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Na této webové stránce se dočtete, co děti na hodinách angličtiny dělaly, co by si mohly doma procvičovat, co si mají nastudovat na testy, které budou psát při hodinách, a také se zde dozvíte i další důležité informace týkající se výuky. Proto Vás prosíme, abyste si tyto stránky pravidelně prohlíželi. Budete-li mít nějaké další dotazy, můžete nám kdykoli zavolat nebo poslat email.





Today in class students talked about Christmas traditions and celebrations. We did a listening lesson and some comprehension exercises for "Last Christmas." 

Students reviewed the past participles and studied the use of present perfect tense for life experiences. We had a competition with irregular past participles and did some speaking practice to talk about Christmas experiences we've had or haven't had. 


Suggested homework is page 159 exercise 2 and 3. 



Today in class students completed Unit 6: Travel and Holidays. We did the listening exercises with vocabulary on page 42. Students completed a timetable about an adventure trip. We learnt about using the present continuous for future plans and students did some speaking practice. 

We completed the speaking with picture descriptions and the reading exercises on page 44. Students practiced reading posters and emails for key information. To end class, we reviewed all of our previous vocabulary and did some one minute discussions.

Suggested homework is page 153 exercise 2 and 3.


Today in class students worked with the November issue of Gate Magazine. We discussed and wrote about our favorite holidays and then learnt Guy Fawkes Day and Thanksgiving. Students did a group reading exercise about the history of Bonfire night in the UK. We did some exercises to test comprehension and learnt new words and phrasal verbs like blow up, villian, sparkler, straw, chestnut, stuffing, cranberry, to cut corners, from scratch, and smuggle. 

We did some listening practice about Thanksgiving preparations and several stories of the holiday. Students tested their comprehension to recall information about what they heard. To end class, we did some speaking practice with all the words we learnt.

Suggested homework is a 40-60 word writing based on the pictures of Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day). This is for three extra homework tickets. Don't forget, there's three more weeks to earn your tickets for a Christmas celebration!


Today in class we completed Unit 6 in our books about important items and treasure. We brainstormed and reviewed some different materials and adjectives like broken, striped, bright, woolen, etc. Students learned about the order of adjectives using OSASCOMP: opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material, and purpose. Students learned how to order adjectives according to these groups. We thought of adjectives for each group and made a chart. Students completed a worksheet and then made descriptions for various important items. 

We completed the listening exercise on page 36 and the reading exercises on page 38 and 39. We had a quick review of possessive pronouns. 

Suggested homework is the adjective order writing worksheet and the reading exercises on page 26 for extra homework tickets.


Today in class we reviewed all our grammar and vocabulary through units 1-4. Students did some writing practice using the past continuous. We also reviewed verbs of emotion, thought, and possession that cannot be used in the continuous (-ing) form. 

Students competed in a review game to earn points and tickets. We had our unit 1-4 test. Everyone did very well!

To end class we explored "Gate" magazine, which we'll be using regularly in class. We also did a quick vocabulary speaking game.

Suggested homework: complete the corpus challenge worksheet for 3 extra tickets!



Today in class we covered the topic of Halloween. We reviewed some information from our lesson and reading exercise last week. Students did some speaking practice and a short portfolio writing about vocabulary related to the holiday. Students challenged themselves with listening exercises for the song "This is Halloween." 

We reviewed parts of speech and listened to the song to identify them. We also worked on a sequencing exercise and finally, we did a gap-fill worksheet with the song lyrics. Everyone did very well! Students did some speaking exercises about Halloween. To finish class, we watched a short clip from "The Nightmare before Christmas." 

Suggested Homework: Practice English over autumn break by watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." If you watch the movie and write a short (8 sentence) summary and opinion then you get 5 extra tickets. Have a nice break!



Today in class students completed Unit 4 on pages 24-27 of their textbooks. We brainstormed what home meant to us and students share their ideas. We talked about the ideas of home away from home and holidays. We did the reading on page 24 about a holiday gone wrong. We studied and reviewed the past simple and the past continuous tense, their use together, and the differences between the two. We practiced using these with some a board game and speaking practice.

Students did some listening practice and tested their ability to remember as much as possible. We talked about successful test taking strategies. Finally, we played some story cubes using the past simple and past continuous tenses. To end class, we played "back to the board."

Suggested homework: grammar exercises 1 and 3 on page 150


Today in class we completed the first Culture unit on pages 18 and 19 about the USA. We brainstormed words, phrases, and ideas related to America. Students competed in a trivia quiz to test their knowledge. We read four articles about four different states and sorted the information we read with interesting facts. We learnt about state plants, capitals, animals, mottos, and unique things about each state. Students learnt new words like poppy, beaver, armadillo, blossom, diversity, coast, and compass directions (north, south, southeast, etc). We completed a comprehension table about what we read and competed to recall as much as possible.

We played a speaking game to test our knowledge. Students choose to do an internet research project about a selected state. These will be present next week. Great work, everyone!

Suggested homework: review all previous vocabulary from pages 10-19 smiley


Today in class we reviewed our vocabulary related to the natural world and environment. We completed unit 2 with some listening, reading, and speaking exercises on page 15, 16, and 17. We practiced skimming an article to test our knowledge of pandas. We played a vocabulary game to brainstorm as many animals as we could in just a few minutes. 

Suggested homework: write 8 sentences (2 paragraphs) about an animal you like. Be sure to include all the info we practiced in class with pandas and tigers. See page 17 exercise 6 for more question ideas!



Today in class we did some icebreakers to get to know each other and learn about summer holidays. We discussed ways that we enjoy learning and also ways that we don't prefer. We reviewed school related phrases and vocabulary. Then we discussed words related to nature like glacier, valley, volcano, storm, melt, rise, rainforest, and earthquake. We did the vocabulary and reading exercise on page 14. We had a trivia competition about the information we read.

Homework: page 14 exercise 4 and finish the "summer survey" for extra tickets


Welcome back everyone! Today in class we got to know each other and played some introductory games. First, we played a speaking game with Lentilky and then remembered what our classmates shared so that we could all find many things in common. We played an "all about me" speaking board game and did a class survey. 

We discussed rules and why we have them. Students created rules for themselves and we discussed what the teacher should also do. We also discussed our ticket system for following the rules, doing homework, and speaking lots of English. We all signed our class contract. We received our new books and reviewed what we'll be learning this year. Finally, we began working on our summer surveys.

Homework:Find the three book units you're most looking foward to learning!


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