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Today in class the students voted what they wanted to watch for their end-of-year party next week. Then they began a guessing game, where they had to guess the family relationship from a list of names (brother, mom, uncle, grandma, cat, etc), first of the teacher and then from a classmate. Then they played a game of "name" battleship--they wrote in gameboards and then tried to find the names on their partner's gameboard first. In the second half of class, they talked about places they travel to with their families, and then did a project about travelling--creating tickets for their journeys, writing a postcard from their favourite destination, and sharing what their plans are for the summer.

Homework: none!


Today in class we talked about the homework from last lesson, where the students had to write some suggestions for what to do the last LEAP class of the school year, on June 19th : ) Then we moved to the topic of films and film trailers, where the students had to describe the plot of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After comparing notes and editing grammar, we watched the film trailer and talked about what the trailer showed versus what the students wrote about. Then the class watched the film trailer for School of Rock, and described what they think the movie is about, based on the short clip. In the second half of class, the students described what a film review is and the different parts of it, and then they read an example of a film review together. Using a similar format, they all wrote their own movie reviews about a film of their choice, and then read it in front of the class to get them to guess the film. At the end of class, the students played a speed round of Taboo, where they had to describe or guess different words on pieces of paper.

Homework: none! :)



Today in class the students reviewed the homework from pg 104 together, and we discussed what talent shows are and our experience being in them or watching them. Then the students played a game where they had to think of a colour, personality adjective, adjective for physical appearance, and a type of clothing that begins with a given letter (B, S, G, F). In the second half of class, the students used their adjectives and other suitable words to describe people from different talent show videos. Then they shared their lists for the other students to guess. The students practiced making suggestions using the phrases "Why don't we____?", "Let's____.", "Shall we____?", and "Why not____?". They were each given a situation and had to write four suggestions using these formats.

Homework: use the phrases "Why don't we____?", "Let's____.", "Shall we____?", and "Why not____?" to write suggestions for what we should do on our last day of LEAP on June 19th : )


Today in class the students shared about their long holiday from LEAP using the present perfect (I've _______ since our last class.) and caught up on what we worked on. Then we started with unit 17, "What's On" with the students listing their favourite programmes, channels and cartoons, and what they're going to watch tonight. The students looked at some pictures on pg 102 and said what the people in the pictures are going to do (using [somebody] am/are/is going to [verb]...), and then talked about their checklist on pg 103. Then, in groups, the students created their own checklists for their "Perfect Night Out". In the second half of class, the students acted out the things on their to-do list for the other team to guess. Using the prompts on the bottom of pg 103, they wrote sentences for each other about what they are going to do. Then they played a guessing game, "Who is going to....?"

Homework: read the text on pg 104 and then match the questions in part 2 to the paragraphs : )



Today in class we looked at the comic from the homework and the students recreated the story using only the verbs. Then they wrote their own mini-stories using the past simple and past continuous, and shared them with the class. They completed some past continuous and past simple practice exercises and speaking activities on pg 95. In the second half of class, the students completed parts of a unit test and then worked together to compare and correct answers, using their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, as well as the grammar knowledge they've acquired so far this year.
Homework: since we have such a long LEAP holiday (three weeks off!!), there is more homework than usual. If you finish pg100 and the writing section of pg 101, you will receive FIVE tickets next class!! :)


Today in class we had the Ticket Shop, where the students exchanged their hard-earned tickets for prizes. After correcting the homework from last class, they answered questions about themselves using the past continuous, giving either true or made-up answers. Then we talked about fictional creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster. In groups, the students read a text on pg 92 about the Fen Tiger or the Yeti, and then told the other group about what they'd read. In the second half of class, they  invented and wrote a text about their own fictional character which originates in the Czech Republic, and presented their story to the class. In groups, they played a vocabulary game against each other and tried to think of the most creative answers to geography and animal-related questions, and at the end of class, they reviewed some geography vocabulary on pg 93.

Homework: read through the comic and complete exercise 3 on pg 94


Today in class we first finished the homework as a class (since no one finished it at home...). The students continued working on their group project from last class, and then presented their travel brochures to each other. Before break, the students all took a quiz to name different common places in towns and cities. In the second half of class, they matched descriptions of weather to pictures, and then raced at the board to spell words related to weather and -ing verbs. We reviewed the difference between weather nouns and adjectives, and then started working in the past continuous tense. The students went around the classroom and asked each other what they were doing at different times in the past, and recorded and shared their answers using the past continuous and simple properly. At the end of class, the students quickly reviewed how to form the past continuous and when to use "was" and "were".

