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Today we did a reading exercise on Galileo Galilei and his life and scientific contributions. We had a team trivia comprehension game to compete and earn "money." Then we did a listening exercise about his gravity experiments from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We retold our partners everything we heard to earn more money.

Finally, students bought materials with their earnings for an egg drop gravity challenge. We designed, tested, built, and analyzed devices to keep the eggs safe in a 4 meter drop. 


Today in class students completed Unit 19 about cooking and delicious ingredients. We had a team brainstorm challenge. We did the vocabulary and exercises on pages 107 and 108. We practiced listening and reading on pages 109 and 110. We did a pair speaking game to use the new vocabulary. 

Finally, we learned the present passive voice. We reviewed this together and completed a worksheet for practice. We took turns describing everyday objects using the passive voice.



Today in class we completed Unit 18:Expedition! Students brainstormed some useful items to take on expeditions as well as useful skills you should have for survival. We did a speaking activity to compromise on the same list of items to take on a trip. We did the vocabulary and speaking exercises on page 102 and learnt words like matches, torch/flashlight, compass, guidebook, and fleece.

Students completed the listening exercise on page 103 and the reading exercise on page 105. We learnt and practiced some phrasal verbs on pages 104 and 105. We learnt words like try on, turn off, pick up, give up, give back, and take on. 


Today in class students completed Unit 17: Stay Healthy on pages 98-101. We learnt vocabulary like brain, liver, lungs, kidney, intestine, limbs, broken, blood, and injury. Students did the vocabulary and speaking exercises on page 98 and then used modals and 1st conditional practice giving advice on things you could/should/would do if you are sick and ill.

We did the reading exercise about school and stress management on page 100. and had a group discussion about this. We practiced the exam listening exercise on page 101. 

Enjoy the long weekend!



Today in class we continued working with the first conditional. We completed a worksheet, game, and some speaking practice to use the positive, negative, and question forms of the grammar. 

We also had a test on units 13-16.

Homework: 1st conditional worksheet


Today in class we reviewed some previous grammar, including the first conditional. We talked about modal verbs of suggestion and the difference in being right and being kind. We spoke about bullying and did a listening exercise with some comprehension questions about the movie "Wonder." 

Homework: Write a 8 to 10 sentences to summarize Auggie, his friends, and what happened to him at his school. What would you do if you saw this happening?


Today in class students did a practice listening test for the KET exam. We also did a practice speaking exam: an information gap-fill and asking/answering personal questions about school, family, friends, hobbies, and likes/dislikes.

We also began learning the 1st conditional "If I pass the exam, my teacher will be pleased." Students did some grammar exercises in their books on page 163. We will continue practicing with this next week.

Recommended homework is page 163 exercise 3.



Today in class we did some speaking and grammar practices. We reviewed all of the times we use present perfect: life experiences, ever, never, just, already, yet, for, and since. We worked with sorting key words and time phrases under past simple and present perfect.We compared the past simple tense and the present perfect. We played a speaking board game with these. 

Students completed Unit 16 on pages 85-88. We talked about learning languages and did the reading exercise with a comphrension game on page 87. 

Recommended homework is the vocabulary exercise 5 on page 88.




Today in class we reviewed previous vocabulary. We also did some speaking practice for the KET exam. Students matched questions with the appropriate responses and then interviewed each other while actively listening for key information. 

To celebrate Easter, we brainstormed related vocabulary. We did a listening about Jelly Belly jelly beans trivia and facts. Students listened for key information and completed some comprehension tasks. We brainstormed all the different flavours we could think of and predicted which ones we'd try based on the appearance. Students read a dichotomous key to find the flavours. We compared the actual outcomes to our predictions. 

Enjoy the long, Easter holiday.



Today in class, we talked about the present perfect tense and played "Snowball Fight" with 2 truths and one lie. We completed verb grids and practiced speaking with "Have you ever...?" We did a spelling race to review past participles of irregular verbs. 

We also did a present perfect reading exercise and correct the errors we found in a short article. We compared the differents between present perfect and past simple. At the end of class we did a pair crossword with past participles. 

Suggested Homework: present perfect exercises in the back of the book for Unit 13.


