.

At the end of class, the students played a round of “Hot Potato”, with the theme “things you give as a souvenir”.

Homework: complete WB pgs 70, 71 and 73, practicing the new vocabulary and the grammar topic of Unit Six

Password: Charles Xavier



Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios. They changed sentences on the board to practice using the apostrophe correctly. (i.e. "The daughters of my neighbours walk to school" --> "My neighbours' daughters walk to school") Then we checked the answers as a group.

On SB pg65, the students looked at a map of the USA and looked at places which have Native American names (i.e. Minnesota, Manhattan, etc). They listened to someone explain what some of these names mean in the original language, and wrote down the missing answers.

The students thought about how they would describe places and people this way. To practice describing things more, the students looked at WB pg65 and read a text to figure out the name of each character.

They wrote some original descriptions of a second set of characters on WB pg65. The students presented their ideas for the other students to identify the character.

As a game, the students created their own ideas for three people and three places (city or country) they know. They wrote their ideas on a piece of paper. Then students shared their descriptions with the group, and the students had fun guessing what they were talking about :)

Homework: read SB pg 67; complete WB pgs 62 and 67

TEST ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH. For extra test practice (and an extra star), complete SB pg 123 as well :)


Today in class the students brought their homework, WB pgs 60 and 63 and the clues for 5 objects. The teacher collected the clues. As a class, we talked about the homework pages and corrected their answers.

In their portfolios, the students wrote a response to the prompt: “If I lived in the Wild West, I would...”. They thought about jobs, where they’d live, and what life would be like. Then they shared their answers with the class.

We sat in a circle and read the story “The Bank Robbery” on SB pgs 62-63. The students took turns reading aloud, and they answered questions about what was happening and details in the story. After we finished reading the story, the students talked about what they would change in the story, and the things they enjoyed about the story.

At the end of class, the students read aloud their clues about 5 objects to the rest of the class, who guessed what the objects were. The student who had the most correct guesses was the winner :)

Homework: read SB pg 67; complete WB pgs 62 and 67

TEST ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH. For extra test practice (and an extra star), complete SB pg 123 as well :)


Today in class the students used their portfolios to practice using the apostrophe correctly when talking about people's things. They change phrases to use the possessive apostrophe, and then we checked the answers and revised the rules together (i.e. the pencils of the students --> the students' pencils).

The students looked at the song lyrics on SB pg60 and guessed the missing words, using the context and their own knowledge. Then the students checked their predictions by listening to the English song lyrics. The students did not enjoy the country music style, but they enjoyed seeing their correct answers :)

As a competition, the students took turns writing at the board. The teacher said a word, and the students raced to spell the word correctly. They mostly practiced words that have double consonants (i.e. swimming, flipped, bottle, running, spelled).

The students did some more practice with using the apostrophe correctly on SB pg61. They had to follow the lines to match the items, and then read the sentences to say if they were true or false. We talked about the answers together, and the students explained why they were correct.

At the end of class, the students were given a picture to describe. In three minutes, they had to write as many sentences describing the characters as they could. The students read their sentences aloud, and shared their observations.

Homework: complete WB pgs60, 63; 5 written clues (It’s a ____. It’s made of ____. It’s made of ____.DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 28TH

Password: country music


Today in class the students brought in the homework due today, WB pgs 58, 59, 61. We corrected the homework as a group, and then reviewed the new vocabulary for Unit 5. We also talked about the grammar points in the unit.

The students received their graded Unit Four tests today, to bring home and show their family :)

Together, we looked at SB pg58. The students scanned the picture and named any objects they knew. Then, the students guessed what was happening in the picture. They completed a listening exercise to check their ideas.

On SB pg59, the students completed an exercise to practice the phrasesmade of” and “used for” for describing different objects. Then the students created their own clues to describe objects in the classroom. The student shared their clues with the class, and the others had to think that object they were thinking of.

Homework: complete WB pgs60, 63; write clues for five different objects. For the five objects, write three sentences for each object: It’s a ____. It’s made of ____. It’s made of ____DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 28TH

Password: bad sheriff


Today in class the students had a competition in their portfolios: they had to think of and write a food for each letter of the alphabet (A-Z). Then they compared their answers, and the most original answers received one point.