Homework: exercise #10 on pg 91



Today in class the students shared the homework they completed--giving clear directions from school to some place. We continued on the topic of "In The Town" with a listening exercise on pg 87, practicing following directions using a map and landmarks. Then they worked in pairs to match pictures to phrases they learned in the unit. They played a game where they had to guess what the word (common places in a city) was by acting/explaining/drawing for the rest of the group. Then they took a quick quiz on what they knew about the city of Edinburgh. In the second half of class, they compared and then corrected their answers by reading a touristic article on Edinburgh on pg 86. As a project, the students formed groups, and as a "travel agency", they had to create a brochure and write key information about a city of their choice.


Homework: complete exercise 3 on pg 156 : )


After talking about the results of the exam they took last class, the students revised the topic of "Giving Advice". The class thought of as many "should/shouldn't" phrases for a person training for a race, and compared their ideas to some of the suggestions given on pg 82. They then completed a listening exercise to hear and discuss other thoughts and suggestions. In the second half of class, the students raced to write down the name of the place described by the teacher (eg. a place to eat food-->a restaurant). We looked at a city map on pg 84 together and found these common places, and the students practiced giving very clear step-by-step directions between two places on the map. At the end of class, the students looked at written directions and had to fill in the correct preposition to describe where things were on pg 85.
Homework: write clear directions from the school to your house, using some of the phrases we practiced today in class : )


Today in class we reviewed chapters 9-12, with some games and competitions between students and in teams. In the second half of class, the students took the unit exam. After finishing the exam, the students read books in English and we played a quick game : )

Homework: this is the password for next class--GOOD ADVICE


Today in class the students presented their completed homework assignments. Then we started on the topic of "Healthy Bodies". The students raced to fill out a human body vocabulary quiz and find the rest of the words on a diagram. In the textbook on pg 80, they matched sentences about injuries or illnesses to pictures. We focused on the idea of giving advice (using "should" and "shouldn't") and picked out and then listened for advice about different health problems. In the second half of class, the students raced to match and complete advice for different problems on pg 81 and compared ideas. At the end of class, the students looked at a set of vocabulary and some pictures to put together a story in the past. **We also did some speaking practice related to the KET exam to familiarize the students to the format and talk a little bit about what to expect**

Homework: write down a story of 6-8 sentences using the given vocabulary and images on pg 82--you can use ideas that students presented in class during the spoken story-building activity :)



Today in class we had a project day, where the students spent time revising and talking about the topic "Technology" in the first hour and then created their own work in the second hour. The students created a chart to describe how much time they spend on technology daily, and with which kinds of devices. Then they completed a reading in pairs which described the pros and cons of different "apps" that are popular now, and how they are used. Using this as a model, the students formed groups and designed their own app, and had to create: a brand name, a logo, a slogan, and a description of what the app does, how it works, and why people should download and use it. Then they presented their new app to the rest of the class.

Homework: write a few sentences about an app you use often, including what it does, how it works, and the pros and cons of the app.


Today in class we reviewed the homework together, and then the students conducted surveys with each other, asking about habits and some other information. They wrote sentences with their findings using comparative and superlative forms, and then they shared their data with the class. In the second half of class, they corrected their writing, and then we transitioned to the topic of "Technology". They raced to match vocabulary with the pictures, and made common phrases by matching nouns with the appropriate verb. We read some facts about technology and we talked about whether we were surprised or worried about the new information. At the end of class they quizzed each other about their technology habits.

Homework: read the text on pg 72, and then write in the vocabulary from the text.


Today in class we talked about "Eating Out'. After checking the homework, we talked about our favourite restaurants and our experiences eating out, and explained what each part of the menu at a restaurant is, as well as some common examples. In teams, the students developed their own menus, as well as an advertisement explaining what their restaurant is like and what offers, and then we compared and contrasted each team's ideas. In the second half of class we focused more on how to make comparisons, and used different pairs of things to either say they were the same (#1 is as __________ as #2) or that they were different (#1 is more _____/_____+er than #2). They completed a couple exercises from the book to practice, and then we did a speaking game where they had to come up with comparative sentences using the adjective they selected from the board. In the end of class we talked a bit about "street food", and compared the style and type of food served in this setting versus at a restaurant.

Homework: look at the street food on the page and compare and contrast them to the food they included in their menus in the class activity.