Today in class students completed Unit 15: Free Time. We brainstormed, discussed, and completed a class survey on page 86 about free time activities and hobbies to find which were the most/least popular in class. We completed the listening about three teenagers' hobbies on page 87.

We reviewed past participles of irregular verbs and the present perfect simple tense. We learned about using "for" and "since" with present perfect. We had a team competition to match the appropriate time phrases with for or since and completed the grammar exercises on page 87.

Students completed the vocabulary exercise on page 88 and the reading comprehension exercise on page 89. To finish class we did some speaking games with present perfect.

Suggested homework is page 161 exercises 1, 2, and 3.


Due to school ski trips, there is no class this week.


28. 2

Today in class we reviewed quantifiers and when to use them. We brainstormed jobs and discussed the best and worst jobs that we could have. We completed the listening exercise on page 76 and the vocabulary exercises on page 77. 

We learned about the present perfect tense to talk about and share our life experiences. We completed the grammar exercises on page 76 and 77. We reviewed various irregular verbs and the past participles. We used the present perfect tense to talk about careers. Students did some writing with "2 truths and a lie." We completed the speaking/survey exercise on page 78.

Suggested homework is page 159 exercises 1, 2, and 3.

Don't forget there's no class next week due to school ski trips!


Today in class we started with a fast-paced, speaking vocabulary game. We learned and practiced quantifiers like some, any, much, many, a few/a little, a lot of, a large amount of/a large number of. We reviewed countable and uncountable nouns and then sorted which quantifiers could be used with which group of nouns. Students played "stop the bus" with categories and attempted to correctly use the grammar. We had a team board race to write sentences with the quantifiers.

In the second half of class students did the achievement test for units 9-12. Well done everyone!

Suggest homework is the quantifier worksheet.


Today in class students completed Unit 12 of the textbooks about music, film, and festivals. We brainstormed some instruments and genres of music. Students did the reading exercise on page 68 and then completed a comprehension exercise as a team competition.

We did some speaking practice by creating our own festivals. Students shared and described their own festivals and then debated which festival was better to attend. 

We did some exam practice with the listening exercise on page 71. Finally ,we ended with a grammar review clock racing game.

Suggested homework is the reading exercise on page 70 and the comprehension questions in exercise 2. 



Today in class we started with a speaking game to review all of our old vocabulary. We started unit 11 about cities around the world. We learned vocabulary like cathedral, mosque, palace, square, and temple. We completed the listening exercises on page 64 about major world cities and capitals and tested our listening comprehension about facts for the cities.

We did the grammar exercises on page 65 to review countable and uncountable nouns, articles, and determiners. We also completed a practice exam reading exercises about famous Australian cities. 

To finish class we did some story cube speaking to review the present continuous, past simple, and past continuous tenses.

There is no homework. Enjoy your Spring holiday!


Today in class we completed unit 9 about Sports and Games. Students brainstormed some sports that keep you fit and other sports or games. We completed the vocabulary and grammar on page 54. We learned about modals and specifically "have to" and "must." We completed the grammar exercises on page 55. 

We also did the exam practice listening exercise on page 55 and the exam practice reading on page 56. We ended with some pair speaking practice and competed in doing the logic puzzles on page 57.

Suggested homework is page 155 exercises 1, 2, and 3.


Today in class students completed a reading exercise from the English magazine, "Gate." We spoke about school, grades, exams, and stress and did a short writing exercise on these. We learned some vocabulary words like buzzword, pressure, anxiety, calm, mindfulness, tension, fear, argument, staff, and counselor. We read an article called "Mindfulness: Reducing Stress." Students skimmed the article for key information. We learned how and why mindfulness practices are being used in schools.

In pairs, we answered some comprehension questions about the article. To follow up, we made a list of the top ten stressors in our lives which included chores, social media, and education. Students had a roundtable discussion about ways to deal with these. 

To end class, we followed step by step directions to complete a simple mindfulness exercise with chocolate. Students were encouraged to practice mindfulness this week during exams and write about their experiences.


Today in class we did a fast-paced vocabulary review game to see who could elicit the most words from the class. We also reviewed the grammar from units 5-8 including adverbs, present continuous for the future, using "will" for predictions, and possessives.

