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Today in class we did some team and empathy building. Students warmed up with some conversation practice. We did some listening comprehension with a video by Kid President called "20 things we should say more often." We did a few worksheets to practice comprehension. Students discussed things they most and least enjoy hearing each day.

In the second half of class we all made self portrait or descriptive posters. We passed these around the class and had classmates write kind notes as a "yearbook" activity. To end class, we did some vocabulary review.



Today in class we started with a brainstorm activity about all words related to summer, summer camp, and nature. We did an exam practice reading exercise about four different teens who went to four different summer camps. We tested our comprehenshion with some questions as we'll see them on the exam. We did a project and choose one of the four camps to make a flyer for. We shared these and convinced each other which camp was the best. 

To end class we played some vocabulary games with all the camp related words like roast, woods, log, mosquito, barbeque, torch, tent, sleeping bag, rucksack, hiking, canoeing, etc.


Today in class we did more speaking practice for the KET exam. We did part of Unit 19 on pages 108 and 109 of the textbook. We discussed trends and facts from around the world. We did a reading comprehension exercise on the making of the world's most popular breakfast food: cereal. 

We learnt and practiced the present passive voice. Students found examples of the passive voice from the reading text. We did a short dictation and practiced making passive sentences. We did a team sentence race and some speaing practice to use passive. 

Homework: page 165 exercises 1, 2, and 3


Today in class students practiced for the upcoming KET exam. We reviewed the format, tasks, and some tips for doing better on exams. We practiced the listening, reading, and speaking papers and worked on some common errors.


School Holiday


School Holiday



Today in class we reviewed all of our grammar to prepare for the KET exam. We practiced using and making sentences with past continuous, present perfect, partitives, relative pronouns, determiners, and comparative/superlative adjectives. We did a big game to review everything. We practice some speaking and thought of ways to improve our speaking and writing for the exam. 

Students also took the test for Units 13-16.

Suggested Homework: finish the corpus worksheet for extra tickets!


Today in class we learnt about Easter traditions and Spring celebrations around the world. We thought of related vocabulary and learnt some new ones like parade, bonnet, bucket, egg hunt, and religious. Students did a game with the vocabulary and practiced some speaking.

We used Gate magazine to practice reading about spring celebrations in Europe, India, the Middle East, and Thailand. Students then did a competitive comprehension game. Finally, we did a listening exercise about Easter in the U.K. 

Have a great Easter break!


Today in class we completed Unit 12 of our books about Music, Film, and Festivals. We did a vocabulary race on the board and spoke about our music preferences. We did the reading on page 68 and did a team comprehension competition. On page 69 we practice relative pronouns who, which, and that. Students then created their own music festival and shared them around the class using the relative pronouns. 

Suggested homework: page 70 exercise 2


Today in class we practiced the present perfect simple and continuous when using "for" and "since." We completed a class survey about hobbies and activites that we all enjoy doing and then did some statistics for our class. We completed the grammar listening and practice exercises on page 87 and 88. 

Suggested homework: page 89 exercise 8



Today in class we did speaking practice through games. We played taboo and catchphrase to describe words and categories to our partners but we couldn't use some words. We played "Dobble" with past tense and sentences. Students also played "Heads Up" to practice and review all of their old vocabulary. Finally, we created stories using past tense and present perfect tense through "Storycubes."

Suggested Homework: review all grammar and vocabulary from previous untis


Today in class students completed Unit 14 all about shopping and spending. We reviewed and practice the present perfect tense when using "just," "already," and "yet." Students did the grammar exercises on page 81. We also practiced measurements and food partitives with the listening and reading on page 82. We did a relay game to practice the partitives like a piece of, a slice of, a box of, a jar of, a pair of, a package of, etc.



Today in class students did some speaking practice about school, rules, bullying, social relationships, and the pros and cons of being in middle school. We watched part of "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" and did some listening comprehension exercises to talk about the plot, characters, and our predictions.

Suggested Homework: complete the comprehension worksheet


Today in class students did a short speaking activity to warm-up. We also did the Cambridge practice exam listening and reading papers. Due to the practice test there is no homework for next week.



Today in class we took a break from the grammar. We talked about different kinds of relationships and bonds. We did a reading about a hit song "See You Again." We learnt about the history of the song and tested our comprehension with a worksheet and team relay. In the second half of class, we did a listening exercise with the song. We practiced sequencing the keywords and then listened and filled in the lyrics. We learnt words like hit, track, in record time, a bond, to stand by someone, and melancholy. To end class, we did some speaking practice about music and relationships.

Homework: review your past participles for the practice exam next week!


