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Na této webové stránce se dočtete, co děti na hodinách angličtiny dělaly, co by si mohly doma procvičovat, co si mají nastudovat na testy, které budou psát při hodinách, a také se zde dozvíte i další důležité informace týkající se výuky. Proto Vás prosíme, abyste si tyto stránky pravidelně prohlíželi. Budete-li mít nějaké další dotazy, můžete nám kdykoli zavolat nebo poslat email.





Today in class we reviewed chapters 9-12, with some games and competitions between students and in teams. In the second half of class, the students took the unit exam. After finishing the exam, the students read books in English and we played a quick game : )



Today in class we focused on the topic of "History of Writing and Alphabets". In the beginning of class the students solved some English word puzzles to get their directions for the beginning of class. They predicted and then read some background on the history of writing around the world on pg 72, and talked about which languages and alphabets seemed the most challenging or the easiest to learn and why. Then they created their own puzzles in English using a code for the other student to solve. In the second half of class they developed their own alphabet by creating a different letter for each letter of the English alphabet, as well as some extra symbols of their choice. Then they wrote a short "history" of their alphabet using their alphabet for the other student to read.

Homework: look at the descriptions of different historical alphabets on pg 73 and write a few sentences comparing these alphabets to the one they created in class.


Today in class we reviewed the homework last class and the students did a listening activity to check their work. Then we started on the topic of "Festivals and Films" by interviewing each other about music, genres, instruments, and experiences. We listened to clips from various bands and music genres and rated them for different situations. In the second half of class, the students read some descriptions of music festivals held in England and compared and contrasted them. They all planned out their own festival using a theme and adding different features, which they then presented to the class. In the end of class, we discussed what made a song or group popular, and listed different songs that are very popular at the moment.

Homework: find and list the top 5 most popular songs.


Today in class we talked about "City Life". After sharing a bit about their holiday last week, we talked about living in a city and how it compares to living in a village. They had to sort a mix of different large cities by location (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America) and say one thing they know about the city. Afterwards they did a listening activity where they were given descriptions of some of the cities and had to match the clues to the place, and a quick game to review common features or places found in cities. In the second half of class, the class thought of places they often visit or see while travelling, and what kinds of questions they commonly have to ask as a tourist. On pg 65 they read a description of Australia for travellers, and they had to fill in the missing letters. In the end of class we played a game where each student picked three cities and wrote clues for each, and had to get the other student to guess the city correctly.

Homework: on pg 67, match the situation in the picture to the dialogue, and then fill in the correct phrases (yes/no/question) in the blanks.



Today in class we talked about the puzzles we worked on last class, and then started on the topic of "Giving Advice". First they matched some vocabulary about people you know (neighbour, contact, close friend, old friend, member, etc) to their definitions, and then they ordered how close the relationship is for them. Then they read some requests for advice from different people, and compared their own advice to the advice from the listening activity. We focused on verb patterns with verbs that use the infinitive (to do) and the gerund (doing). In the second half of class, they played a spelling race by listening to clues to revise some vocabulary from the previous chapters. At the end of class, each student was given two situations to write advice for and wrote their own advice columns on their "websites". Then the others had to guess what problem the advice was for.

Homework: finish writing the second situation on their "website".


Today in class we first reflected and talked about the test we took last week: what went well, and what we want to improve upon. Then we started chapter 9 with a discussion about "sports" versus "games", and some similarities, differences and examples. We talked about using the phrases must/mustn't/have to/don't have to, and practiced using them in different situations. The second half of class the students guessed vocabulary related to games and sports based on clues, and then we read an article about putting mind sports into the Olympic Games. We discussed the reasons for and against this idea, and talked more about the differences between these two types of activities. To finish class, the students raced to finish some puzzles together.

Homework: try to solve the four English riddles handed out in class :)


Today in class we reviewed chapters 5-8, and then took a test over what we learned in those chapters. After we finished the test, we did a short activity with drawing and then explaining a cartoon we made.


