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Today was our last day of class! We reflected on the past year, and talked about what they enjoyed and didn't enjoy. For our party, the students got popcorn and popsicles to enjoy while watching episode in English and talking about it afterwards. Then they played a game of Battleship using paper and pens and asking each other questions in English.


Thank you so much for the lovely year! Have a great summer!!! :)


Today in class only one student attended to we had to modify the lesson today : ) We introduced the topic of "The World of Work" with a guessing game where the players had to either act out or explain a job for the other to guess. Then she ranked the jobs from best to worst, and explained her choices. She wrote a "pros and cons" list for her top three jobs, and then we did an activity where she matched the "perfect job" for descriptions people gave of what they like to do and what they're good at. In the second half of class, we watched SpongeBob Squarepants' "Krusty Krab Training Video, and then she talked about the "do's and don'ts" of the job. Then we transitioned to talking about the second conditional, reviewing the form and then asking and responding to hypothetical questions (e.g. What would you do if you won $1 million? or If you could be any animal, what would you be?).


Homework: complete the second conditional phrases on the sheet provided, and be ready for the last class!!! : D



Today in class the students reviewed all they had learned over the past four chapters with challenges and games using the exercises on pg 96. In the second half of class, the students took the unit exam as a group, answering first by themselves and then comparing and discussing responses afterward.

Homework: write 100 words about a TV series, including a description of the story, what you think about it, etc : )


Today in class we reviewed the present simple passive with some online and in-book exercises. Then we transitioned to unit 16, "Wish Me Luck". The students matched verbs to their objects to talk about things that are lucky and unlucky, and then we discusses what they mean. They completed an exercise on pg 90 using the phrases they learned. In the second half of class, they drew a picture of the unluckiest day to English music. They did some speaking exercises using the zero conditional, and practiced telling the future using the first conditional. At the end of class, they discussed about what happens when they fail exams.

Homework: using the picture from the other student, write a story about the main character (about one page) for three tickets!


Today in class we corrected the homework as a class and reviewed a bit about using which/who/where properly to give extra information or to explain things. After introducing the topic of "Digital Lives", the students listed their top five ways of using technology in their daily lives, and compared lists. Then we discusses the rating systems of these apps, and watched some clips from a series which uses this idea in an extreme way. In the second half of class, the students generated a list of pros and cons for social media, and then we transitioned to the practice on pg 86 related to technology. The students created and answered questions about how they use technology, and also used and practiced some new vocabulary. They practiced forming and using the passive on pg 88 to talk about Instagram and computer viruses, and then took a quiz to guess the answers in #4.

Homework: read about your person on pg 87, and then choose which app (A-F) is the most suitable for them. Explain why in 2-3 written sentences : )



Today in class we went over the homework on pg 150 using just / already / yet, and then talked about how the students felt about various types of books, films and series using the phrases from pg 80. Then we continued with the topic of films, books, and series using relative clauses. First the students wrote down sentences about themselves using sentence headers with relative clauses (people who/that..., places where..., things which/that...). In the second half of class, they shared their sentences with the class, and then did an exercise on pg 82. They played a game where they had to describe a person/place/thing and get the other student to guess. The students predicted the history behind the novel Frankenstein and then read an article about it on pg 82, completing the missing words. Before the end of class they finished a quick quiz on commonly mistaken words on pg 82.


Homework: complete exercises 2 and 3 on pg 151, and also the PET practice questions (pg 78 and 79). See you back in class on May 14th!


Today in class we talked about the homework from pg 76, and used the personality adjectives and feelings to talk about ourselves. The students made sentences using adjectives that end with -ed and -ing, and then completed exercise 2 on pg 78 to make sure they understood. Before the first lesson finished, the students talked about their last holiday using the past tense, and talked about today and this week using the present perfect with just / already / yet. In the second half of class, the students worked more with the present perfect and just / already / yet on pg 78 in exercises 2, 4 and 5. We started on the next chapter by talking about different kinds of films, TV series and books on pg 80, and came up with examples for each.