Today in class we continued with using the present perfect tense to talk about our lives. We completed Unit  13 of our textbooks. We brainstormed some jobs and guessed what we think those people might have done in their lives to have their jobs--where have they studied, what have they learnt, where have they worked? We did some writing practice

We played a team relay game with past participles and did all of the speaking and grammar exercises in the textbooks on pages 73-76. We also did an active listening practice by reading some questions, then discussing with partners, and then recalling what our partners had said.


Today in class we reviewed irregular past participles and talked about using the present perfect tense to talk about our life experiences. We did a worksheet and then some speaking practice with the grammar. We played a game to practice the participles. We also did a class survey about our life experiences and some listening and comprehension practice about travel. 

Suggested homework: review your grammar and vocabulary



Today in class we thought about all the different relationships we have: friends, family, teammates, classmates, neighbors, etc. We did some speaking practice about what was important with each of these. 

We learnt about 3 different modals. Could to express options, should to express advice, and would to express imaginary situations. We did a worksheet with the grammar. Students each brainstormed 5 problems they, or someone else their age, might have. We then used could, would, and should to discuss the different problems and try to give advice. 

To end class we completed the reading and listening exercises on pages 64 and 65. 

Homework: worksheet for could, should, would


Today in class we completed Unit 11 all about cities. First, we tried to place some major metropolitan world cities on a map and see what we knew about them. We thought of places found in a city and learnt new ones like mosque, temple, palace, garden, and cathedral. Students did the vocabulary and speaking exercises on page 64. 

We completed the listening exercise on page 64 about city trivia. Some of the cities we learnt about were Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janiero, New Delhi, Mumbai, Seoul, and Cairo. Students did a reading exercise and tested their comprehension regarding geography facts about these places.

We reviewed countable vs. uncountable nouns and then practices using quantifiers. We reviewed a lot of, a bit, a little, a few, a large number/amount of, some, any, much, and many. We played "Stop the Bus" to practice these.

Homework is page 65 exercise 9 and to complete the grammar worksheet for extra tickets


Today in class students discussed sport, hobbies, and games. We completed the vocabulary and grammar exercises in Unit 9, page 56. We learnt new words like cricket, diving, bat, chess, trophy, board game, endurance, and concentration. We practiced "must" and "have to" as modals of obligation and did a speaking survey with these on page 57. We completed the reading exercise about mind games on page 58 and the listening practice on page 59. To end class we did some sentence practice with a game od Dobble and Storycubes.

Suggested homework:page 155 exercises 1, 2, 3


Today in class we had a big review of units 5-8. Students did some question formation practice and speaking. We also played a game to review all vocabulary and grammar. We did a group competition to review adjectives and adverbs and the differences.

In the second half of class, students took their Unit 5-8 test. Everyone did well!

Suggested homework: Adjectives v. Adverbs worksheet



Today in class we had our last raffle day of the year and our Christmas party. Students talked about their holiday plans and their wishes for the Christmas break. We watched the movie Elf and tested our comprehension by summarizing parts and predicting what would happen next. 

Have a great Christmas break!


Today in class we completed Unit 8 of our books. We talked about furniture and homes of the future. Students did some listening comprehension exercises with a radio interview discussing homes of the future. We also did the reading exercises and had a competition to see who could remember the most about the three different time capsules in the photos. Students reviewed and practiced the future tense with "will." We did some speaking about our future selves. 

Homework: page 150 exercises 1 and 2


Today in class students talked about Christmas traditions and celebrations. We did a listening lesson and some comprehension exercises for "Last Christmas." 

Students reviewed the past participles and studied the use of present perfect tense for life experiences. We had a competition with irregular past participles and did some speaking practice to talk about Christmas experiences we've had or haven't had. 


Suggested homework is page 159 exercise 2 and 3. 



Today in class students completed Unit 6: Travel and Holidays. We did the listening exercises with vocabulary on page 42. Students completed a timetable about an adventure trip. We learnt about using the present continuous for future plans and students did some speaking practice. 

We completed the speaking with picture descriptions and the reading exercises on page 44. Students practiced reading posters and emails for key information. To end class, we reviewed all of our previous vocabulary and did some one minute discussions.

Suggested homework is page 153 exercise 2 and 3.


Today in class students worked with the November issue of Gate Magazine. We discussed and wrote about our favorite holidays and then learnt Guy Fawkes Day and Thanksgiving. Students did a group reading exercise about the history of Bonfire night in the UK. We did some exercises to test comprehension and learnt new words and phrasal verbs like blow up, villian, sparkler, straw, chestnut, stuffing, cranberry, to cut corners, from scratch, and smuggle. 

We did some listening practice about Thanksgiving preparations and several stories of the holiday. Students tested their comprehension to recall information about what they heard. To end class, we did some speaking practice with all the words we learnt.