Students competed in a review game. We had our Achievement Test for units 5-8. Everyone did very well!



Today in class students completed Unit 8 of the textbooks. We discussed and brainstormed homes of the future and how they will be different from where we live now. We completed the listening exercises on page 46 by listening for home related vocabulary words and then sequencing the statements we heard.

We reviewed using "will" for future predictions. Students learned about time capsules and played a guessing game to see who would put which three items in a class time capsule. We completed the reading exercise on page 48 about three different time capsules. We did some comprehension questions and information recall about the reading. 

To finish class, we reviewed the letter format and did a short writing exercise about our predictions for the future. We did some peer corrections on the writing assignments. We played a quick vocabulary game to end.





Today in class students competed with a partner to complete a Christmas STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Challenge. Each pair was scored on their design and success, teamwork, and use of English. Some of the challenges included: constructing a tree to stand on it's own, building a sleigh that slides the farthest, making a snowball swatter, a cup that holds milk for Santa, a stocking to hang on the fireplace, and a Santa hat to fit our heads. Students only had two materials such as aluminum foil, tape, newspaper, rubberbands, or pipecleaners for each task. Each task was timed, tested,  and judged by classmates. Well done everyone!

In the second part of class, we had our ticket store with any tickets left from the party. We also watched a short Christmas movie. We paused it to predict what would happen or guess what the characters were saying. 

Have a great Christmas and New Year!


Today in class students completed Unit 7 of their textbooks about travel, adventure, and holidays. We completed the vocabulary and listening exercises on page 42 by listening about an adventure holiday and piecing together the weekly activities. We discussed using present continuous for future plans. We created our own adventure holidays, shared them with the class, listened for key information, and then voted on which holiday we'd enjoy. Students did a speaking exercise with two advertisements for an adventure holiday and found eight differences among them.

We learned words like scooter, ship, submarine, kayaking, paragliding, rafting, zip wiring, and grass skiing, and spelunking. We completed the reading exercise on page 43 as well as the listening exercise on page 42. 


Today in class students did some a Christmas and winter theme "spot the difference" speaking exercise. We spoke about our most and least favourite winter activities. We learned words like frightful, delightful, corn for popping, carols, snowflake, and blizzard. We then listened to "Let it Snow" while completing some comprehension questions. We listened again and filled in the lyrics. 

In the second half of class, we spoke about Christmas pictures and imagined ourselves in them and then reported back on what our partners said. We did a reading about the steps to cutting snowflakes and then had a contest to see who could cut the best snowflake to decorate the room with. Finally, we played Christmas taboo. 



Today in class we learned about the order of adjectives and why we say "nice, new, yellow shoes" rather than "new, yellow, nice shoes." Students learned OSASCOMP to remember the order of adjectives which means: opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material, and purpose. We brainstormed various adjectives for each category and then completed a worksheet and adjective ordering speaking exercise. We then created sentences about everyday objects. 

We also completed Unit 6: This is Special to Me. We did the vocabulary and listening exercise on page 36. We also completed the reading exercise on page 38. To finish class, we raced the clock to check our grammar with a board game. 

Suggested homework is the purple writing box on page 39. Students should write about treasure or their favourite item using the order of adjectives. 



Today in class we talked about Thanksgiving. We learned some holiday related words like cranberry, feast, gravy, thankful, wreath, acorn, and relatives. We competed in a scavenger hunt to solve clues with the words. Students did some speaking practice by playing "Taboo" with the vocabulary.

We also learned about the Pilgrim's voyage on the Mayflower to colonize in Massachusetts by reading a story about the history of Thanksgiving. Students completed a listening exercise with the reading and then did some comprehension questions about what they read and heard. Finally, we did a team trivia game all about Thanksgiving.


Today in class students completed the Geography: Rivers section of the textbook on pages 28 and 29. We did a reading exercise with different "stations" around the room. We read about the longest rivers on four continents and completed some comprehension questions. We did a listening exercise about the longest river in America. Students learned words such as rainfall, erosion, bank, flow, basin, and confluence.