The students turned in their recipes on Monday, and today we did a fun activity with them to practice cooking and recipe vocabulary. The students each got one of their classmate’s recipes, and they had to pantomime the directions for the class. The students shouted out their guesses, and the actor had to explain without words. It was very funny, and everyone did so well!

To practice more food vocabulary, the students played a drawing game--one student got a flashcard with a food, and drew it on the whiteboard. The other students had to quickly name the food item, before the other students.

At the end of class, the students worked in teams to plan a menu (starter, main course, dessert, drink) with random food items. Then they presented their ideas to the other team.

Homework: WB pgs 58, 59, 61. DUE ON MONDAY, JANUARY 21st

Password: banana bread


Today in class the students corrected the homework due, WB pgs 50 and 57. We worked through them as a class using the projector, and practiced some of the skills we need for the test.

The students also gave the recipes they wrote in English, to use for a fun activity in class on Wednesday ;)

In pairs, the students completed some exercises on WB pg 56 to further prepare and revise for the test today.

The students completed the Unit Four Test in class today

After they finished the test, they each chose a library book if they wanted. Library books are due back on Monday, January 28th.

At the end of class, we played a game as a group since everybody worked so hard today :)

Homework: complete WB pgs 58, 59, 61, which practices the new Unit Five vocabulary, how to describe objects, and how to talk about people’s things. Due Monday, January 21st.


Today in class the students answered the question: “What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?” in their portfolio. They talked about what it was, when and where it happened, and who they were with. Then they shared their experience with the class.

On SB pg50-51, the students looked at the pictures and named any objects they could in the pictures. Then they searched for special items. Before we started the story, the students predicted what the story was about, and what would happen.

The students quickly read the story silently to answer the question “Why does the robot want the children to do the washing up?”. Then we read the story together. The students sat in a circle and took turns reading, using a funny voice for when the characters said something.

We talked about the story, and then the students had a competition to answer questions about the story as fast as they could at the whiteboard.

In teams, the students wrote an original menu for a weird restaurant. They had to create starters, main courses, desserts and drinks with a theme they chose. They stood in front of the class and presented their menu ideas to the other students, and then answered questions.

At the end of class, we watched a funny video about how to make a hamburger, which everyone really enjoyed :)

HomeworkWB pgs 49 #3, 50, 57recipe in English. Due Monday, January 14th. Complete SB pg 122 for extra test practice, and extra stars!!

Password: Big Mac



Welcome back from the winter holidays!

Today in class, Sofie received the December Student of the Month for coming to class with her homework finished, and for doing extra, quality work to receive even more stars! (finishing book reports, extra workbook pages, etc.) Great job to Sofie!

The students wrote in their portfolios about five things they did over the break. They practiced writing using ordinal numbers (i.e. On the twenty-fifth of December, I opened presents.) Then they shared some of their highlights with the class.

We talked about sweets the students ate over Christmas, and about their favourite kinds and flavours. We looked again at SB pg52, and matched the kinds of sweets in the text with the pictures. The students judged whether each crazy sweet was a good or bad idea.

The students did an exercise at the board to practice making conditional sentences. They matched the first half of the sentences ("If you want an apple, ...") with the logical second halves ("...get one from the kitchen.") Then they sat down and wrote four original conditional sentences.

We looked at WB pg 49 and the students worked through #2 to further practice conditional sentences. It was a bit challenging, so we corrected and talked about their work after they made their best effort to complete it. 

At the end of class we talked about the homework for next week. Everyone must finish WB pg49 #3 and complete WB pgs 50 and 57. Also, everyone must bring in a recipe in English. It can be for any kind of meal or dish, but it must be in English and it must include ingredients and directions. The recipe can be handwritten or printed, and you need to bring it on paper with you for Monday's class. 

HomeworkWB pgs 49 #3, 50, 57recipe in English (see details above)

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Today Miss Deanna and Miss Jitka joined the 2 5th grade classes for some Christmas fun! We played several games and activities that practiced and revised vocabulary. Here are some of the new words the students learned:-)

ornaments, magi, reindeer, carolers, mass, elves, cards, presents, holidays

We also watched a short video about Christmas tradtions in the UK

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Today in class the students were with Mr Ryan’s class, so we had lots of fun seeing each other and working with new people :)

The students checked their homework, from WB pgs 51 and 55, and SB pg52. We compared answers as a class, and the students took turns offering ideas and input.