Suggested homework is a 40-60 word writing based on the pictures of Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day). This is for three extra homework tickets. Don't forget, there's three more weeks to earn your tickets for a Christmas celebration!


Today in class we completed Unit 6 in our books about important items and treasure. We brainstormed and reviewed some different materials and adjectives like broken, striped, bright, woolen, etc. Students learned about the order of adjectives using OSASCOMP: opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material, and purpose. Students learned how to order adjectives according to these groups. We thought of adjectives for each group and made a chart. Students completed a worksheet and then made descriptions for various important items. 

We completed the listening exercise on page 36 and the reading exercises on page 38 and 39. We had a quick review of possessive pronouns. 

Suggested homework is the adjective order writing worksheet and the reading exercises on page 26 for extra homework tickets.


Today in class we reviewed all our grammar and vocabulary through units 1-4. Students did some writing practice using the past continuous. We also reviewed verbs of emotion, thought, and possession that cannot be used in the continuous (-ing) form. 

Students competed in a review game to earn points and tickets. We had our unit 1-4 test. Everyone did very well!

To end class we explored "Gate" magazine, which we'll be using regularly in class. We also did a quick vocabulary speaking game.

Suggested homework: complete the corpus challenge worksheet for 3 extra tickets!



Today in class we covered the topic of Halloween. We reviewed some information from our lesson and reading exercise last week. Students did some speaking practice and a short portfolio writing about vocabulary related to the holiday. Students challenged themselves with listening exercises for the song "This is Halloween." 

We reviewed parts of speech and listened to the song to identify them. We also worked on a sequencing exercise and finally, we did a gap-fill worksheet with the song lyrics. Everyone did very well! Students did some speaking exercises about Halloween. To finish class, we watched a short clip from "The Nightmare before Christmas." 

Suggested Homework: Practice English over autumn break by watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." If you watch the movie and write a short (8 sentence) summary and opinion then you get 5 extra tickets. Have a nice break!



Today in class students completed Unit 4 on pages 24-27 of their textbooks. We brainstormed what home meant to us and students share their ideas. We talked about the ideas of home away from home and holidays. We did the reading on page 24 about a holiday gone wrong. We studied and reviewed the past simple and the past continuous tense, their use together, and the differences between the two. We practiced using these with some a board game and speaking practice.

Students did some listening practice and tested their ability to remember as much as possible. We talked about successful test taking strategies. Finally, we played some story cubes using the past simple and past continuous tenses. To end class, we played "back to the board."

Suggested homework: grammar exercises 1 and 3 on page 150


Today in class we completed the first Culture unit on pages 18 and 19 about the USA. We brainstormed words, phrases, and ideas related to America. Students competed in a trivia quiz to test their knowledge. We read four articles about four different states and sorted the information we read with interesting facts. We learnt about state plants, capitals, animals, mottos, and unique things about each state. Students learnt new words like poppy, beaver, armadillo, blossom, diversity, coast, and compass directions (north, south, southeast, etc). We completed a comprehension table about what we read and competed to recall as much as possible.

We played a speaking game to test our knowledge. Students choose to do an internet research project about a selected state. These will be present next week. Great work, everyone!

Suggested homework: review all previous vocabulary from pages 10-19 smiley


Today in class we reviewed our vocabulary related to the natural world and environment. We completed unit 2 with some listening, reading, and speaking exercises on page 15, 16, and 17. We practiced skimming an article to test our knowledge of pandas. We played a vocabulary game to brainstorm as many animals as we could in just a few minutes. 

Suggested homework: write 8 sentences (2 paragraphs) about an animal you like. Be sure to include all the info we practiced in class with pandas and tigers. See page 17 exercise 6 for more question ideas!



Today in class we did some icebreakers to get to know each other and learn about summer holidays. We discussed ways that we enjoy learning and also ways that we don't prefer. We reviewed school related phrases and vocabulary. Then we discussed words related to nature like glacier, valley, volcano, storm, melt, rise, rainforest, and earthquake. We did the vocabulary and reading exercise on page 14. We had a trivia competition about the information we read.

Homework: page 14 exercise 4 and finish the "summer survey" for extra tickets


Welcome back everyone! Today in class we got to know each other and played some introductory games. First, we played a speaking game with Lentilky and then remembered what our classmates shared so that we could all find many things in common. We played an "all about me" speaking board game and did a class survey. 

We discussed rules and why we have them. Students created rules for themselves and we discussed what the teacher should also do. We also discussed our ticket system for following the rules, doing homework, and speaking lots of English. We all signed our class contract. We received our new books and reviewed what we'll be learning this year. Finally, we began working on our summer surveys.

Homework:Find the three book units you're most looking foward to learning!


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