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Today in class we celebrated the end of our online lessons! We discussed our summer plans, things we've learnt, the pros and cons of our quarantine school journey, transitioning back to school, mindfulness and stress, and how we'll continue practicing our English over the holidays. We reviewed some of our old vocabulary and grammar.

We played Scattergories and Scribblio online to end our year. 

Well done everyone and have a great summer!!


Today in class we did pages 116 and 117 of our textbooks about the topic of "Fake News." We discussed current events, news sources, and where we trust getting new information from. We did the reading and listening comprehension exercises.

We reviewed old grammar and vocabulary with some online games and practiced critical thinking with a game of Boggle.

Suggested homework: read the news in English to share stories next class; be sure to check your sources and avoid fake news 


Today in class we reviewed all of our vocabulary from previous units with some description and drawing guessing games. We did Unit 17: Talented. We discussed our talents and watched a video about other teens being interviewed about their talents. We practiced our listening with the video and the exercises on page 98. 

New vocabulary from today included: poet/poetry, biography, flute, recorder, sculpture, studio, gallery, novel, audience, and painter. To end class we played a game and did the speaking practice on page 98. 

Suggested homework: page 98 exercise 4



Today in class we completed Unit 16: Amazing Science. We learned verbs like blow, rub, tie, fill, stir, pour, shake, peel, cool, and wrap. We did the reading and listening comprehension exercies on page 90. 


We revised the 2nd conditional and learnt the zero and 1st conditional. We did the grammar exercises on page 92 and did some online games and speaking practice with these. 

To end class, we played scribblio to review our old vocabulary. 

Suggested homework: page 91 reading comprehension exercise 3


In today's lesson we continued practicing the second conditional and using it with giving advice and talking about hypothetical situations. We did some exercises to practice the grammar and using past forms of irregular verbs. We did a lot of speaking practice. We brainstormed some of the problems we've had during quarantine and used the second conditional to give each other advice.

Finally, we practice writing the affirmitive, negative, and question forms of the grammar.

Suggested homework for next week: Write three sentences about "If I went back to school next week, I would...." using the second conditional.


Today our lesson was unfortunately cancelled due to some technical difficulties. In order to make up for this lesson we will have a make-up lesson on Monday the 8th of June at our normal time. If parents have any questions they can contact me or Miss Deanna and Miss Andrea. 

Please don't forget to bring your homework on the 2nd conditional for next week so we can revise and practice.


Today in class we completed Unit 18 "The World of Work." We brainstormed and discuss different jobs and the classes, subjects, and requirements for each. We learnt new words including: coach, babysitter, politician, builder, pharmacist, vet, presenter, and architect. We did some speaking practice with the vocabulary and talked about what jobs would be the most interesting, boring, difficult, etc. 

We learned the second conditional for grammar and did the exercises on page 104. We did some speaking practice with the grammar including "What would you do if you could have any job in the world? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? What would you do if you got bad marks in a class?" We did some online games to practice making these sentences. 

To end, we did the listening exercises on page 105.

Suggested homework: Grammar exercises 1, 2, and 3 on page 155.



Today in our lesson we reviewed all of our old grammar and vocabulary with some reading, listening, and speaking exercises and games. 

We brainstormed topics we'd like to discuss and added them to our online "Conversation Wheel." We took turns creating questions and discussing things like staying healthy in quarantine, how we've stayed busy, things we've learnt, online learning versus classroom learning, and new hobbies we've practiced or tried.


Today we focused on speaking and listening. We spent the first half of class discussing, sharing, and comparing our experiences the last six weeks out of school. Students reviewed asking questions in the past tense, useful phrases for expressing agreement and disagreement, and phrases to express their opinions. 

We also did some listening comprehension about six different teens around the world who described their favourite items. We did a keyword dictation and then put them in order. We did some role-play activities by choosing a teen and retelling their script. 

Suggested homework: choose 4 topics (your interests, current events, something you want to learn, etc.) and present them to the class for our speaking practice next week


Today in our online class we completed unit 15 of the books about technology and digital life. We did the vocabulary and listening comprehension exercises on page 86. We reviewed the present perfect and past participle form of irregular verbs. We used vocabulary like download, upload, shared, virus, podcast, app, hashtag, and file to discuss what we have and have't done online. 