Today in class we talked about shopping and buying things. First they made a list of all the things they've bought in the past week, and then they categorized them on the board as "countable" or "uncountable" nouns. We talked about different phrases used for each: a little, a bit of, some, a few, a lot of, any. Then they quizzed each other using cartoons with missing phrases. In the second half of class, they compared buying online and in-store and shared their favourite shops. We looked at a website selling funny t-shirts for inspiration, and the students made their own funny t-shirt. They also quickly developed their own advertisements and presented them to the class.

Homework: write sentences describing your t-shirt (what it looks like, what it's made of, what is on the t-shirt, why you like the t-shirt, etc).


Today in class we first reflected and talked about the test we took last week: what went well, and what we want to improve upon. We started chapter 9 with a discussion about crazy fashion ideas, and the students decided which outfits were the weirdest, most interesting, or what they would be most likely to wear. Then they drew some of the clothes their classmates were wearing, and they had to identify and describe the pieces of clothing. In pairs, the students sorted articles of clothing for different holidays (beach, skiing) and then had to add their own ideas of what they would pack. In the second half, the students practiced more with explaining what things are made of, and we listed some common and uncommon materials for clothing. Then we read an article talking about unusual fashions with unusual materials, and debated which were the best or worst and why. Then we did a class listening activity to get more inspiration for our own homework.

Homework: put together random pieces of clothing and unusual materials and "design" two new items--Describe them using the format "It's a good idea to make (piece of clothing) out of (material) because you've got ____________ when you _______________."


Today in class we reviewed chapters 5-8, and then took a test over what we learned in those chapters. After we finished the test, we did a short activity with drawing and then explaining a cartoon we made.


Today was our first day of class since winter holiday, so first we wrote down three of our favorite moments from the break and shared them with the class. We started unit 8 with practice giving descriptive clues about rooms or places for the other students to guess. Then we worked on the differences between some-/any-/no- with -thing/-one/-where with a short quiz that we raced to finish. In the second half of class, we finished unit 8 with a group exercise on pg 53 working on conversation phrases. Finally, we discussed the topic of flying machines on pg 53 and interviewed each other about the section we read using the questions on pg 54.


Homework: read the notes, and then complete the two short exercises practicing some-/any-/no- with -thing/-one/-where.



Today in class we had our Christmas party! We first wrote down some scrambled words to listen for and unscramble while we watched the film "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Afterwards, we reviewed the new vocabulary from the film, and then talked about the plot and the meaning. During the film we enjoyed popcorn and biscuits, AND we also traded in our tickets for prizes! :) At At the end of class, we played a game with guessing and "giving" each other the present we thought each person would want the most for Christmas.

Have a good holiday!


Today in class we practiced with asking and answering lots of questions! At the beginning, we wrote questions using what/who....with/when/where/how, and then interviewed others in the class and wrote down their responses. Then we worked in teams at the board and raced to fix mistakes in questions. In the second half of class we did an exercise on page 47 for revision. Lastly, we incorporated the subject of travel and tradition in different countries, and practiced describing different places, and took a quick quiz about Christmas traditions around the world.

Homework: Write a letter to Santa Claus, asking what you want for Christmas this year.


Today in class we focused on the theme of Christmas. We worked as a class to think of some Christmas vocabulary to talk about the holiday, and then we did an art project to make the classroom feel more festive :) We traced our hands and cut them out, and wrote one thing that reminds us of Christmas on each finger. At the end of class, we listened the the Christmas carol "Let it Snow" and looked at the lyrics. Then we had fun working in groups to act out the song to each other.

Homework: Take a verse (four lines) and change at least one word in each line to give the song a different meaning :)


Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
When we finally kiss goodnight
How I'll hate going out in the storm!
But if you'll really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still goodbying
But as long as you love me so
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!




Today in class we talked about many kinds of jobs, and narrowed down our list to have “job interviews”, where each team picked a job they were hiring for, and then interviewed the other team to select the best candidate. We practiced asking and answering questions in different situations, and also practiced coming up with responses spontaneously, which was fun. We did some speed reading on pg 44 about work laws for under-18’s in different countries, and had to answer on the board as quickly as possible. At the end of class, we looked at how we did on the unit test two weeks ago, and asked a few questions about what we did well on and what we want to improve.


Today we talked about this week´s holiday, called Thanksgiving. We learned new vocabulary connected with the topic and played various games such as The Vocabulary Hunt to revise it. We also watched a story about the history of Thanksgiving and practised speaking skills talking about it. In the end, we went through a reading passage where our task was to fill in the missing words. We had to put together the cut-up pieces of the story as well.