We visited the Star Store today! The students had a very fun time looking at all their options, and shopping for themselves and their friends and family :)

In their portfolios, the students wrote down five ideas for things they are going to do over the winter holiday. They practiced writing sentences using the structure “going to” correctly.

For a speaking activity, each student had a card with a different idea (i.e. “___ people in the class wake up after 10am on Sundays”), and they had to ask each student in the class their question so they could count how many people said yes and no. Then, each student shared their results with the class.

To review telling time in English, the students formed two teams at the whiteboard. The teacher said a time (i.e. “quarter to nine”) and one person from each team raced to write the time correctly on the board (“8:45”). The team to write the correct answer faster received a point for their team.

Homework: none!

Enjoy the Holiday Party on Wednesday, and have a great winter break!!! 


Today in class the students wrote in their portfolios to practice using numbers in order (first, fifth, eleventh, twentieth, etc...). They completed sentences with the correct word, spelled correctly. Then we compared and corrected answers as a class (i.e. May is the fifth month of the year).

As a class, we did a listening exercise on SB pg48 about a birthday party. The students listened for the details, and then filled in the missing information.

We discussed what makes a good party (place, people, time, food, presents, activities, etc). Then in groups, the class used these guidelines to plan their own perfect party.

Each group presented their plan to the class, and the audience asked questions about their ideas.

On SB pg49, the students read about a scientist who makes food for the future. Then the students were inspired to “invent” their own food of the future. They worked in pairs to create four new foods, using the structure “If you pour/put ______ on the ______ pill, you get ______”.

Homework: WB pgs51 & 55, SB pg52

Password: fun lesson

**NOTE: Monday, December 17th, is Star Store!!


Today in class the students corrected the homework due today, WB pgs 46-48. We did a variety of activities to correct the homework and practice some of the new vocabulary and grammar. The students also received their graded Unit Three tests, and asked questions about points they missed.

In their portfolios, the students wrote down 4-5 ideas about how food will be different in the future (what it looks like, how we eat it, what it tastes like, etc.) Then they shared their ideas and also guessed when it will be like this (in 2019, 2030, 2050, 2100, 2500).

As a class we played a game to practice ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth, etc...). We went around in a circle saying the numbers, but every third number they had to say “buzz”. If someone made a mistake, we had to start again ;)

We practiced how to use numbers to talk about place (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc…) with a puzzle. They worked together to solve the word puzzle, to see who was first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place in a race. Then they practiced saying dates with some trivia questions about holidays and other special days.

Homework: complete WB pgs51 and 55, SB pg52Due Monday, December 17th. (if you will already be off on holiday, your homework is due the first class of the new year)

Password: tiny tower


Today in class the students brought their notes about the musician or band they chose to research, as well as a picture or photograph. With these materials, they had some time to prepare their presentation to the class.

In their portfolios, they wrote down notes for their presentation, using the information they found and recorded on their Musician Biography worksheet.

The students took turns presenting to the class. They gave some information about the musician or band, some history, and some personal opinions about music and their chosen topic. Then the audience asked the presenter some questions about the topic, the presenter's favourite music, etc. The presentations were great today--good work, everyone! : )

In the second half of class, we focused on “rhythm”. We looked at SB pg42 to introduce the idea of rhythm, and we practiced clapping the rhythms together.

Then, on SB pg43, the students used the examples to make their own rhythms using English words, which they performed for the class.

At the end, we read some poems with special rhythms on WB pg43. The students had to guess which poem it was based on the rhythm they heard, and then we clapped the rhythms and said the poems together as a group.

Homework: complete WB pgs46-48. Due Monday, December 10th

Password: rhythm day


Today in class the students corrected the homework due today, WB pg41. They also showed their work on the Musician Biography to the teacher to receive their homework star.

We worked through the “extra homework” as a class (WB pg37 and SB pg121), which reviewed the important topics for the Unit Three Test. Students who completed it for extra stars shared their work with those who didn’t complete the extra homework.

Together, we reviewed and practiced for the test today with some games and competitions adapted from WB pg44.

The students completed the Unit Three Test in class. After they finished the test and double-checked their work, they had time to look at the library and check out a book if they wanted.

Homework: complete WB pgs46-48, which practices vocabulary about eating and things in the kitchen, and using numbers in order (first, second, third, fourth, etc) in different ways. Due Monday, December 10th

Password: singer

**Note: for class on Wednesday, PLEASE remember to bring your musician biography form, so you have information for your short talk to the class!

