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Na této webové stránce se dočtete, co děti na hodinách angličtiny dělaly, co by si mohly doma procvičovat, co si mají nastudovat na testy, které budou psát při hodinách, a také se zde dozvíte i další důležité informace týkající se výuky. Proto Vás prosíme, abyste si tyto stránky pravidelně prohlíželi. Budete-li mít nějaké další dotazy, můžete nám kdykoli zavolat nebo poslat email.





Today we talked about different types of music. We listened to samples from rock, jazz, rap, pop, soul, and classical music, and then shared our opinions with the class, using the phrases "I love/like/dislike/hate listening to _____". We arranged these kinds of phrases from the most positive (really love) to the most negative (really hate) and used them to describe how we feel about different activities on pg 23. We had a spelling competition with regular and irregular "+ing" verbs, and also acted out some of the new verb phrases we learned on pg 25 to remember them. In the end, we read a bit about festivals in other countries on pg 21, and compared what each event is like.

Homework: choose a festival that happens in the Czech Republic, and think about: What's it called? When does it happen? What do the people wear? What do the people do? What do the people eat? If you can't think of any interesting Czech festivals, think up your own :)


Today we wrote recipes in groups for how to make a cake, and compared our directions to a funny video. We listened to someone give us directions about how to make pancakes on page 18, and practiced using some vocabulary and verbs to talk about how to prepare food. We practiced using the present continuous on page 19 to talk about things that are happening at the moment, and did a team game to remember when to use the present simple or present continuous.

In the second part of class, we played a guessing race with new vocabulary, which became pretty exciting : ) After that, we read and shared about other kids’ eating habits on page 20 in groups, and as a mini-project we made a “daily menu” for the person we read about.

Homework: write a daily menu for yourself (some foods you always or usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert) and also include some things you NEVER eat, or only sometimes.


Today in class we talked about sports and games, and which ones we use with the verb "play" or "go". We read about some unusual sports, and also listened to other people describe unusual sports. We learned some vocabulary about sports and equipment. In the second half of class, we talked about how often we play sports and do other activities: always, often, usually, sometimes, never. 

The homework is on page 17:#7, fill in the missing words in the sentences, and #9, pick a sport and describe how it is played in about 5 sentences.




Today in class combined our class with Miss Adrienne's class because Miss Hannah is on holiday. She'll be back next week! Together, we reviewed some school and classroom vocabulary. For our portfolios, we tried to remember 25 different objects and had a competition to see who could remember the most items and words. We completed pages 10 and 11 of our textbooks with some vocabulary, reading, and speaking practice. 

In the second part of class, we played a speaking game about school, schedules, teachers, and rules. We reviewed the months and days of the year and completed the listening exercise on page 12 to practice the differences between spoken and written dates. We then raced against the clock to line up in order of our birthdays and name days. To finish class, we reviewed the present tense and completed page 13 of our textbook.


Today we played some games to remember each other's names, get to know each other better, and remember some of the things we learned last year. We talked about the rules we have in class, and also how we can earn rewards and small surprises :-) We decorated our portfolios while listening to music in English, and also took a quiz and talked about how we like to learn. I'm excited to hear about how your next class goes!



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