New vocabulary: wreath/Native Americans/settlers/pilgrims/cranberries/hunting/Mayflower/cornucopia/acorn


Today in class we wrote down 5 things we remember doing in class so far this year, and then took a small test to see how much we remember what we worked on in Units 1-4 of the textbook. In the second half of class, we did a spelling race to review how to spell verbs in the past tense. At the end, we read about the Black Death and the Great Fire, and had a competition with memorizing facts and dates. We also gave short presentations in groups about a historical event of our choice.

Homework: write 5-6 sentences about a historical event of your choice, including what the event was called, when and where it happened, and some things that happened during this event.


*Miss Hannah will be gone next week, so you will be with Miss Adela! :)


Today in class we did a series of competitions in small teams to practice everything we've learned so far and prepare for the Unit 1-4 quiz next class. We went over cooking, sports and music vocabulary, the present simple and continuous, adverbs of frequency and time phrases, making questions, and also a bit of speaking practice.
Homework: review the first four units of the textbook :)



Today in class we focused on the theme of Halloween, since the holiday is today! First we raced to think of as many words related to Halloween, and then watched a clip from a Halloween movie and tried to recognize and name as many things as we could. Then we competed to brainstorm items for different categories (monsters, costumes, candy, etc) and won stickers and candy for doing well, since today is also Treat Day! We talked about typical activities, events, and things related to the holiday, and what we would dress up as if we went trick-or-treating. We played an acting/explaining game to get others on our team to guess the secret word. In the end, we talked about “what we could/should/might do if…..” for different spooky situations.


Today in class we reviewed the culture section about festivals, and talked a little bit about what we'll be doing in class next week for Halloween! We did some activities and games practicing how to explain words and ideas when we don't remember the word in English, and also learned some new phrases to use. Near the end of class we talked a little bit about logos on pg 31-32, and our homework project. 

Homework: design a logo for ourselves, using some of the ideas and things to think about written on pg 32.


Today we talked about different types of music. We listened to samples from rock, jazz, rap, pop, soul, and classical music, and then shared our opinions with the class, using the phrases "I love/like/dislike/hate listening to _____". We arranged these kinds of phrases from the most positive (really love) to the most negative (really hate) and used them to describe how we feel about different activities on pg 23. We had a spelling competition with regular and irregular "+ing" verbs, and also acted out some of the new verb phrases we learned on pg 25 to remember them. In the end, we read a bit about festivals in other countries on pg 21, and compared what each event is like.

Homework: choose a festival that happens in the Czech Republic, and think about: What's it called? When does it happen? What do the people wear? What do the people do? What do the people eat? If you can't think of any interesting Czech festivals, think up your own :)


Today we wrote recipes in groups for how to make a cake, and compared our directions to a funny video. We listened to someone give us directions about how to make pancakes on page 18, and practiced using some vocabulary and verbs to talk about how to prepare food. We practiced using the present continuous on page 19 to talk about things that are happening at the moment, and did a team game to remember when to use the present simple or present continuous.

In the second part of class, we played a guessing race with new vocabulary, which became pretty exciting : ) After that, we read and shared about other kids’ eating habits on page 20 in groups, and as a mini-project we made a “daily menu” for the person we read about.

Homework: write a daily menu for yourself (some foods you always or usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert) and also include some things you NEVER eat, or only sometimes.


Today in class we talked about sports and games, and which ones we use with the verb "play" or "go". We read about some unusual sports, and also listened to other people describe unusual sports. We learned some vocabulary about sports and equipment. In the second half of class, we talked about how often we play sports and do other activities: always, often, usually, sometimes, never. 

The homework is on page 17:#7, fill in the missing words in the sentences, and #9, pick a sport and describe how it is played in about 5 sentences.




Today in class combined our class with Miss Adrienne's class because Miss Hannah is on holiday. She'll be back next week! Together, we reviewed some school and classroom vocabulary. For our portfolios, we tried to remember 25 different objects and had a competition to see who could remember the most items and words. We completed pages 10 and 11 of our textbooks with some vocabulary, reading, and speaking practice. 

In the second part of class, we played a speaking game about school, schedules, teachers, and rules. We reviewed the months and days of the year and completed the listening exercise on page 12 to practice the differences between spoken and written dates. We then raced against the clock to line up in order of our birthdays and name days. To finish class, we reviewed the present tense and completed page 13 of our textbook.


Today we played some games to remember each other's names, get to know each other better, and remember some of the things we learned last year. We talked about the rules we have in class, and also how we can earn rewards and small surprises :-) We decorated our portfolios while listening to music in English, and also took a quiz and talked about how we like to learn. I'm excited to hear about how your next class goes!



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