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Na této webové stránce se dočtete, co děti na hodinách angličtiny dělaly, co by si mohly doma procvičovat, co si mají nastudovat na testy, které budou psát při hodinách, a také se zde dozvíte i další důležité informace týkající se výuky. Proto Vás prosíme, abyste si tyto stránky pravidelně prohlíželi. Budete-li mít nějaké další dotazy, můžete nám kdykoli zavolat nebo poslat email.





Today in class we did a problem solving lesson. Students brainstormed all the words related to holiday they could. Then we thought about jobs and careers. Students boarded some different jobs and everyone got to choose one as their role on our "Deserted Island." Working together, students described their journey on a cruise ship. After the "crash",they had to agree on items to take for survival on an island.

The groups had to cooperate and agree on what to do when they got to their islands and how to use their materials. They could make a rescue plan, hunt, build shelter, explore, secure their camp and relax. Groups designed shelters and made plans to find food and water for their survival. We learnt new words like flare, footprints, tent, torch, to purify, to hunt, shelter, survival, deserted, tarp, moat, spear, net, and weapon. 



Today in class we did some team and empathy building. Students warmed up with some conversation practice. We did some listening comprehension with a video by Kid President called "20 things we should say more often." We did a few worksheets to practice comprehension. Students discussed things they most and least enjoy hearing each day.

In the second half of class we all made self portrait or descriptive posters. We passed these around the class and had classmates write kind notes as a "yearbook" activity. To end class, we did some vocabulary review.


Today we reviewed all music vocabulary including a variety of instruments, genres, and festival related vocabulary. We learnt new words like vendor, merch, headliner, line-up, a hit, EP, recording, etc. Students read an article about four popular music festivals: Pohoda, Colours of Ostrava, Rock for People, and Sziget. We did comprehension questions, a chart, and then summaried what we learnt. We also played a team comprehension race.

Students did a project to create their own festival line up with vendors and attractions. We shared these with everyone. 


Today in class most students were at their school in nature trip. The students that were there watched part of a movie about middle school, peer pressure, and fitting in. We completed comprehension questions, wrote and reviewed new words we heard, and discussed some of the same issues that students have in school now. 


Today in class students reviewed all of the vocabulary and grammar from Units 13-16. We takled about health, towns, animals, and weather. We reviewed giving recommendations and suggestions, using directions and prepositions. We also practiced a bit with the past continuous tense, especially when it's used with the past simple tense for interrupted events. Students completed the last test of the semester! Enjoy the long weekend!



Today in class we finished Unit 15 about weather and places. We did the speaking, vocabulary, and listening exercises on page 90. We studied using the past continuous tense and did some grammar and speaking exercises on page 91. We also played a board game in small groups to practice the grammar. Students completed the reading on page 92 and the listening and speaking exercises about weather in England on page 93. 

Suggested homework: page 157 exercises 2 and 4


Easter Break!


Today in class we learnt about Easter traditions and Spring celebrations around the world. We thought of related vocabulary and learnt some new ones like parade, bonnet, bucket, egg hunt, and religious. Students did a game with the vocabulary and practiced some speaking.

We used Gate magazine to practice reading about spring celebrations in Europe, India, the Middle East, and Thailand. Students then did a competitive comprehension game. Finally, we did a listening exercise about Easter in the U.K. 

Have a great Easter break!



Today in class we reviewed some of our old grammar and had a sentence relay race. We also practiced old vocabuarly. We used Gate magazine to practice listening and reading.



Today in class we did speaking practice through games. We played taboo and catchphrase to describe words and categories to our partners but we couldn't use some words. We played "Dobble" with past tense and sentences. Students also played "Heads Up" to practice and review all of their old vocabulary. Finally, we created stories using past tense and present perfect tense through "Storycubes."


Today in class students completed unit 14 about prepositions and places in a town. We learnt things like petrol station, university, roundabout, through, across, opposite, and over. Students did a reading exercise about what sights can be found in Edinburgh and where they are located. We also did a listening exercise with some comprehension work about a weekend in Scotland. Students did some speaking practice with giving directions to and from different places on a map. Finally, we did a group board race game with new vocabulary.

Homework: page 85 exercise 3


Today in class students did some speaking practice about school, rules, bullying, social relationships, and the pros and cons of being in middle school. We watched part of "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" and did some listening comprehension exercises to talk about the plot, characters, and our predictions.


Today in class students did a practice KET exam. We discussed the parts of the exam, how to complete each part, and important test taking tips. We did the listening paper and everyone received their scores. Then, students completed the reading and writing tests. 