**Note: They have two weeks to complete a book report and return the book to the library. The due date for the library books and book reports is Monday, December 17th. All library books MUST be returned before winter holiday!!



Today the November STUDENT OF THE MONTH award was given to Luisa, for always coming to class with her homework fully completed, and always with a positive and helpful attitude. Great work!

The students practiced telling time in English by playing a game. They each had cards with a clock or words on it, and they had to talk with their classmates to find the match.

In their portfolios, the students wrote three times into words. They used these times to write three sentences about their pretend weekend plans, using the structure “I’m going to _____.

On SB pg38, the students looked at the pictures and guessed what would happen in the story. Then, as a class, we read the story in a dramatic way. Students switched between reading and acting out different characters in the story, which was very fun to listen to and watch : )

We talked about the positives and negatives of being famous, and the group had some very good ideas to share.

Each student got a piece of paper with a different role on it (electric guitar player, bass guitar player, drummer, lead singer, backing singer, bodyguard, dancer), and they had to plan a holiday for their person. They used the structure “He/She is going to _____” or “He/She is not going to _____” to list five plans. Then they shared their ideas with their classmates, and the others had to guess what the person’s job was.

Homework: complete WB pg41; worksheet about a musician/band. Due December 3rd

Password: test day!

**NOTE: to further prepare for the Unit Three Test on Monday, Dec 3rd (and to earn extra stars!), finish WB pg37 and SB pg121 : )


Today in class the students corrected their homework together (WB pgs 38-40). Everyone participated in various activities and shared their ideas with each other.

In their portfolios, the students practiced writing time in English. They answered when they were going to do different things this Wednesday (i.e. wake up, leave for school, go to English, eat lunch, etc.). They wrote the time in words (i.e. at half past six; at quarter to twelve; at twenty-five to nine, etc.), which was a bit challenging sometimes :)

We reviewed how to tell time in English, especially using the words "half", "quarter", "to", "past", "___ o'clock". We also used toy clocks and moved the short and long hands to practice :)

The students played a game in teams to practice using spoken time to write the time in numbers. The teacher said a time (twenty to ten), and the students raced to write the time (9.40).

On WB pg37 #1 they practiced writing time. Students who finished quickly also looked ahead and worked on #2, 3.

At the end of class, we talked about the homework, the extra practice, and THE UNIT THREE TEST ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 3RD.

Homework: complete WB pg41. To begin our Unit Three project, complete the worksheet with your research on a musician / band / singer you like (they can be Czech--it doesn’t have to be an English-speaking musician). This research will be used to give a 2-minute presentation in class on Wednesday, December 5th, so it is very important that you have it ready in class on Monday to use! You can also use SB pg44 for ideas on what to write. Due Monday, December 3rd.

Password: unicorn

**NOTE: for extra practice (and extra stars!!), you can complete WB pg37 to practice time, or SB pg 121 to prepare for the Unit Three Test.


Today in class students focus on the topic of "Thanksgiving Celebrations".

In their portfolios , students wrote down as many words related to Thanksgiving as they could in two minutes, and then compared their answers with a partner.

The students solved a logic puzzle related to Thanksgiving dinner in teams. The clues were very challenging, but in the end we found the solution :)

We watched a video about the history of the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. The students looked for different vocabulary words during the video (parade, float, marching band, balloon, cheerleader, route, character, clown, dance performer, celebrity, musician). They raised their hands whenever they saw one of the items on the vocabulary list.

For inspiration for their project, students watched a "behind the scenes" video about the parade, seeing how the parade is planned and organized. 

Every student had to plan and float for the Thanksgiving parade. They need a) a character, b) a celebrity, c) a balloon, d) a float, and e) a parade route. They wrote down their ideas, and used their extra time to draw and sketch of their plan.

Each student presented their idea for their float. They gave a short description of what their float looks like and shared their sketch with the class.

Homework: complete SB pg38-40. Due Monday, November 26th

Password: marvel


Today in class students have corrected the homework , WB pgs 34-36 . We went over the correct answers in the classroom and reviewed some of the vocabulary and grammar of Unit 3.

In their portfolios , the students talked about their favorite type of music , and why they like it so much. Then they shared their thoughts with the rest of the class.

