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Today in class we did Unit 17 about TV and talent show games. We read about different kinds of talent shows on page 112. We did a pair dictation race and some comprehension questions about what we read. We reviewed the parts of speech and completed a listening with new adjectives like fair, slim, attarctive, good-looking, and handsome. We then described some pictures using the adjectives.

We also worked on Unit 19: School Trips. We did some pair speaking with a school theme find the difference picture. We then brainstormed school related words and played a board game to ask and answer questions about school. We learned and reviewed modals of obligation: have to/don't have to/must. We did a listening with these and finally played the snowball game to guess our classmate's have to/don't have to sentences.


Today we had a big vocabulary and grammar review. We played games like team dictation, trivia, and post-it mania with all of our vocabulary including: present perfect simple, past continuous, comparatives and superlatives, past irregular tense, and phrasal verbs. 

We did some pair speaking practice to review all of our vocabulary.


We returned after a long break today! We had our video filming day for LEAP. 




Today in class we learned about the present perfect simple tense with ever and never to talk about life experiences. We reviewed, studied, and practiced the past participles of common irregular verbs. We did a worksheet and interactive games with these. We did some speaking practice with the positive, negative, and question forms of the present perfect. Finally, we did a class survey to practice the present perfect.

Homework: finish the past participle crossword for extra tickets. Don't forget to study your past participles smiley


Today in class students completed a practice listening paper for the KET exam. We reviewed our results and discussed successful strategies for doing well on the test. We also did some speaking and conversation practice for the exam. 

Students also reviewed all the grammar we have learnt this year through an interactive whiteboard game. We reviewed possessive pronouns, determiners, quantifiers, past continuous, irregular verbs, comparatives, superlatives, and present perfect to talk about life experiences. 

There is no homework for next week.


Today in class we completed our project about bullying with "Wonder." Students retold the stories to each other and competed to remember and recall the most details. We discussed what we learned and one thing we would all like to try to do for others. 

We did a practice speaking exam for KET including an information gap fill and asking/answering questions about personal information. We started reviewing some of our grammar and verb tenses from this year. 





Today in class we reviewed the modals could/would/should by discussing bullying. We talked about the difference between being right and kind. Students were given different scenarios such as: you see someone sitting alone at lunch, you hear classmates making fun of another kid, etc and students shared what they could/would/should do. 

We watched part of the movie Wonder to further discuss this. We completed some comprehension questions to go with the video. 

Enjoy the long, Easter holiday!


This week in class we completed Unit 16: Animals that Help. Students brainstormed animals and played a catchphrase game to describe the animals. We learned ones like fox, hedgehog, ostrich, beaver, flamingo, snail, deer, walrus, etc. Students did the reading exercise on page 94.

We talked about past continuous when it is used with two actions happening in the past or when one action is interrupted. We did the grammar exercises on page 95 and used past continuous to tell the story about animals that help. 

Students completed the reading and vocabulary exercise on page 96 about lifeguard dogs in Italy. Finally, we did the listening exercise about a helper monkey on page 97. To end, we played animal and irregular verb Dobble.

Suggested homework: page 185 exercises 1/2/3


Today in class students completed Unit 15: Weather and Places. We talked about nouns and adjectives to describe weather such as storm/stormy, wind/windy, fog/foggy, wet/dry, hot/warm/cold, thunder, lightning, and pouring. We also brainstormed and discussed geographical feathers like mountains, lake, river, hills, mountains, caves, etc. We reviewed the adjectives to describe these features like high, tall, wide/width, long/length, far, deep, and shallow. We completed the vocabulary and listening exercises on page 90 and 93. 

We learned about the past continuous tense, how we use it, and when to use it. We did a lot of grammar practice. We compared the past simple and past continous by doing a team board and sentence race. We also played a speaking board game using the past continuous with various time phrases. 

Suggested homework is the reading exercises 1, 2, and 3 on page 92.



Today in class we completed Unit 14: Town and Directions. We started class with a review of quantifiers. Then we practiced giving directions, brainstorming prepositions, and places in town. We learned words such as petrol station, traffic light, roundabout, opposite, across, and through. We completed the vocabulary exercises on page 84 and the grammar exercises on page 85. Students did some speaking practice by giving directions to various places on a map.