Today in class we did a listening activity as a warm-up, practicing hearing the difference between similar sounds, which can be very difficult :) Then we looked at images of futuristic houses on the board and chose one to describe to the others in the class, for them to guess. The students did a listening activity on pg 46 related to futuristic houses, and had to listen for specific information at different times in the interview. We then discussed the information given in the interview and decided whether or not we agreed with it, and why. In the second half of class we did a quick competition with naming and spelling things you would find in a house, and then focused back on the book and completed an exercise on pg 47 talking about the future with "will". We then stood up and did a game responding to predictions about the future, finding a place to stand depending on whether the student thought it would happen in 5 years, 30 years, or never. At the end of class we talked about the concept of a time capsule, and what we think we'd put in a time capsule if we had the chance.

Homework: write a short letter explaining what you would choose to put in a time capsule and why, following the model on pg 49.


Today in class we did a game to practice comparatives and superlatives, and shared what we did over the winter holiday using the past tense correctly. Then we moved onto Unit 7 in the textbook on page with using the present continuous to talk about future plans and arrangements. We made schedules for next week about things we are going to do, and then talked with our partner to make three new plans with them that fit both schedules. We also had a competition with spelling -ing verbs correctly, which became very exciting.

Homework: write out your plans for the listed days/times in sentences using the present continuous tense. 



Today in class we had our Christmas party! We first reviewed our homework--to write a letter to Ježíšek or Santa Claus. Then we wrote down some scrambled words to listen for and unscramble while we watched the film "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Afterwards, we reviewed the new vocabulary from the film, and then talked about the plot and the meaning. During the film we enjoyed popcorn AND we also traded in our tickets for prizes! :) At the end of class, we played a game with guessing and "giving" each other the present we thought each person would want the most for Christmas. 

Have a good holiday!


Today in class we focused on writing skills, using the topic of Christmas for inspiration. First we discussed the homework, which was to pick our favorite Christmas carol and explain what it is about to the class. From there, we returned to the carol “Let it Snow” and acted out the verses for each other, and the best actor won a ticket : ) Then we wrote our own funny parody verses of the song and performed them for the rest of the class. In the second half of class, we talked about traditions in the Czech Republic on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December, and then we had a contest to match eight Christmas traditions to eight different countries. At the end of class, we quickly reviewed the format of an informal letter, and talked about the homework assignment.

Homework: write a letter to Ježíšek using the letter format we talked about in class.


Today in class we focused on the theme of Christmas. Before we started, we finished our travel project from our last class. Then we worked together to think of Christmas vocabulary to talk about the holiday, and we did an art project to make the classroom feel more festive :) We were given only four materials to make a present that can hold pieces of paper (for a later project!) At the end of class, we listened the the Christmas carol "Let it Snow," looked at the lyrics, and discussed what the song was about.


Homework: Find a Christmas carol in English and explain what it is about (who, what, when, where, why?)



Today in class we finished unit 5, and then did a small project. First, we reviewed a bit about the adjectives and adverbs we practiced last week, and then wrote sentences using the adjective, adverb, and comparative and superlative adverb for our chosen word. Then we continued with talking about travel by planning a trip through five countries, and researching a natural and man-made destination at each. At the end of class, we talked a bit about different activities you can do on a holiday.


Today in class we talked about Thanksgiving. We learned some holiday related words like cranberry, feast, gravy, thankful, wreath, acorn, and relatives. We competed in a scavenger hunt to solve clues with the words. Students did some speaking practice by playing "Taboo" with the vocabulary.

We also learned about the Pilgrim's voyage on the Mayflower to colonize in Massachusetts by reading a story about the history of Thanksgiving. Students completed a listening exercise with the reading and then did some comprehension questions about what they read and heard. Finally, we did a team trivia game all about Thanksgiving.