Students did the reading comprehension and exercises on page 87. We discussed the different teen profiles that we read about and what apps would be best for them. We created our own personal profiles and matched apps for each other. To end class, we did a quick thinking vocabulary Boggle game.

Suggested homework: find a new app to practice your English and share it with the class next week



Today we covered Unit 14: On Screen about TV and film on pages 80 through 84. We did the vocabulary exercises on pages 80 ad 83 learning new words like reality show, chat show, animation, plot, clip, trailer, producer, director,  and character. We did some speaking practice with these new words by describing our favourite shows and movies. 

We completed the reading and comprehension exercises on page 81 as well as the listening and comprehension work on page 84. We reviewed our past grammar points including: quantifiers, past continuous, present perfect with just/already/yet/ever/never, irregular past, and relative pronouns.

Suggested homework: page 83 purple grammar exercises 3 and 4


Today in our second online lesson we covered Unit 13: Mixed Feelings. We talked about emotions and the adjectives we use to describe them. We learnt words including: embarassed, amazed, exhausted, disappointed, proud, brave, and hopeful. We completed the listening and vocabulary exercises on page 76. We also did some speaking practice about how we feel during situations and what situations cause us to feel stressed, proud, disappointed, etc.

We completed the reading and comprehension exercises on page 77. Finally, we reviewed our past participles and the present perfect verb tense with ever and never. We watched a video and did the grammar exercises on page 78 to practice using present perfect with "just," "already," and "yet." We talked about or days to practice using the grammar. Well done today everyone!

Suggested homework for next week: practice and review your past participles


Today in our online lessons we covered Unit 12 of our textbooks about animals and wildlife. We did the vocabulary exercises and trivia quiz on page 68 and practiced listening comprehension to check our answers. We learnt words like worm, disease, pufferfish, mole, deer, antlers, fly, mosquito, etc. We used the modal verbs can, might, and could to describe animals to each other and guess. 

We completed the reading comprehenshion exercises on page 69 about strange and unsual animals and did some speaking practice about them. To end our lesson, we did the listening comprehension about animals that help humans on page 71. 

Suggested homework: Finish last week's homework and review today's vocabulary.


Today in class we did part of Unit 11 about Bodies and Health. We learnt new body part vocabulary like chin, cheeks, forehead, thumb, ankle, wrist, throat, and elbow. We learned health and illness related words including ache, sore, broken, runny nose, a cold, a fever, a disease, etc. We did some games and speaking practice with the vocabulary and completed the vocabulary and listening exercises on page 64. 

We reviewed using "Will" for making predictions about the future and discussed what the world will be like in 1,000 years.We did the reading comprehension exercises on page 65. Finally, we used what we'd read and discussed the best ways to stay healthy in life. 

Homework: BLUE vocabulary exercises 1, 2, and 3 on page 66.


Today in class students did some test practice and worked on their listening, reading, and writing skills. We also reviewed the previous ten units of vocabulary. 



Today in class we talked about "Middle School." We used could, would, and should to talk about teachers, principals/headmasters, and students roles at school. We brainstormed some of the best and worst things about middle school.

We watched a movie clip from "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" and did some comprehension exercises. We talked about the pranks that Rafe plans for his school and came up with some creative ideas of our own pranks. It was fun to imagine what it would be like if the students ran the schools and the teachers got the homework.


Spring Holidays! Everyone enjoy your trips!


Today in class we completed the Culture unit on pages 62 and 63. Students did some speaking practice and games with food vocabulary. We learnt words like pickled, speciality, raisins, dill, pork, beef, leek, etc. Students did the reading comprehension on page 62 and the listening exercises on page 63. 

In groups, we discussed traditional British, American, and Czech foods. We reviewed our past participles and the present perfect tense. 

Suggested Homework: page 60 purple grammar exercises 5 and 6.

Password: English speciality cuisine


Today in class we completed unit 10 of the textbooks about food, healthy habits, and eating out. We did the listening, vocabulary, and reading comprehension exercises for the unit video on pages 58 and 61. We learnt new vocabulary for describing the taste of food like juicy, raw, fresh, sour, bitter, rotten, sweet, salty, etc. We did some pair speaking exercises to use the vocabulary. 

We reviewed the present perfect to discuss our lives and practiced past participles. We talked about the differences with using past simple and present perfect for finished or specific times (past simple) or unfinished times (present perfect). We did the grammar exercises on page 60 and page 147 to practice this. 