We looked at SB pg34 and the students called out what they saw, and what they thought was happening in the picture. Then they completed the  listening exercise  on pg 34, # 2 to check if their ideas were correct.

In pairs, the students read aloud an interview on SB pg35 . One student was the interviewer and the other was the rock star Suzy. The students looked for details in the interview, and underlined when one of the characters used " going to ______ ". We talked about how the structure " going to " is used, and why they used it in the interview.

At the end of class, pairs of students used the prompts on SB pg35, # 3 to have interviews . One student was the "interviewer", and one student was the "famous musician" they picked themselves :)

Homework: complete all of the WB pgs 38-40 , practicing the musical vocabulary, reading skills, telling time in English, and writing questions. Due Monday, November 26th.

Password: Elvis


Today in class the students responded in their portfolios about eight rules they have at home . They used ideas from SB pg25 and practiced using the structure " I have to ____ " and " I do not have to ____ ".

Today, the students have " to " and " do not have to " with different activities. The students looked at a comic of aliens in their houses and wrote sentences about their crazy house rules. Then they acted out the pictures for other students to guess and describe using " have to ".

We had a Crazy Rules Competition: students created five crazy house rules and presented them to the class. Then the students voted for the craziest rule , and that student won a song to play during break. :)

Further this practice "have to" and "do not have to", the students talked about requirements for different jobs (a doctor, a teacher, etc.) We played a game of Where The teacher gave clues (You have to have lots of training, you have to bring your passport to work) and students have tried to guess the job as fast as they could (It's a pilot!). The students got points for guessing, and we played several rounds of the game.

Homework: complete WB pgs 34-36, due Monday, November 19thWe shortly talked about the homework pages, and all exercises on these pages should be completed at home and ready to be corrected on Monday, Nov. 19th.

Password: job--DJ


Today in class we corrected the homework together in class. We looked at SB pg23 and WB pg27, which worked on the Unit 2 vocabulary and grammar. Students switched books and corrected each others’ work.

The students did some activities and games to practise for the Unit 2 Test. The students worked in teams to correctly spell unit 2 vocabulary on the board, given a tip from the teacher (i.e. It is an animal that lives in trees, and is very slow--a sloth).

The students worked in teams at their desks to find errors in sentences on WB pg32, part 2. Then they wrote their own creative sentences in part 3, practicing using "have to/ don't have to" correctly.

The students completed the Unit 2 exam. When they finished the exam, they double-checked their own answers and turned in their test to the teacher.

Everyone took some time going through the EATS library and students checked out a book if they wanted. Library books are due in two weeks, on November 26th. If you complete a quality book report when you return your book, you can earn two extra stars!

Homework: complete WB pgs 34-36, due Monday, November 19th. Please look over the homework pages before next class so you can ask questions if you need!

Password: library

**NOTE: Here are some photos from the Halloween Party! We all had a fun time, and the costumes were brilliant!


Today in class the students checked in with the teacher about their homework which is due on Monday.

In their portfolios, the students did a listening practice with large numbers. They listened to a recording, and had to write down the numbers correctly.

As part of the "Save the Rainforest" unit, the students took a quiz on WB pg30. Then they checked their answers with the text on SB pg30, which we read together in class.

As a short group project, the students worked together to create a poster with a "Save the Rainforest" theme. They had to create a motto, write some information they learned about the rainforest, and draw pictures to make the poster more interesting. Then they presented thei work to the teacher.

To become more familiar with wildlife diversity in the rainforests, the students did a listening practice with animal trivia cards on SB pg28. They listened to and wrote down information about the Goliath Spider and Bengal Tiger (i.e. where they live, how big they are, what they eat, how long they live).

Homework: finish WB pg27 ALL about how to be polite in different cultures; complete SB pg23, #1 to practice reading skills and understanding numbers in numerical and written form. Due on Monday, Nov. 12.

Password: glasses



Today in class we presented the October Student of the Month Award to Martin, for coming to class prepared with his books and homework and a positive attitude. Congratulations!

In their portfolios, they practiced writing numbers between numerical and written form. Then they checked their answers with the rest of the class. (i.e. 2 000 000 --> two million; three hundred fifty six --> 356).

Today we focused on the story, "The Present", on SB pg26-27. The students looked at the pictures and used the vocabulary they learned to talk about what they saw, and then predicted what would happen in the story. 