In the second half of class we did the reading exercise on page 86 about "A Trip to Edinburgh." We checked our comprehension with some question exercises and an individual competition. We discussed why we would like to visit Edinburgh and what we would see there. We completed the listening matching exercise on page 87 about a weekend in Edinburgh. 




Today in class we reviewed our test results. We also reviewed quantifiers used with countable and uncountable nouns. We did studied comparatives and superlatives and practiced using these by comparing and contrasting technology. We learned about the history of computers and technology and did a reading out technology today with apps, emojis, and chats. 

Suggested homework is page 154 exercises 2, 3, and 4.


Today in class we reviewed vocabuarly from units 9-12. We did a speed vocabulary and speaking game as a group. We also reviewed comparative and superlative adjectives and compared all of our old vocabulary and unit topics. We studied noun quantifiers like a few, a large number of, some, a lot of, a small amount of, etc. Students played "stop the bus" with quantifiers and different categories of nouns. 

In the second half of class students completed achievement test 3. We'll review our scores, results, and answers next week. 

Suggested homework is the quantifier grammar review on page 152.


Today in class students completed Unit 11 of the textbooks about food, restaurants, and eating out. We described our favourite recipes and ingredients while classmates guessed the meal. We then brainstormed some vocabulary for the unit. We completed the vocabulary and reading exercises on page 68. We reviewed the comparative form of adjectives as well as some quantifiers. Students completed page 69. 

On page 70 and 71 we talked about international street food. We did the listening practice on page 71 and ended with some speaking practice. 

Suggested homework is page 153 exercieses 1, 2 and 3.



Today in class we completed a reading exercise from the English magazine, "Gate." We spoke about school, grades, exams, and stress and did a short writing exercise on these. We learned some vocabulary words like buzzword, extracurricular activities, chores, calm, mindfulness,  argument, staff, boss, and meditate. We read an article called "Mindfulness: Reducing Stress." Students skimmed the article for key information. We learned how and why mindfulness practices are being used in schools.

In pairs, we answered some comprehension questions about the article. To follow up, we made a list of the top ten stressors in our lives which included chores, extracurricular activities, and school. 

To end class, we followed step by step directions to complete a simple mindfulness exercise with chocolate. We also did some speaking practice with story cubes using the past tense.


Today in class we completed Unit 9 about clothing and fashion. We did a pair speaking "spot the difference activity" and learned words like cap, swimsuit, high heels, striped, plaid, polka dot, trainers/tennis shoes, tie, and so on. We did the listening, reading, and matching exercise on page 58. We also reviewed determiners, pronouns, and possessives. 

We did the reading exercise on page 59 about strange and unusual fashion. We had an individiual comprehension competition. We did the listening exercise about three teens and their strange fashion ideas on page 60. Finally, we did some pronunciation practice with tongue twisters and played hangman with the new vocabulary.

Suggested homework is page page 151 exercises 1-3.


Today in class we had a review of Units 5-8. We recalled and reviewed vocabulary and grammar that we have learnt through a competitive pair game. 

Students completed a test on Units 5-8. Everyone did well! To end class, we did some quick speaking practice.


Today in class students completed Unit 8 about homes and special places. We learned vocabulary like blanket, poster, drawing, drawer, carpet, shelf, and curtains. Students completed the vocabulary exercises on page 50. We also read about Roald Dahl's special place, his writing hut in his garden. Students completed comprehension questions and a table to recall the items placed around his room.

We reviewed indefinite pronouns for people, places, and things and did the grammar exercises on page 51. With a partner, we described and guessed our special places. Students completed the listening exercises on page 52 about  three teenager's favourite spots and what they enjoyed doing there. 

To end class, we did vocabulary and grammar review games with the material from Units 5-8. Don't forget to study for your tests next week!





Today in class students competed with a partner to complete a Christmas STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Challenge. Each pair was scored on their design and success, teamwork, and use of English. Some of the challenges included: constructing a tree to stand on it's own, building a sleigh that slides the farthest, making a snowball swatter, a cup that holds milk for Santa, a stocking to hang on the fireplace, and a Santa hat to fit our heads. Students only had two materials such as aluminum foil, tape, newspaper, rubberbands, or pipecleaners for each task. Each task was timed, tested,  and judged by classmates. Well done everyone!

