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On this website, you can read about what children were doing in English lessons, what they could practice at home, what to study for the lessons they would take during the lessons, as well as other important teaching information. Therefore, we ask that you check this site regularly. If you have any further questions, you can call or email us at any time.





Students talked about their own food prep experiences using the vocabulary learned from last week. Additionally we revised Defining and Non defining relative clauses. We practiced using non-defining clauses by competing to create the longest sentence. Learners also used trivia to learn about defining relative causes. There is no homework for next week. 


Students revised some food preparation vocabulary such as grilled, baked, roasted, steam and fry.  We did a pictionary activity to practice use of the words, and also discussed some of our favorite foods and how they are prepared. Lastly, we did a reading comprehension task to practice their ability to understand and meaning and purpose in shorter texts such as notes, messages or emails. There is no homemework for next week. 


No students joined our online lessons today. I hope they will join next week! It works great!


This week most of the students were out due to public health precautions, so we worked on speaking activities to improve accuracy and fluency. There is no homework for next week. 


This week students took a practice test to prepare for the KET Exam. This week we focused on test aking strategies for the Listening and Writing portions of the test. Students did really well on the speaking, and written portions. Good Job guys! No homework this week.



This week students took a practice test to prepare for the KET Exam. This week we focused on Reading and Listening portions of the test. Students did really well on listening comprehension! Hana and Dominika had the top score for the reading comprehension portion of the test! Great Job guys!  No Homework this week. 


This week students discussed social media, and how it affects their lives and learned several social media vocabulary such as block, tagged, comment, posted, liked, and meme. We also discussed the slight differences between the verbs. Additional we revised active and passive voice by way of a white board game. Lastly, we had a class discussion about how social media influencers aren't what they seem. Homework: page 70 Exercise 6 and 7. Write an on-line product review. 


This week students discussed movies using newly learned vocabulary such as special effects, plot, sequal, director and genre. Students also pitched to the rest of the class their very own movie idea.  They preseented the kind of movie, casting of actors, plot, cost and setting to the class. Lastly, student revised grammar points such as modals, past perfect, and future by playing a speaking activity. Homework: Write about your favorite movie, discuss the plot and why you think it's so amazing. 



This week students learnedseveral vocabulary words assocated with travel, and discussed travel preferences. Also, students revised Modals, such as should, shouldn't, must, have to and need not. Lastly student read an article about how to travel alone. Homework for next week is page 70, Exercise 3, 4 and 5.


This week students learned about the variety ways of getting an education such as boarding schools, universitities and qualifications. Additionally, students revised the Past Perfect Tense. Homework for next week is page 64 Exercise 3


This week the students learned about the environmental concerns regarding the endangerment of animals around the world. Students added vocabulary relating to endangered animals. Grammatically, students reviewed zero, first, and second conditionals. Homework for next week is page 115 Exercises 1 and 2.


This week, students discussed technology discoveries such as self driving cars using new vocabulary words. The such words included display, plug-in, satellite, invention and experiments. In addition, students discussed the differences in the uses of  will, going to and present continuous to talk about the future. Lastly, students learned and practiced the use of the future continuous. For homework, students are to do exercise 7 and 8 on page 57,



Due to the up coming holiday, students discussed the differenced between American and Czech Christmas food and  traditions. Additionally, new Christmas vocabulary was introduced such as tinsel, Christmas carols, and watched Shreck the Halls. Lastly, students listened and did a gap fill and sang All I want for Christmas is you. No homework was given for next class. 


This week students discussed their preferences of various celebrity homes, using architectural adjectives introduced in the lesson. Also, we reviewed superlative and comparative adjectives briefly in various exercises. Lastly, students designed their own home from recycled materials, and presented it to their peers utilizing both newly learned vocabulary and reviewed grammar points. Homework page 48 Exercise 3.  


Students discussed different aspects of the music industry and were introduced to new vocabulary related to music such as lyrics, sound technician, gigs, and music festivals. Additionally, we reviewed the differences between the present perfect and past simple tenses. Lastly, student practiced using future using “going to” in a speaking activity. No homework is given for next week.



Students discussed their experiences about being sick and new health vocabulary was introduced. In addition, we talked about giving advice using modals of obligation such as should, ought, and must. Lastly students conducted communication activities to improve fluency. Homework is Exercise 3 on page 38 and exercise 7 on page 35.


Today, the students were introduced to verbs for making things such as create, design, customize. Additionally, we revised past and past simple tenses and practices using both tenses in a speaking activity. Lastly, we discussed the elements of a gooe story, such as a plot, characters, and where the story took place. Homework is Exercise 7 on page 35 to write their own story.


Today in class, we have reviewed, past simple, present continuous and reviewed vocabulary from Units 1-4. Furthermore, we did some speaking practice. Students took a practice test.


Students talking about extreme weather such as earthquakes, flood, lightning, snowstorm, tornados. In addition, we are discussing Australian bush fires, and the devastation of forest fires can bring. Lastly, we revised past tense and phrasal verbs associated with extreme weather events. Homework: Exercise 5.



Today, we discuss climate, weather, and global climate change. We did some speaking practice with pictures and brainstormed ideas and vocabulary about climate change. Greta Thunberg, a teenage Swedish activist. We have a group competition to test our comprehension.

After listening to her speech to the UN and discussing our thoughts and opinions, we did a group project and presentation on ways we can help to reduce our impact on the environment.
Suggested homework: write one thing you learned about global climate change or Greta


Students talking about sports, learning different vocabulary used in sports. Additionally, students read about Paralympic runner Ntando Mahlangu. Present simple and present continuous tenses were reviewed. Homework Due for October 21st is Exercise 3 on page 22. 


Students discussed friendships using newly learned personality adjectives, as well as practice using continuous tense. Homework Due for October 14 th is Exercise 4 on page 16.




Today in class we discussed bullying and empathy. We did some speaking practice about our own experiences. We did some listening comprehension exercises with the movie "Wonder." After checking our comprehension, we read about different bullying scenarios and discussed in small groups what we would do, should do, and shouldn't do in the situations.

Suggested homework: Write one paragraph about how you felt about what happened to Auggie.


Students will be able to talk about shopping trends as they relate to themselves. This is done through revising vocabulary and reading about teen shopping trends. Furthermore, the use of countable and uncountable nouns was revised. No homework is due next week.




Today the students got a chance to get to know each other and their new teacher through a series of icebreakers. Also students discussed the value of class rules in the classroom as well as anti-bullying techniques. Textbooks were given to the students.



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