Suggested homework: page 59 reading exercises 1 and 2

Password for next week: snails and mussels



Today in class we started unit 9 in our textbooks about money, spending and shopping. We learnt vocabulary words including: receipt, a bank account, to give something away, to take something back, checkout, to save up, and pocket money. We did some vocabulary and speaking exercises on page 56. Students also completed the listening exercise on page 56.

We started discussing the present perfect tense for life experiences. Students did a pair exercises with past participles. Finally, we played a board race to practice all of our irregular past participles. 

Suggested homework: Study, review, and practice all of the "B" irregular verb forms on page 158. Be/was-were/been, become/became/become, bring/brought/brought, begin/began/begun, break/broke/broken, build/built/built, burn/burnt/burnt, buy/bought/bought


Today in class students did a vocabulary and grammar review and some pair speaking exercises. We did the test for units 5 through 8 and practiced writing creative stories.

Well done today everyone! There's no homework after today's test.


Today in class we did pages 50 and 51 of the textbooks all about "Interpersonal Communication: Dealing with Conflict." Students all discussed and brainstormed some of the situations we find conflict or problems that are common including school, friends, family, stress, and clubs. We did the reading comprehension exercises and the listening exercises on page 51. Students did some speaking exerices to follow up the exercises to talk about what they could, would, and should do in conflict scenarios. 

Finally, we reviewed all of our vocabulary and phrasal verbs from units 5-8. We did some games and pair speaking exercises to practice. 

Suggested homework: for 5 tickets complete the Unit 5-8 review on pages 52 and 53 for a test next week


Today in class students completed Unit 8 "Going Away" all about travel on pages 46-49 of their textbooks. We learnt words related to air travel like check in, baggage, queue, passport control, security check, customs, take off, sign, departure gate, etc. We did some speaking and vocabulary games with the vocabulary. We completed the reading exercise about a travel blog to Tokyo on page 47.

Students practiced listening comprehension on page 49 about a student travel essay competition. We did a team game to check our understanding of the listening. Finally, we reviewed using the present continuous and "going to" for future plans and predictions. 

Suggested homework: study the vocabulary on page 46 for a short quiz next week



Today in class we discussed our Christmas break plans. We had a class holiday party and watched part of Home Alone and did some comprehension, summarizing, and predicting with the plot of the movie!

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Suggested homework: watch the second half of the movie and write one paragraph about your favorite scene.


Today in class we talked about Christmas. We brainstormed various Christmas related vocabulary. Students did some speaking practice about their favourite activites and traditions.

We had a STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) Christmas challenge project. Students competed in various tasks to brainstorm, design, test, and score different Christmas items such as cups for milk, sleighs, snowball swatters, trees, and ornaments. Teams were assesed on using English, cooperation, creativity, and the success of their design. We talked about why some ideas worked and how to improve ideas. Well done everyone!

There's no homework for next week.


Today in class students completed unit 7. We discussed different relationship and learnt the vocabulary on page 42 with verb phrases using be/do/must/have such as: be annoyed, have an argument, have lots in common, do a favour. We completed the listening comprehension exercises on page 42 and the reading comprehension on page 43.

We learnt the modal verbs "have to," "must," and "need to." We discussed the differences and did the exercises on page 44 and did some speaking practice about school, home, and relationships using the grammar. Students did some speaking practice games and competition.

Suggested homework: page 44 purple vocabulary exercises  1 and 2.




Today in class we tested our knowledge with trivia about some of the world's most famous cities on pages 38-40 of the textbook. We discussed city live compared to town and village life. We read about New York city's history and diversity. We did some comprehension games and learnt new vocabulary such as skyscraper, nickname, palace, temple, subway, population, sights and neighborhood.

We listened to a teen discuss her trip to NYC and did some comprehension work. Finally, students did the internet research project on page 40 about cities like Tokyo, Munich, and Salt Lake City to learn about its history, interesting facts, size, and sights.


Today in class we completed unit 6 of our textbooks. We learnt about modern life in cities, towns, and countries and discussed the pros and cons of each. We did some comprehension with the unit video which interviewed four British teens.We learnt new words from page 36 including pollution, traffic jam, rush hour, cathedral, crowds, green spaces, underground, etc. We did some speaking and competitions with the new vocabulary.