Homework: finish the sentences for yourself on pg 80, exercise 5 and complete the practice exercises 3 and 4 on pg 150.



Only one student attended today, so she reviewed chapters 9-12 with the teacher and then took the unit exam. After finishing the exam, she reviewed her exam with the teacher and looked at areas she did well in and areas she could work more on : )

Homework: complete the adjective for each person on pg 76 (exercise 1)


Today in class we reviewed chapters 9-12, with some games and competitions between each other and together. In the second half of class, the students took the unit exam. After finishing the exam, the students read books in English and we played a quick game : )

Homework: complete the adjective for each person on pg 76 (exercise 1)


Today in class we reviewed the PET practice questions from the homework and talked about exam format. Then we started on the topic of "Incredible Wildlife" with a game matching the animal to the description. They took a quiz on pg 68 about surprising animal facts and guessed the answers, and described animals to their classmates to get them to guess which animal they're thinking of. The students examined close-up pictures of different animals and talked about them using the words might / could / must / can't to say how sure they are about their guesses. At the end of class we talked a bit about ecosystems and food chains on pg 72, and talked about which animals are herbivores / carnivores / omnivores.

Homework: create a food web of an ecosystem of your choice, and include at least 6-8 different species--use the example on pg 72, or get ideas from your own internet research : )


Today in class we revised the present perfect and past simple from the homework assignment, and then applied this grammar to some speaking practice on the topic of "Illness and Injury". We also revisited and added to the anatomy and illness/injury vocabulary they are developing in Unit 11. Then, so the students would know a bit more about how the PET speaking exam works, we did a mock test so the students would feel more comfortable with the types of questions and topics they'd have to talk about in that section of the exam. In the second half of class, we moved on in the book to pg 66, where the students reviewed and practiced the phrases "I will _____" and "I am going to _____" to talk about the future. In the last part of class the students focused on a writing topic--giving advice--and used some helpful phrases on pg 67 to support their ideas.

Homework: complete the two PET practice questions (one from the writing section and one from the reading section), to correct and discuss at the beginning of next class.




Today in class we reviewed the homework and revised a bit more with the past simple and present perfect, and also the difference between "been" and "gone". Then we moved onto the topic "Being Healthy". The students made a list of things to do to be healthy, and then compared their ideas and talked about the best strategies. In the second half of class, the students were quizzed on more challenging vocabulary for different parts of the body (which was pretty fun :) ), and then they revised/learned words and phrases to describe how someone can be ill or injured. We focused on pg 64 for clues on how to describe various illnesses, symptoms and injuries.

Homework: write sentences (using the past simple or present perfect) to describe if/when you've ever experienced these illnesses or injuries.


Today in class we focused on the topic of "Food". After reviewing the homework from last class, the students wrote in their portfolios about their strangest food experience, practicing using the past tenses correctly and including more descriptive vocabulary. Then as a group they worked together to think of examples for different food adjectives (sour, sweet, raw, fresh, bitter, frozen, juicy, spicy) and did a tricky matching game with some new food vocabulary. In the second half of class, they worked through a text about an adventurous eater on pg 59, and found some of the strange things he's eaten in his life. They defined some more new vocabulary related to food and eating, and then asked and answered questions related to what they read.

Homework: look at the notes about present perfect and past simple on pg 60, and then complete exercise #2.


Today in class we first talked about the test the students just took, and went through to see what they want to improve and what they did well on. Then we started on the topic of the day, Spending Money. They took a quiz to see how smart they were with money on pg 54, and then talked about people who were really bad with money--shopaholics. They read an article about a shopaholic who got help with her problem, and responded to some questions about the text. In the second half of class we focused on the present perfect verb tense. First they raced to match the verb with its past participle and then they filled in sentences with the missing past participle. They played a quick spelling race with the words they just reviewed, and then we did a speaking activity using the phrase "Have you ever....?" to practice the present perfect. They made up some questions to ask each other, and then we had a round of "interviews".