Today in class we wrote down 5 things we remember doing in class so far this year, and then took a small test to see how much we remember what we worked on in Units 1-4 of the textbook. In the second half of class, we thought of as many school subjects as we could as a class, and then played a game in teams to choose six subjects we would include to create and present a school schedule. At the end of class, we did a fun review activity practicing adjectives, adverbs, comparative adverbs and superlative adverbs.
Homework: finish the sentences by selecting the correct word/phrase 
*Miss Hannah will be gone next week, so you will be with Miss Adrienne's class! :)


Today in class we did a series of competitions in small teams to practice everything we've learned so far and prepare for the Unit 1-4 quiz next class. We went over animals using a matching game, and also worked on geography and holiday vocabulary, the present simple and continuous, adjectives, and also a bit of speaking practice. 
Homework: review the first four units of the textbook, and look at pgs 30-31 :)


Today in class we focused on the theme of Halloween, since the holiday was this week! First we raced to think of as many words related to Halloween, and then watched a clip from a Halloween movie and tried to recognize and name as many things as we could. We also analyzed and made up background stories for the painting “The Scream”. We played an acting/explaining/drawing game to get others on our team to guess the secret word. 
In the second half of class, we looked up information about the holiday "Dia de los Muertos" in Mexico, and compared it to our traditions in the Czech Republic. In the end, we talked about “what we could/should/might do if…..” for different spooky situations. Today we also chose Halloween stickers and candy using the tickets we earned, since today is also Treat Day!



Today in class we practiced describing things, such as crazy houses. We wrote down descriptions of one of the unusual houses and tried to guess which one each of us chose. Then, we designed our perfect bedroom with a given budget, and we had to pick our furniture while staying in the budget.

In the second part of class, we talked about geography, specifically rivers. We brainstormed some famous rivers around the world, and also talked about ones that we know in the Czech Republic. We read about different ways rivers are formed, and in the end had a speed quiz to remember some facts about the River Thames in the UK.

Homework: imagine and “design” your perfect Halloween costume, to share at the beginning of next class :)


Today in class we talked about what makes a good holiday. We read about "The Worst Holiday" on pg 22, talked about what happened and how it could be even worse. We did some practice with using the past simple and the past continuous together on pg 23, and then told a crazy story together using both tenses. In the second half of class, we had a competition with filling in missing words in short messages, and also raced to write down something we were doing at different times in the past, using the past continuous. 

Homework: write down 5 adjectives for each picture on pg 24, using the words provided AND your own ideas. Also think about another unusual kind of house to describe in class next week.


We talked about travelling, and all the different ways we can travel. We read some information about the pilot Amelia Earhart on page 20, and imagined what happened to her and the navigator. We reviewed past simple verbs and did some practice on page 21, and did a spelling race to remember how to write the past tense of regular and irregular verbs. We also “visited” the United States on page 18, and played a guessing game with a US map to match states to their names. Finally, we each read about a famous state on page 19, and found information about the state’s animal, plant, and nickname.

Homework: choose a state you are interested in, and find out more information about it (nickname, state animal and plant, other interesting facts).


Today we talked about the natural world. We described our favorite natural places and spoke about them, and played a guessing game to practice some new vocabulary about nature. We read an article about the Earth changing in different parts of the world. Finally, we did some practice with thinking/feeling/owning verbs (which we don't usually use with be + verbing) and action verbs (which we can use with be + verbing). 

The homework is to write two sentences about ourselves using thinking/feeling/owning verbs, and two sentences about what we are doing at the moment, using action verbs.



Today we combined classes with all 7th graders. Miss Hannah is on holiday and will be back for our next class. 

We played some getting to know you games with our group and did some speaking practice about likes/dislikes, hobbies, school, and things we are good at. We all discussed and brainstormed things that we would like to learn about this year.

In the second half of class, we talked about rules, good students, and good teachers. We created our class rules and signed contracts. Finally, we prepared our portfolios that will be used at the beginning of each class. 




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