We practiced and reviewed countable and uncountable nouns and how to use these with various quantifiers like some/any, much/many, a lot of, a few/a little. 

Suggested homework: page 38 grammar (purple) exercises 2 and 3


Today in class we reviewed past simple and continuous tenses, adjectives used to compare 2 and more things (comparatives and superlatives), our vocabulary from units 1-4. We did some group and pair speaking practice. Students took their first test and got their scores back. Well done everyone!


Today in class we discussed sports and various sporting equipment. We did some vocabulary speaking exercises with newly leart words like net, championship, trophy, bat, trainer, coach, match, fit, stretch, etc. We discussed the different between sports we do/play/go. We did a sport trivia competition.

Students learnt the past continous tense. We completed the grammar exercises on page 26 to practice the tense and making questions and negative statements. We also did some group games with the vocabulary exercises on page 26. To end class, we completed the listening comprehension exercises about sports reporting on page 27. 

Suggested homework: Reading page 25 exercises 2 and 3



Today in class we discussed climate, weather, and global climate change. We did some speaking practice with pictures and brainstormed our ideas and vocabulary about climate change. We practiced our reading and listening comprehension with an article about Greta Thunberg, the teenage Swedish activist. We had a group competition to test our comprehension. 

After listening to her speech to the UN and discussing our thoughts and opinions, we did a group project and presentation on ways we can help to reduce our impact on the environment.

Suggested homework: write one thing you learned about global climate change or Greta


Today in class we completed Unit 3: Ways of Life. We learnt vocabulary for big life events such as get a driver's license, get a degree, grow up, and retire. We did the vocabulary exercises and some speaking activities on page 20. We did the reading comprehension exercises on page 21. 

We reviewed comparative (adjective + er/more...than) and superlative (the+ adjective + est/the most...) adjectives as well as using "as.....as" to compare two or more things. We did some of the exercises on page 22 and speaking practice to use this. 

Suggested homework: page 140 exercises 1, 2, and 3 for two tickets


Today in class we completed Unit 2 of the book which was all about fashion, trends, and clothing. We learnt new vocabulary for pieces of clothing and adjectives to describe clothing like baggy, loose-fitting, skinny, fashionable, smart, tracksuit, suit, tie, and accessories. We completed the listening, speaking, and vocabulary exercises on page 15. 

We tested our reading comprehension by reading, completing questions, and recalling information from an article on page 15 about Fashion Trends and Music throughout the decades. We played a game to test our knowledge. We did the listening exercises on page 17 about The Beatles and trends in the 1960's. 

Finally, we reviewed the parts of speeching including: verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and linking words. We played a brainstorm game for these and talked about how to transform adjectives to adverbs. We reviewed the irregular past tense with a team board race with sentence formation. 

Suggested homework: page 16 grammar exercises 2 and 3 (in blue numbers) for adverbs



Today in class we discussed bullying and empathy. We did some speaking practice about our own experiences. We did some listening comprehension exercises with part of the movie, "Wonder." After checking our comprehension, we read about different bullying scenarios and discussed in small groups what we would do, should do, and shouldn't do in the situations.

Suggested homework: Write one paragraph about how you felt about what happened to Auggie.


Today in class we talked about all the adjectives we can use to describe people. We learnt new words like impatient, polite, cheerful, shy, rude, careless, miserable, grumpy, independent, confident, etc. We also spoke about how the prefixes un-, in-, and im- can be added to many adjectives to make them negative. We did the vocabuarly and speaking exercises on page 10 and 12. We reviewed the present simple and present continuous tenses on page 12. We did some pair and team guessing games and speaking practice with all of the new vocabuarly.

Finally, we practiced some reading comprehension on page 11 by reading three profiles of teens and their hobbies. We did a team competition to test how much of the text we could remember. 

Suggested homework is: page 13 exerercise 7-writing a personal profile OR page 138 grammar exercises 1,2, and 3. You choose the homework for two extra tickets! If you do both, you get 4 tickets.


Today in class we played some icebreaker games to get to know each other. We used the past tense to find out what all of our classmates did over the summer. Students discussed what good teachers do and what good students do so that we could make some class rules and discuss how the year will go. 

To end class we did some portfolio work and played some review games of our old vocabulary. We talked about what we learnt last year and what we want to learn this year.

Homework for next week: Explore the textbook and find 6 new things we will learn this year


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