In the second part of class, we had our ticket store with any tickets left from the party. We also watched a short Christmas movie. We paused it to predict what would happen or guess what the characters were saying. 

Have a great Christmas and New Year!


Today we discussed and learned about travel. Students completed Unit 7 of the textbook. We began with vocabulary like sightseeing, journey, platform, passport, coach, ship, flight, and tourist.  Students completed page 46 with the listening exercises about Jack and Molly's last holidays. We then boarded and compared their trips. We also practiced past simple and began using past continuous. We had a sentence board race using irregular verbs. 

We practiced some speaking and active listening by interviewing partners about travel and holidays. We did a quick reading to recall what we had been told. Students completed the reading on page 48 about a two scouts and their nine month journey from Australia to Europe. We competed in a question and answer game to test our comprehension of the article. Finally, we completed the vocabulary and listening exercise on page 49.

Suggested homework for *3* tickets is page 47 exercises 7, 8, and 10. Don't forget to return your library books, book reports, and complete the homework for the Christmas celebration next week!



Today in class students began with a "spot the difference" Christmas speaking activity and vocabulary brainstorm. We learned some words such as frightful, delightful, storm, corn for popping, carols, and cozy to prepare for a listening exercise. We listened to the song "Let It Snow" and completed some comprehension questions as well as the song lyrics. 

In the second half of class we played taboo with some vocabulary. We described Christmas pictures with a partner and then imagined ourselves in them by describing what we could smell, hear, and feel. We then used these to do a writing activity. Students played their favourite chair game. Finally, we finished with a quick reading of snowflake instructions and had a snowflake construction contest. 

Don't forget your book reports! Only two more weeks to get extra tickets for this work smiley



Today in class we were missing quite a few of our classmates. With those who were with us, we spoke about jobs and careers. We played a descriptive guessing game with new jobs such as engineer, mechanic, photographer, florist, accountant, clerk, and pharmacist. We spoke about what some of the best and worst jobs could be. Students completed the vocabulary in Unit 6 on page 40. We also did the reading exercise on page 42: "50 jobs, 50 states, 50 weeks." We tested our comprehension of the article.

We also reviewed some past irregular verbs with a writing exercises and peer corrected our work. We practiced the interrogative and negative forms of the past tense. To end class, we played a few speaking games.

Homework is the Unit 5 vocabulary and writing worksheet.


Today in class students learned all about Thanksgiving. We learned new words like pilgrims, cranberries, Mayflower, colony, hunting, cornucopia, Native Americans, wreath, and acorn. Students did a vocabulary hunt around the school using vocabulary clues. We then played Taboo to describe the vocabulary. 

In the second half of class, we learned about the history of Thanksgiving. We did a sequencing and reading activity about how the Pilgrims left England to settle in Massachusetts. It was a long, difficult trip and the Native Americans helped them survive. We then did a listening exercise to complete parts of the story. Finally, we completed a running dictation exercise with comprehension questions about the reading/listening. 

Homework is the vocabulary label and wordsearch worksheet. Also, don't forget about your library book reports--only 4 more weeks left to collect tickets for Christmas smiley


Today in class we did pages 36-38 of Unit 5: Historical Facts and Events. We started with the trivia quiz as a competition on page 36 and then listening and checked our answers. We reviewed past tense endings as well as the prepositions in/at/on when used with time. We did a short listening exercise to practice these prepositions. 

We ended class with some speaking, memory, and critical thinking games. 

Suggested homework is the reading exercise on page 39. Please read the short text and complete exercise 6. Don't forget your book reports if you borroweda book from the library--you can get extra tickets for your writing!


Today in class students did a review "Jeopardy" game to collect points. We review all our vocabulary about sport, music, and food. We also reviewed our grammar points including: adverbs of frequency, present simple and present continuous, Verbs + gerunds, and irregular past simple verbs.

Students did the Unit 1-4 test. Well done everyone!