Students completed a small group project about a river in the Czech Republic and then presented it to the class. The other groups were asked to recall facts from the presentations. To finish off class we reviewed and practice the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. 


Today in class we had a big review of units 1-4. We reviewed all of the grammar including: present simple and continuous, past simple and continuous, and state verbs. We played our "Jeopardy" review game to practice all of the grammar and vocabulary. It was competitive and fun!

In the second part of class, students took the unit 1-4 test. To finish, we did some class speaking practice. Well done everyone!


Today in class we completed Unit 4: Homes. Students discussed the idea of "home is where the heart is." We had a short debate on why this is or isn't true. We then spoke about having a "staycation" or a holiday at home. Students thought of some pros and cons for this and we all agreed that seeing new places is best. We did the vocabulary and reading exercises on page 24. We learned and practiced words like sink, roof, basement, cottage, palace, and flat block.

We reivewed and practiced the past simple and past continuous tenses. Students reviewed the structure, uses, differences, and keywords associated with these. We also brainstormed some past irregular verbs. We played a board game using past continuous with specific times.

Finally, we did pages 26 and 27 of the book and spoke about strange and unusual homes. Students did a short writing about an unusual home they would like and shared it with the class.

Don't forget that next week is your review and there will be a test on 15.11



Students learned about Halloween today. We brainstormed Halloween related vocabulary and learned some new words like fangs, cemetary, ghoul, haunted, and werewolf. Students did a reading/listening exercise from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We listened to ingredients and steps of making potions and then students created their own and presented them to the class.

In the second half we did some pair speaking work about Halloween celebrations and traditions. We did some memory exercises with Halloween pictures from "The Nightmare before Christmas." We reviewed parts of speech and their functions and then listening to "This is Halloween" and wrote adverbs, adjectives, verbs/irregular verbs, etc. To end classs, students worked with groups to create a Halloween party including food they'll have, games, and costumes.



Today in class we completed Unit 3: Travel. We brainstormed some travel related vocabulary and did the reading exercise about Amelia Earheart on page 20. We reviewed past tense and irregular verbs. We did a sentence board race to practice these and corrected each other's work. 

We did the listening exercises on pages 21 and 22 about travel, tourists, guests, and visitors. We did some pair speaking about travel and then recalled what our partners said in a writing exercise. To end class we played an online game for our textbook called "Sentence Stacker."

Suggested homework is page 149 exercises 1 and 2.



Today in did the Culture section of our books on pages 18 and 19. We reviewed countries, nationalities, and languages and then brainstormed what we knew about the USA. We also talked about how we think life in Czech Republic and America are similar and different. Students competed in the trivia quiz on page 18 and then we discussed the map. We talked about the difference between country and state.

Students did the reading exercise on page 19 about California, Texas, New York, and Florida. We made stations around the room to recall facts from the reading about each state. Students worked in pairs to create internet research projects about one of the 50 states. Our class chose Virginia, Minnesota, Alabama, and New Mexico. Students presented their projects while others listened for key information such as: state nickname, animal, plant, and population. 


Today in class we talked about Earth, landforms, and the environment. Students discussed how they think the world and weather in changing and what the landscape of Czech Republic is. We completed Unit 2 page 14.

We also reviewed state verbs such as enjoy, like, need, know, and love. We discussed why these cannot be used in the present continuous tense and completed the grammar assignments on page 15. 

To end class we discussed and brainstormed animals. We completed the listeniing on page 16. We played some speaking games to review the vocabulary we learned. 



Today in class we played some games to learn about our classmates' summer holidays. We did a listening lesson with "Kid President." After some listening games, we made our own list of ways to make class awesome. To finish class, we talked about some of the things we learned last year and some new goals for this year. See you next week!



Today we played some getting to know you games with our group and did some speaking practice about likes/dislikes, hobbies, school, and things we are good at. We all discussed and brainstormed things that we would like to learn about this year.

In the second half of class, we talked about rules, good students, and good teachers. We created our class rules and signed contracts. We prepared our portfolios that will be used at the beginning of each class. Finally, we learned about our new reward system of collecting tickets that can be used to by treats and experiences every six weeks!


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