We listened and read through the story together, stopping to talk about what was happening. We also talked about new or unfamiliar words we read in the text.

After we finished reading the story, the students formed groups to put sentences from the story in order quickly. Then they used the work to retell the story.

Part of the story is about being polite in different cultures , so we talked about what people do in the Czech Republic to be polite and friendly. To introduce the homework assignment on WB pg27 , we looked at the pictures and decided what they were doing in the pictures to be polite or rude in Thailand

Homework : finish  WB pg27 ALL about how to be polite in different cultures; complete  SB pg23, # 1 to practice reading skills and understanding numbers in numerical and written form.

Password:  nerds



Today in class we worked through the  homework , which was the worksheet about large numbers, and  WB pg 24, # 1 and # 3 . The students asked questions and checked their answers.

Today was  Halloween Day  in class, so in their  portfolios they unscrambled 12 halloween words ( pumpkin, spider, ghost, jack o lantern, witch, blood, bones, haunted house, monster, autumn, trick or treat, skeleton ).

On a piece of paper, the students followed directions to make a Haunted House scene. The teacher gave them things to draw, and the students put them in the correct place in their Halloween scene (i.e. "There is a black cat on the roof" or "There is a ghost in the left downstairs window of the house"). Then the students compared and shared their drawings with their classmates.

In the second half of class, the students created Halloween art projects. While they worked, they also listened to songs in English that have a Halloween theme : )

The students used wooden sticks and string to create their own spider web, and then put spiders on the web when they finished. 

They had the choice to either a) design a Halloween costume and make a list of things they need to make it, or b) create an origami Jack o' Lantern and draw and face on it in when they finished. 

Homework: none! 

Have a great Halloween, and see you on Friday for the Halloween Party!


Today in class the students brought in and shared their forms.

We talked about the Unit 1 test, and the students looked at their results and asked questions.

In their portfolios, they wrote about a game I play, and the rules about how to play it.

We talked about the game on SB pg24. First, the students imagined the rules for the game. Then, they listened to two kids talk about the rules and how to play.

In two groups, the students made 5 rules for a new game, "Anaconda!" or "Anthony the Anteater", using the phrase You have to ________. In the second hour, the students shared the rules of their new game to the class.

We talked about what an "adventure", a "tour", and a "guide" are, and the students made a list of all the things they would need to go on an adventure in the mountains.

They listened to a conversation about a tour in the rainforest, from SB pg25. They had to listen closely to know what the man has to bring on his tour, and what he doesn't have to bring.

In two groups, the students picked a place for their own adventure. They thought of a list of 2 things they have to do, 6 things they have to bring, and 5 things they don't have to bring for their tour in the a) desert, or b) underwater. Then they presented the tour information to the class and the other group asked questions.

Homework: complete the worksheet about large numbers, and WB pg 24, #1 and #3, practicing the structure "I (don't) have to" and some vocabulary. Due on Wednesday.

Password: the desert


Today in class we were with Mr Ryans' class, since we were visiting The Star Store!

In their portfolios, they answered the question: What are three fun things you did last weekend?Then the students shared the highlights of their weekend with the class.

We made a mind map on the board around the word "rainforest", and the students, in groups, thought of 6 words related to a rainforest. They wrote their ideas on the board, and then everyone compared answers.

In the second half of class, we looked at SB pg22 to learn the new vocabulary (creeper, jaguar, beak, toucan, anaconda, pool, branch, anteater, sloth).

To practice vocabulary, the teams played Scattergories. With the five categories (country, plant, reptile, mammal, bird), the students had to think of a word that starts with the same letter as the one given by the teacher. (i.e. "C"--Chile, cactus, crocodile, cat, cockatoo). 

At the end of class, the students split into two teams for a board race to practice large numbers--the teacher called out a number, and two students raced to point to the number first.

Homework: the form is due on Friday

Password: one


Today in class the students went over any of the homework questions they had from WB pgs 14, 16, 20, and 21 #3. As a quick review and warmer, the students played some games on the smartboard to practice spelling unit 1 vocabulary and to make sentences using the past continuous tense.

In pairs, the students did some competitions to complete exercises practicing past continuous grammar and spelling verbs ending in -ing

In the second half of class, the students who completed a comic strip from last class presented for an extra star!