Today in class we took a break from the grammar. We talked about different kinds of relationships and bonds. We did a reading about a hit song "See You Again." We learnt about the history of the song and tested our comprehension with a worksheet and team relay. In the second half of class, we did a listening exercise with the song. We practiced sequencing the keywords and then listened and filled in the lyrics. We learnt words like hit, track, in record time, a bond, to stand by someone, and melancholy. To end class, we did some speaking practice about music and relationships.

Homework: review your grammar and vocabulary for a quiz next week!


Today in class students completed Units 11 and 12 of their books. We discussed technology, what we use it for, and why it can be good or bad. We learnt about early computers. We also practiced using comparative adjectives with "more" or "-er" and superlative adjectives with "the most" and "-est." We did a worksheet, game, and speaking practice with these. 

Homework: review your grammar


Today in class we reviewed irregular past participles and talked about using the present perfect tense to talk about our life experiences. We did a worksheet and then some speaking practice with the grammar. We played a game to practice the participles. We also did a class survey about our life experiences and some listening and comprehension practice about travel. 

Suggested homework: review your grammar and vocabulary



Today in class students talked about technology and cyberbullying. We did some speaking practice with photos. Students read an article about a teen that was cyberbullied at school. We predicted the ending and then completed some comprehension tasks. 

We discussed the idea of "walking in someone else's shoes." We did some group speaking practice to read different scenarios of bullying  then spoke about how we would feel and what we would do. 


Today we completed Unit 10. We focused on a lot of grammar and reviewing countable vs. uncountable nouns. We also reviewed using the articles a, an, and the. Finally, we learnt and practiced quantifiers like a few, a large number of, a large amount of, some, any, much, many, a lot of, a bit of, and a large amount of. Students practiced these with a worksheet. Finally, we played "Stop the Bus" to practice the quantifiers. 

Homework is page 152 all exercises 1-4. 


Today in class students completed Unit 9 of their textbooks. We learnt vocabulary related to things we wear like sweatshirt, hoodie, striped, plaid, thermals, tie, suit, jersey/dress, and bracelet. We completed the vocabulary, speaking, and listening on page 58. We also reviewed determiners on page 59. We played some speaking vocabulary games. 

Students completed the reading exercise on page 60 about strange things that clothing is made from. 

Homework: Writing exercise 10 and 11 on page 61. Think of a strange clothing creation and write 5-6 sentences about your idea.


Today in class students did some speaking practice with affirmative and negative past tense. We also played a game to review all of our old vocabulary and content from units 5-8. Students had a test in the second half of class. Everyone did well!





Today in class we had our last raffle day of the year and our Christmas party. Students talked about their holiday plans and their wishes for the Christmas break. We watched the movie Elf and tested our comprehension by summarizing parts and predicting what would happen next. 

Have a great Christmas break!


Today in class students completed Unit 8 of the textbooks. We talked about some of our favourite places. Students learnt words like corner, blanket, shelf, drawer, drawings, fans, and hut. We read about Roald Dahl's special place where all his famous books were written on page 50. Students competed in a comprehension game. 

We studied and reviewed indefinite pronouns for people, places, and things like something, anyone , no one/nobody, etc. Students completed the grammar exercises on page 51. 

We did some conversation practice and completed the listening exercises on page 52. Students then did a writing exercise about their special places, why they like them, and what they enjoy doing there. 

Suggested homework is page 150 exercises 1 and 2. Don't forget this is the last chance to get tickets for the Christmas party!


Today in class we discussed the topic of Christmas. Students brainstormed some related vocabulary words and talked about traditions and how they like to celebrate the holidays. We reviewed the past tense with irregular verbs and then practiced and reviewed some past participles of irregular verbs. Students did a team race with these. We'll be reviewing and learning the present perfect in the coming weeks.

Students got to choose the song for listening practice today and we practiced some listening with "Last Christmas." Students completed several comprehension tasks for the song. Finally, we did a speaking game with all of our holiday vocabulary.

Suggested Homework: page 148 exercises 2, 3, and 4. Don't forget to do your book reports by the 17th of December for extra tickets. 

Password for next class: "go, went, gone"



Today in class we talked about technology, smartphones, apps, and text messaging. We brainstormed some common abbreviations that we use when messaging such as LOL, BRB, TY, etc. Students learnt new abbreviations like: HAGD, CUL8R, TTYL, G2G, v, and zzz. They did a matching exercise to translate the meaning and practice writing friends some text messages.

We did a listening exercise about smartphones and teenagers and completed some comprehension tasks. Students did a technology survey with the class.

Suggested homework is writing a text message with abbreviations and the reading exercise handout. 


Today in class students completed Unit 5. We reviewed irregular verbs and the past tense, including negative statements and questions. Students did a speaking board game to practice this. 

We tested our knowledge of some important historical events with a trivia quiz and listened to check our answers on page 36. We also did a listening exercise about the Great Fire of London. We tested our comprehension with the exercises on page 38. We practiced reading about the Great Fire and the Black Death of London on page 39. 