Homework: write five things for your bucket list (these are things you want to do sometime in your life). Use the form "I haven't ______________ yet, but I want to when _____________".



Today in class we reviewed chapters 5-8, and then we took an exam covering what we had learned in those chapters. After we finished the test, we did a short activity with making a comic and also (finally!) traded in our tickets for prizes since we all worked so hard! :)

Homework: finish writing and drawing your comic to share at the beginning of next class


Today in class we started by going over the homework: writing suggestions using the phrase "You should/shouldn't ________". Then we began talking about traveling in Chapter 9 by discussing how we like to "get away", and then matching vocabulary and phrases to different situations in an airport. We talked about stressful things about each step of the process, and then described how we usually go through the airport when we travel. In the second half of class, we talked about visiting Barcelona and came up with plans and ideas for things to do there, using the present continuous and to be going to to talk about the future. We read about things to do in Barcelona on pg 47, and checked our ideas to the ideas in the text. We did an exercise practicing these two future tenses on pg 49, and then did a listening activity about an adventure trip where we had to fill in the missing information.

Homework: Write three sentences about your definite plans for this week (present continuous) and three sentences about your ideas for this week (to be going to).


Today in class we  talked about the subject of "relationships", and all the different kinds of relationships you can have with different people. The students chose the person they would most likely ask for advice, and then we wrote a bit about the kinds of things you would ask advice about. Then we did a listening activity on pg 42 related to collocations with the verbs be/have/do/make. In the second half of class we talked about the similarities and differences between have to and must, and completed some practice as a competition on pg 44. Afterwards we talked about using the word should, and then wrote and talked about things we must/mustn't/have to/don't have to/should/shouldn't in school, at home, and in general.

Homework: complete exercise #5 on pg 44.


Today in class we started with writing some notes about the favourite parts of our holidays. Then we began on the topic of culture, and took a quiz about greetings in different cultures on pg 40. Then we read and talked about the explanations or reasons behind different greetings, which were a bit surprising or funny. To refresh our English skills after the holiday, we did some revision of some/any, much/many, a lot of, a few/a little on pg 38 with a writing exercise about our favourite place to visit from the given options. Then we edited our work and debated using some of the agreeing and disagreeing phrases from pg 39 in the textbook.

Homework: review the notes on some/any, much/many, a lot of, a few/a little, and then complete the short exercise (printed and handed out).



Today in class we had our Christmas party!!! We first reviewed Christmas vocabulary -- objects and actions -- from our homework and came up with some new ideas. Then we wrote down some scrambled words to listen for and unscramble while we watched the film "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Afterwards, we reviewed the new vocabulary from the film, and then talked about the plot and the meaning. During the film we enjoyed popcorn and biscuits :)

Have a good holiday!


Today in class we talked about our own family traditions around Christmastime, and then played a matching game to learn more about Christmas traditions around the world. We then wrote a bit about the best presents we've ever received for Christmas, and ranked our favorite gifts from a list of unusual gifts, and explained why we ranked them that way. Near the end of class, we talked about vocabulary associated with Christmas, and did a small holiday art project involving listening to instructions.

Homework: Part I- finish the art project at home (five activities you do, five things related to Christmas). Part II- choose your favorite Christmas carol, and be ready to explain why it's your favorite next class : ) 



Today in class we talked about the pros and cons of living in the city, and compared our ideas as a class. We practiced some new vocabulary related to the topic and worked through a listening exercise on pg 36. We played a game to match the vocabulary with their definitions, and then as a class did some practice on pg 38 with using some/any, much/many, a lot of, a few/a little. We chose the correct use for each phrase, and practiced using them in sentences and questions with countable and uncountable nouns.

Homework: pg 38, exercise 7--finish the sentences with your own ideas, and be sure to use the correct word/phrase with it :)


Today we talked about jobs. We brainstormed different types of jobs strating with each letter of the alphabet. Then we had a little discussion about different kinds of jobs as well as answered some questionnaire worksheet. We also played a game called Guess who? where we had to guess other person´s jobs by asking questions starting with Can you..Do you..Are you…? We also discussed which job each student would like to do in the future and why and which ones they would find really difficult/boring/dangerous and again what the reason behind it is.