Today in class we did a listening exercise about the history and traditions of Halloween. Students did a gap fill with the article and then read it again to remember keywords and information. We did a pair trivia game with the information from the article. We brainstormed and played games with Halloween vocabulary like wizard, fangs, ghoul, goblin, potion, and werewolf.

In the second part of class we reviewed the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs. Students listening to "This is Halloween" from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our first task was to count how many times we heard Halloween and the second task was to listen for the parts of speech. Everyone really enjoyed this! To finish class, we made words within the words "Happy Halloween." Well done, everyone!

Suggested homework is the Unit 1 review on pages 34 and 35 for extra tickets. Don't forget next week we will have a review game and test.


Today we completed Unit 4 of our textbooks. We did some pair speaking about giving and receiving gifts. We learned words like graduation, receive, describe, silver, and stone. We read the comic on page 28 about Todd who received a ring for graduation and then lost it. Students sequenced the events of the reading. We then described common, everyday objects by saying their material and use. We completed the listening exercise on page 29.

Students guessed what happened to the ring that Todd lost and then read about what happened in the story 20 years later. We answered some questions for the article. To finish class, we practiced making questions with How+adjectives and did some pair speaking.

Homework for next week is the problem solving worksheet.


Today in class students completed Unit 3 of our textbooks which was all about music genres and instruments. We completed the vocabulary and listening exercises on pages 18 and 19 and picked out genres of music as we listened. We learned new words such as keyboard, tambourine, soul, and reggae. We also reviewed state verbs + -ing verbs and infinitives. 

We did some speaking practice about our musical talents and preferences and practiced active listening with our partners. We also played some vocabulary games to review the new words.

We did the reading exercise about the MAD school on page 20. Finally, we completed the listening exercise on page 21 of our textbooks. To end class students did some timed online grammar games with past irregular verbs. 

Homework for next week is 35-45 words about the music you like and dislike and why. Be sure to write about instruments and genres.

**Password: very violet violins**


Today in class we began with a writing using our adverbs of frequence and a food board race game. We learned all about cooking, ingredients, and recipes. Students completed Unit 2. We covered some vocabulary for cooking such as: pot, pan, mix, bowl, stir, and serve. Students completed the listening exercise on page 16 about ordering the steps of cooking pancakes. 

We reviewed the present simple and present continuous (-ing) verb tenses. Don't forget, present simple cannot be used with adverbs of frequency! We completed the grammar exercises on page 17 of the books. Finally, we learned new food words like: yam, cabbage, zucchini, leek, eggplant, and pepper. We completed the reading on page 18 about eating habits for teens in different countries. We did a pair speaking crossword and wrote our favourite recipes to end class. 

Suggested homework is page 144 exerises 1, 2, and 3. 


Today in class students completed Unit 1: Sports and Exercise. We brainstormed all of the various sports we could think of and learned new ones like sailing, ping pong, skating, martial arts, sumo, yoga, and rowing. We reviewed the various parts of speech and adverbs of frequency including: always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, and never. Students completed some grammar exercises on page 143 and practice speaking with partners using the adverbs and their sporting habits.

We completed the reading and listening exercises on pages 16 and 17 about strange and usual sports like Octopush and Cheese Rolling. We listened for key information and practice recalling information quickly. To finish up class we played some catch phrase with our vocabulary and an online game for quick thinking grammar review. 

Suggested homework is the worksheet and writing exercise that was handed out at the end of class.





Today in class we reviewed some school and classroom vocabulary. For our portfolios, we tried to remember 25 different objects and had a competition to see who could remember the most items and words. We completed pages 10 and 11 of our textbooks with some vocabulary, reading, and speaking practice.

In the second part of class, we played a speaking game about school, schedules, teachers, and rules. We reviewed the months and days of the year and completed the listening exercise on page 12 to practice the differences between spoken and written dates. We then raced against the clock to line up in order of our birthdays and name days. To finish class, we reviewed the present tense and completed page 13 of our textbook. 


Today we played some games to remember each other's names, get to know each other better, and remember some of the things we learned last year. We discussed rules, why they are important, and what good rules for our class are. We made our class contract after we agreed on the six class rules and our reward system. Finally, we made our portfolios and did a survey about how we like to learn. See you next week!


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