We ended class with some speaking practice and a game.

Suggested homework is the reading exercises 2 and 3 on page 40. This is for two tickets. Don't forget everyone needs a minimum of 20 tickets for a Christmas celebration--three more weeks to earn these!


Today in class students reviewed all vocabulary and grammar from Units 1-4. We practiced adverbs of frequency, verbs that cannot be used in continuous, past tense with negatives, and gerunds. Students competed in a class review game. 

In the second half of class we had our ticket store day. Students completed the test for units 1-4. Well done!

Suggest homework is the corpus challenge worksheet for extra tickets.


Today in class students completed Unit 4 of their textbooks. We wrote descriptions of some of our favourite items for our portfolio. We read a story about an important missing item and predicted what would happen. Later in class we read the second half of the story to test our predictions. 

We reviewed some adjectives and learnt some vocabulary for describing everyday objects. Students played a speaking game to describe and guess normal, everyday objects. To make it more difficult, we played again by describing the items with one word only. We completed the listening exercise on page 29. Finally, we reviewed the negative, question, and irregular forms of past tense with a speaking game. 

Homework: page 31 exercise 5 and study units 1-4 for a test next week. Don't forget your tickets for the ticket store!



Today in class we covered the topic of Halloween. We reviewed some information from our lesson and reading exercise last week. Students did some speaking practice and a short portfolio writing about vocabulary related to the holiday. Students challenged themselves with listening exercises for the song "This is Halloween." 

We reviewed parts of speech and listened to the song to identify them. We also worked on a sequencing exercise and finally, we did a gap-fill worksheet with the song lyrics. Everyone did very well! Students discussed the best and scariest things about Halloween and did a group speaking competition. To finish class, we watched a short clip from "The Nightmare before Christmas." 

Suggested Homework: Finish the comprehension questions from the video. 


Today in class students completed a running reading exercise. They read four short articles about different Autumn holidays and celebrations around the world from pages 22 and 23 of the book. We learnt about Halloween in the USA, the Day of the Dead in Mexico, Diwali in India, and the Full Moon festival in Vietnam. They completed some pair comprehension exercises and had a group comprehension competition. Students learnt new words like: skull, harvest, ancestors, tombstone, feast, and cemetary.

In pairs, students did a short project about a popular Czech celebration or holiday and shared this with the class. 

Suggested homework is the fill in the blank exercise about Brazil's carnival on page 23 (exercise E)  . The password for next week is "this is Halloween."


Today in class students completed Unit 4 of their books about "I like listening to this." We learnt words about music such as album, to record, cello, tambourine, keyboard, soul, and jazz. We completed the listening, vocabulary, and speaking exercises in the book on page 24. We did the reading exercise about the MAD school on page 26. We played brainstorm and catchphrase to practice vocabulary. Finally, we finished with an exam style listening exercise on page 27. 

Homework: page 27 exercise 4

Password: tambourine. **If this is in your portfolio work next class, you get an extra ticket :)


Today we began class by doing some pair speaking work using last week's adverbs of frequency (regularly, rarely, usually, often, sometimes, always, never). Students practiced actively listening, recalling, and then writing what their partners said.

Then we talked about the topic of "Food and Ingredients" from Unit 3 of our books We did the listening exercise about making pancakes on page 18. We talked about our favorite recipes.  Students competed in an ABC board race all about food and drink. We completed the reading exercises on page 20 about the eating habits of three different teens from around the world. We completed a table to test our comprehension and then had a team comprehension race. We learned new words like curry, cabbage, dumplings, flour, and honey. 

Homework: page 144 exercises 2 and 3 for one extra ticket



Today in class, we had a quick review of school and classroom related words in Unit 1. Then students completed Unit 2: Sports and Games. We spoke about sports we do and play and played a group guessing game with the vocabulary. We did a reading exercise on page 16 and a listening exercise on page 17 all about five unusual sports around the world. We did a group comprehension competition after learning about the sports. Finally, we reviewed and practiced adverbs of frequency like usually, often, occassionally, regularly, and rarely. 

Homework: page 143 exercises 1 and 3


Welcome back everyone! Today in class we got to know each other and played some introductory games. First, we played a speaking game with Lentilky and then remembered what our classmates shared so that we could all find many things in common. We played an "all about me" speaking board game and did a class survey. 

We discussed rules and why we have them. Students created rules for themselves and we discussed what the teacher should also do. We also discussed our ticket system for following the rules, doing homework, and speaking lots of English. We all signed our class contract. We received our new books and reviewed what we'll be learning this year. Finally, we began working on our summer surveys.

Homework: Finish your summer surveys for two homework tickets!


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