Today in class we wrote down 5 things we remember doing in class so far this year, and then took a small test to see how much we remember what we worked on in Units 1-4 of the textbook. In the second half of class, we read about famous photographs and discussed why each one became famous. We also practiced a bit more with the past continuous and past simple, and created a group story using the phrase "I was _____ing, when SUDDENLY ... ".

Homework: pg 34--grammar exercise #5, vocabulary exercises #2, #3

*Miss Hannah will be gone next week, so you will be with Miss Adela! :)


Today in class we talked more about the topic of sports and fitness, and read an article on pg 28 about how athletes train in different ways for different kinds of sports. We also shared our usual exercises each day of the week, and talked about some other common exercises on pg 29. In the second half of class, we worked on review exercises on pg 30 together, including practicing comparative adjective forms, and vocabulary from the first four units in the textbook.

Homework: create a weekly training routine for your given athlete (wrestler, marathon runner, hockey player) including the type of training and the types of exercises. Extra: finish pg 31 of the review, to prepare for next class ;)



Today in class we focused on the theme of Halloween, since the holiday is tomorrow : ) We analyzed and made up background stories for the painting “The Scream,” and then read an article about the origins of Halloween and how it is celebrated in the UK and the US. We talked about typical activities, events, and things related to the holiday, and what we would dress up as if we went trick-or-treating. We raced to brainstorm items for different categories (monsters, costumes, candy, etc) and won stickers and candy for doing well, since today is also Treat Day! In the end, we talked about “what we could/should/might do if…..” for different spooky situations.


Today in class we focused on the topic of sports. We talked about different sports we enjoy, and then did an explain/act/draw game to describe different sports and activities to each other. We talked about which sports we use with the verbs “play,” “go” and “do,” and then we did a speed quiz with different vocabulary and ideas. Near the end of class we reviewed the past simple vs the past continuous, and responded to some questions using the correct tense.

Homework: imagine and “design” your perfect Halloween costume, to share at the beginning of next class :)


Today in class we talked about lifestyles and things that usually happen at specific ages. We took a quiz about facts from other countries, and compared the answers to our lives in Prague. We also practiced using comparatives and the superlatives to describe and compare things. We challenged ourselves to come up with creative sentences using a given comparative or superlative as quickly as possible. Finally, we practiced using the forms "#1 is/isn't as ______ as #2" and "#1 is ______ than #2".

Homework: pg 22, #5- form complete sentences comparing two things using the appropriate adjective. Then write five of your own sentences, using any adjectives you want.


Today in class we discussed fashion and style from different decades. On page 15 of our new textbooks, we read an article about how clothing, music and culture has changed from the 1950's to now. We described each decade using some new vocabulary, in the past simple verb tense. We did some exercises on page 16 to practice using the past simple correctly: positive and negative sentences, and forming questions. Finally, we changed adjectives into adverbs (+ly, +ily, or irregular) and used them to modify sentences.

For homework, we are to read the three short stories about different places, on page 19, and think about how they are similar or different to our lives in the Czech Republic.


Today we talked about how to describe people using personality adjectives, and learned some new words like "confident" and "shy" and "forgetful". The group designed their portfolios and wrote their first entry, describing some things about themselves and what they like. Then we played a game where the students had to describe famous people and characters, and the other student had to guess the person. Finally, we did an activity with present simple and present continuous, describing information about ourselves and things we are doing at the moment.

The homework this week is to write five facts about themselves (present simple), and five sentences describing what the student is doing at the moment (present continuous).



Today we discussed things we like/hate/love doing (like/hate/love + verb + ing). We reviewed the verbs swim, ride, draw, dance, sing, travel, and learned a new verb 'to garden'. The students talked about their hobbies and the things they especially like doing, then they created their own after-school club based on that hobby (activity) and gave a presenatation. 

There is no homework this week. Next week the students should get their new textbooks and start using them. 


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