We talked about what a "form" is and what kind of information is usually on them. We looked as some examples in SB pg21 and what forms are used for. The students came up with some creative ways someone could use a form, and then they spent time creating their own form for a specific purpose (for a special club, a field trip, etc). 

Homework: fill in the form for 1) you, 2) a friend/family member/etc, and 3) an imagined "person" (a pet, an animal, a character, etc.)


Today in class we talked shortly about the topics they covered, and the homework due by today. In their portfolios, they wrote about: What are three things you learned about natural disasters from the presentations last lesson?

The students decided they would like to take the unit test today. To practice the past continuous tense, they wrote their own ideas to complete the sentences on WB pg 20, #3 and shared their crazy and funny ideas with the class.

To practice the unit vocabulary, partners completed the word scramble on WB pg 21, #1 and then created their own word scrambles using the vocabulary list for unit 1.

In the second hour, the students completed the Unit One Test in class, and at the end of the lesson could choose to either play an acting game with different verbs or create an original comic strip.

Homework: WB pg 21 #3; complete a 5-box comic strip about ANY character about their "typical day". **FOR AN EXTRA STAR** complete with colour, text and drawings, and present to the class on Wednesday!

Password: test day


At the beginning of the class we started with checking the homework in the workbook.

SuperMinds: workbook p.17 - listening

Presentation of the homework 'Natural Disaster' - students have received a sheet of paper and they were explained how to make bullet points for an oral presentation. Each of them prepared 5-10 bp and most have drawn an illustration for their presentation (on the other side of the paper) too. Each student then stood up in front of the class and gave a short presentation about a historical natural disaster of their choice and other students eventually asked some questions.

At the end we watched a short video about a hurricane being born and a reconstruction of the Vesuvius eruption in Pompeii.

HW: To complete all unfinished HW in workbook and in SB assigned over the past weeks, otherwise no HW today as students have prepared fun and engaging presentations independently. A weekend to celebrate!

NOTE: we are taking a unit test on Monday October 15 :)


At the beginning of the class we wanted to check our hw and work with it but as very few people brought the homework completed, we talked about 'What fabulous things was I doing and what was I studying over the weekend?' (to practice present continuous). The task was 'give me a great excuse' (and finish your homework later).

MDR/portfolio: What were you doing a) 20 mins ago? b) last night at 6:30pm? c) 8:30 am this morning?

SuperMinds SB: pg.14 and 15 - we looked at the pictures of the story and talked about them, guessing the storyline and situations, where and when it is happening. Then we listened to the story and checked on the unknown vocabulary. On pg.15 we did excercises 3 and 4. We scenically read the story, each student having a role.

By the end of the class each student got a word assigned via flash cards and they had to use it to create a sentence in past continuous that sounds true also using a time indication preferably (last week, this morning, two days ago etc.). Others had to guess whether this statement was true or false (a bluff)

HW: Wednesday bring last week's workbook HW + SB (student book) pg. 16 + disaster (due today originally), Monday bring WB (workbook) pg. 14 and 20



MDR/portfolio: What did you do last evening? (Write at least three sentences.)

HW: Checking HW assigning new hw - pg.11 exc. 2,3 & pg.13 (all)

Music genres: ''Hip hop, hip hop - Tereza, Tereza' (a popular name game in a circle - students lap twice presenting a genre and twice presenting a name of another student in the circle and so 'pass the word' - we tried to name as many music genres as possible and then wrote them on a board.

SM student book: pg.12 - we read the lyrics and tried to see which words might not be correct, then listened twice and substituted the incorrect words in lyrics and then sang the song. We read a short article about punk rock and had a conversation about this genre + listened to short music clips by Ramones and The Clash.

'What did you do yesterday at 6:30 pm? Do you have any proof?' :)

Extra Practice sheet - who stole the money? bank robbery detectiv work excercise - in pairs

Spelling race between two teams - practicing -ing forms (gerundium) of verbs presented by the teacher (verbs finishing with -e: move, bake, wake, dance - moving, baking, waking, dancing...)

In the end of the class we played a miming game using -ing forms. 'What is s/he doing?' and imagination: 'S/he is riding My Little Pony in the Alps.'



Today we have started a lesson with MDR/portfolio work. A question students copied and tried to answer was 'What is a natural disaster?' And we named together types of natural disasters we know (avalanche, earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, drought, blizzard, wildfire).

We stepped back to bookwork briefly to check a due homework in workbook (pg.5, pg.6 exc.3, pg.7). Most pupils had majority finished and correct, but some need to correct some mistakes/misunderstanding we have explained and/or finish an excercise. They should do it until Wednesday.

We had a short 'wake up' break to shake our bodies to Gnarls Barkley's song Run (I'm a natural disaster):

We have returned to the desks to work on pg.10 (SM student book), learning new vocabulary and completing sentences in excercise 2 from listening.

Pupils worked further in groups of two/three and asked questions in past tense with time specification (using time phrases - yesterday, last week, in the summer, 1st September etc.)

We sat in a circle and students in small groups replied to the survival quiz - we verified the correct answers together.

HW: For the following Monday (8th), look at the pg.16, SM student book and think/find a natural disaster that happened in the past. Write 5 facts about it in English! (We will use this homework to develop into a short presentation project later, 12th Oct.)




Today in class the students answered these questions about their school day in their portfolios: 1) How was school today? 2) What did you do at school today? 3) Did you have a good time? 4) Why was it a good/bad day? Then they walked around the classrooms and interviewed each other, and shared what they learned with the class.

The students quickly finished their poster (finally!), and then we looked at pg 7 in their books to further practice asking and answering questions in the past simple verb tense.

We also to review some emotions vocabulary. We also played a fast game where one student made an expression, and another student had to guess what the other person was thinking.

In the second half of class, the students listened to and read a story on pgs 8-9. We talked about what happened in the story, what the characters did, and how the story ended. They also talked about what they thought happened after the story finished.

Afterwards, they played a game on the smartboard to practice making past simple questions, and we played a game at the whiteboard where the students, in two teams, had to write the correct past simple form of the verb given by the teacher (i.e. change “have” --> “has”).

At the end of class, they split into two teams and created their own crazy experiments, which they presented to the class.

Homework: from the workbook-- pg 8 #3, 4, pg 9 ALL

Password: computer


Today in class the students compared their homework, which was a scavenger hunt to find different things in the student's book. Then they completed the portfolio assignment: name as many school subjects as you can in two minutes.

We started working from the student's book today, with an introduction of the characters, and we started with the topic, "Science Lesson". We went over the vocabulary experiment, shelf, goggles, instructions, apron, explosion, bubbles, test tube, liquid, gloves, powder, and the students shared ideas about the definitions, and checked with the teacher when they were unsure.

The students played a game where the students moved around a room to show their feelings about different school subjects (love, dislike, neutral, etc), which they really enjoyed :)

In the second half of the lesson, the students completed a logic puzzle on pg 5. Then the students listened to a student's book song about time travel, and followed along with the lyrics on pg 6. Then everyone discussed the meaning and vocabulary of the song.

To finish the class, everyone worked hard to complete the class poster for the Blue Whales, which all were very eager to make sure it looked nice : )

Homework: from the workbook--ALL of pg 5, exercise#3 of pg 6, ALL of pg 7

Password: DJ


Today in class the students completed their first portfolio assignment: 1. What are three things you like about EATS? 2. What is one thing you want to change? 

They shared their homework, three facts about blue whales, with a fun game, and those who finished the extra postcard work presented to the class.

In the Tour of the Textbook, they split into groups and had to guess the theme and possibly vocabulary based on the three unit titles they were given. 

In the second half of class, they shared some ideas for the Blue Whales poster. Everyone planned out their ideas using pencil, and together began designing, drawing, and colouring. 

Homework: to become more familiar with the book, find 1 person, 2 pictures, 3 places, 4 things, and 5 vocabulary words in the student's book. (these responses can be anything found in the book)

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Today in class the students introduced themselves and talked a bit about what they did over the summer, so we could all get to know each other better:)

We reviewed the rules, and how stars, homework, and classroom jobs work. The students each got their new portfolio and spent some time writing their name and decorating the front cover.

In the second half of class, the students all shared what they know about bullying, and we reviewed some of the problems and solutions for different bullying situations. Then the students completed an activity where they had to ask other students about their opinions, and shared their responses with the group. Finally, we all agreed as a class to prevent bullying, and signed a "No Bullying Allowed" certificate.

At the end of class, students talked a bit about the group animal, the blue whale, and what they know about it.

Homework: find 3 interesting facts about the class animal, the Blue Whale, share and use next class on our team poster! (also, finish the postcard if you have not already, for an extra star!)

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